Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Vogue" Is Losing Its Prestigious Image And Luster, "What In The Devil Is Kate Gosselin Doing On The Cover Its Magazine?" She's Not A Celebrity!

I have no problem with Kim Kardashian or Kanye landing on "Vogue" magazine, because they are very well off famous in their own way and very successful, even if I'm not fans of theirs either.   I think we’ve all come to the same conclusion by this point: if Kim Kardashian can land the Vogue cover, pretty much anyone can. Also, Anna Wintour has lost her mind.  "I would agree to that concept too!"
Seriously, Anna?! Kim Kardashian?! Of course, she’s already defended her choice to put Kimye on the cover of Vogue claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are two of the most important people in today’s media -- and they are to - in some ways! People are saying they  “define our culture.” Um, I think she’s mistaking fame with importance,  "I agree too!" -- and even that’s tenuous. Kim and Kanye aren’t important, they’re just famous. And remove Kanye from that equation, and you’re left with every reality starlet in Los Angeles, but the only difference is that Kim managed to get famous thanks to her golden goose, Kanye and her reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardsahians" and her perfume and clothing lines.
"Either way it goes", people have already started to denounce Vogue, but that’s not even the kicker. If they’re willing to put Kim on the cover, who’s next? Kate Gosselin? I mean, why not? She’s got a reality gig she practically begged Donald Trump for a year prior for this season - 2014 Celebrity Apprentice, and she’s pretty famous ( just because she had a litter of children and a reality show because of them) relatively speaking - famous for being a complete b**ch and acting like a diva. People can't help to know who she really is, and she inspires about the same amount of vitriol and Internet hated unconditionally more than Kim does. In fact, I’d actually say that Kate probably has less detractors, who really do not want to give her the time of day, because she is a "has been" according to the majority of the population -- way more than Kim.  "I really hope that Anne Wintour isn't that "stupid" to put Kate Gosselin on a cover of Vogue magazine, I mean -- what the devil is Kate Gosselin famous for?  "Of course -- having a litter of kids?"

Yes she had her own sequel reality show, "Kate Plus Eight" (which only lasted two short seasons) and of course.  "I think everyone has to look at it," she still has no talent what so ever - no matter what -- even Hollywood doesn't want her, because she's too demanding, she's a diva, a straight up narcissist, bossy and she's totally mean to Jon (with a smile - making people think she's changed - hiding her aggression - in a diabolical way) "throwing him under the wheels of a bus when she's on talk shows like Katie Couric, Savannah Guthrie, and many more,  even when she was married to Jon and when she divorced him and she was mean to the kids (I heard she has personal diaries she wrote actually explaining how she pulled one of her kids by the hair in his crib.  I believe it was Collin and beating and abusing her kids as toddlers and with a wooden spoon. "She also said she was afraid that she would hurt her children.  "This what she said in her personal diaries!" . No wonder she had a team of lawyers to stop this guy named, Robert Hoffman's book from seeing the light of day.  Kate didn't want the truth to come out.  Sources also said, that she's threatening to sue Jon if he publishes his book.  "What in the devil Kate Gosselin trying to hide?"

Um -- maybe the truth of what really happen in her marriage and with her married boyfriend aka bodyguard aka business associate, Steve Neild and how she really fooled the world?  Um - what could it be - what the SAM devil is she hiding that she do not want anyone to know? Even I saw how Kate on the show (remember, cameras do not lie.)  It was more like diabolical and more like brainwashing the kids against their dad too -- even today.)  Kate is  in fact "money hungry, I saw that clearly with all the plastic surgeries, botox, tanning spas treatments, nails, veneers, and her $7000 blonde weave, I heard about that's helping her get more attention, like most blondes get more attention than any other women with different color hair. "Kate knew exactly what she was doing and she knew the beauty and attention and how to get noticed by everyone. "I'm not stupid to know this is why she gets all the attention, be nasty as she want to Jon and then get rewarded for that!  However, Jon gets the bad end of the stick -- no matter what he does or how much he tries to make things right for his children sake - even his apologies to Kate wasn't accepted by her, even if he apologised to her in the media ( which she never apologised not even once to Jon or anyone else - like her immediate family and her friend sources said she turned her back on.  "No apologies to anyone - not one - and she still get rewarded for her effort to   act like "The mother of the year" What you do in the dark will surely come to the light, the "Book of Revelation" is fulfilling itself as I post, if anyone believes in the word of the LORD that we are in fact in the last days.

 Kate totally enjoys receiving freebies from every company known to man far as it was told in every media outlet In the world.  Companies like (Northern Tissue, Bella Bars, years supply of Juicy Juice, organic pita chips or some sort of chips for the children lunches - the list goes on.)  Sources said, she and her kids received a vacation somewhere in northern Florida - paid by some traveling agency company.  Also sources said, Kate received clothes for her eight from expensive Children's Place and then  she exchanged their clothes for money to a consignment store, said a source.  Jamboree got out of a contract with her and other companies she tweeted to a while back I heard -- and other vacations paid by TLC when she and the kids (even Jon) was filming  their show Jon and Kate Plus Eight and her sequel, Kate Plus Eight -- and now, Kate enjoys living scott free off the expense of the general public generosity - giving her more and more freebies (gift cards and gifts, but I can say at least she's not on welfare, I give her that) Kate need to go back to her nurses job "which she thinks, now she's too good for -- too good to go back to "mediocre" because she's afraid to go back to mediocre, according to here ex-husband, Jon.  I remember what Kate once said to the world that  "she will work her fingers to the bones" , now, what ever happen to that?  And her free loading and using  her "kids wealth" from the show -  the list continues!

