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The Queen Of Filing Lawsuits: Kate Gosselin Will Sue The Crap Out Of Jon If He Publishes His Tell-All Book

My question to Kate Gosselin would be: "What are you trying to hide especially if you're talking about suing the crap out of your ex husband, Jon Gosselin if he publishes his book?  Jon has written a tell-all book that showed "his side" of his story with his former wife, but sources are starting to doubt anyone will read it for a long time!  "Oh really! I wonder why the "source" thinks that no one will read Jon's tell-all book? I just want to inform everyone in the nation - who ever reads this post "its always two sides of a story, especially if you're in a dispute (most likely) a marriage gone wrong."  It seems like everyone (so far) wants to hear "one" side of the story and that is "Kate's side" and not Jon's side of the story - like she's some sort of 'GODDESS' and that she's the custodial parent to the Gosselin 8.  "I wonder!"  Is it because of Jon's tell-all book and what it will reveal? Or is it because Kate is afraid Jon's book may reveal the "truth" of what really happen in their 10 year marriage or about Kate herself?  "Kate has 4 published books - count them - 4 published books of her own.  "Why in the devil Jon can't publish his tell-all book so that most of us who want to see and hear his side of the story of happened in his 10 year marriage with Kate and or about Kate herself?"  It's not fair to Jon that Kate can have every opportunity to degrade, belittle and tear him apart in every media outlet in the world - and destroying his reputation and exploiting their children. At least...that's the way it seems to me. It seems that everyone turns a blind eye from all the dirt Kate has done to Jon in the past and else in her life (she filed a frivolous multi-million dollar lawsuit against Jon, turning her back on her entire immediate family - who the Gosselin 8 will never