At the end, it just makes me also feel extra worse for Victoria Beckham.  She deserves the cover of Vogue completely!  This poor woman (Kate) waited so long to be on the cover of one of the hardest magazine anyone can get their faces on, so she can reclaim her existence and stay relevant in the spotlight - only for the cover of Vogue magazine to be given to Kim Kardashian first. Imagine what that’s gotta do to her (Kate's) self-esteem? Anna basically told Kate that other D-list reality stars are better than her, and there’s no crueler punishment than that.  So -- I guess Anna thought of Kate as a Z-Lister, and that's an even crueler punishment for a more deserving person like Kate for the way she treats everyone she came in contact with.  Kate has nothing to offer society but a whole lot of begging and poor mouthing her way just for the attention and using her children as props to gain another reality show.  Now Anne Wintour seems to be getting manipulated by Kate's poor mouth antics to get on the cover of Vogue magazine (any way she can) and with the use of her poor beautiful children of course - at way she can get whatever she want - thanks to the source for a great amount of feed back information which was "proudly given to me to report." I believe this is the real meaning of manipulation at its diabolical best.

I'm sorry -- I'm so very sorry to be talking about Kate like this -- I really am, but she put herself in this position for people to talk negatively about her and hate the ever loving H E Double Sticks" out of her.  I don't hate Kate Gosselin one bit, but she need to change the way she do things:  1. The way she treats Jon, even if everyone thinks he's a douche bag, thanks to Kate how she portrait him in the media, causing everyone to think he's worthless, when she keep talking about him in the media and throwing him under bus, he has no choice but to respond to what she says about him in the media, causing so many people to hate Jon, especially when no one really know who he really is behind close doors -- even I don't know him like that.   2. Kate need to let Jon through the gates of the compound ( the mansion) to retrieve his children from the front door instead of him retrieving his children at the gates and sending nannies out with the children.  3.  Kate need to stop turning the children against Jon - I don't care what Jon did in his past, he's apologized for it, and he's still the Gosselin 8 father whether she likes it or not.  Kate choose to be with Jon and bore their unique children - in which reality shows producers prefer anything that's unique and worth filming to catch the viewers eye.  "The Gosselin 8 are unique looking especially coming from a person like Kate."  It makes me wonder when she was getting fertility treatments - knowing she didn't have no female problem when in fact that she had an "abortion" in high school, sources said.  Then on the starting of Jon and Kate Plus Eight - Kate said she never had children and that she could never get pregnant and that's why she had to go through fertility treatments - knowing that fertility treatment can produce multiples.  I've always believed that Kate planned to have fertility treatments and Jon went along with it to get multiples to get a reality show and public attention, while Jon wanted to stop at the twins.  Kate wanted more and she got her wish and now she has to live with her dream and her wish to have multiples and a reality show. Jon got completely suckered into this union, but the children, to Jon, are the best gifts he could of ever had.  But he was suckered completely and he wasn't strong enough to say "I can't do this!" I don't want to be in union with Kate.  Jon probably knew how she was in the beginning and tried to work with Kate no matter what - while the other man Kate was engaged or serious with broke off with her in time when he found out how demanding, dramatic, and narcissistic she was before he could began a life with her and living pure H E Double Sticks with Kate.  Her last significant other was very smart to notice how Kate was and left her.  Now Jon's life and Kate's life are a complete disaster and its totally chaotic.  Jon, also choose spend a lifetime of "fakeness" as he called it with Kate.  He has to live with it because he has children with Kate and I wish they will get along with one another for the sake of the Gosselin 8. I really hate that Jon do not have peace within himself and in  his life and for the lives of the  children - they are completely in the middle of warring parents and a strong hurricane on the horizon - and they are caught completely in the "bands of the hurricane", not the eye, because its quite there!   I feel for the children so much.   4.  Last, but lease, she need to quite throwing Jon under the bus every time she open her mouth on talk show and media outlets - Jon need to do the same, because wheat her he like it or not, Kate is the mother of his children, its totally wrong and their stupid drama is wasting every one's time airing its dirtiness in the public eye, causing everyone to take sides with them and causing everyone to be uptight, mean and angry against each other and Jon and Kate's drama is causing  people to get sued majorly because of all the bickering between the two of them, this chaos needs to stop with Jon and Kate  and maybe the twitter wars will disappear completely.



  1. I agreed totally with your post PScandalous. Jon and Kate need to stop airing their stinky laundry in the media and tend to their problems in private. It makes no since for them to keep on going like they are in the media cause strangers pain and others against each other because of their problems. Air time they are getting and they're getting paid for all of us who constantly bicker on Twitter or Facebook over them, the lawsuits I've been hearing about too is shameful, something Kate don't have is shame for what she's doing and what she's causing her children, Jon, and her entire immediate family and the friends she use to have. I agree with you about the changes she need to make not only for her children sake , she need to get along with Jon more better than she's doing now whether she like it or not. I saw how Jon tried to get therapy with Kate and she didn't want it. Kate is the one who need to change more than Jon, but, Jon need to improve his standards to both for the sake of the children. I bet those children are already rebelling, especially Mady and Cara, they are at that stage in their lives to be rebellious. I don't want to think about what the tups when they start rebelling because of their warring and stupid acting parents, they are not thinking about their children at all. I'm feeling sad for those poor children.

  2. I know Princess and for the life of me - I really hope that Anna from Vogue do not give a cover of its magazine to Kate Gosselin. She doesn't deserve the cover of Vogue. Yes - what Kate has do e xod anyone? She's not at humanitarian, no charitable person - only to herself. She has no talent where you're correct - she exploits the heck out of the children. Keeps Jon away from his children by turning them against him. People treat this person like a GOD like she's "Very organized, like she is the only taking care of the children alone when she's not" you"re correct in every way.


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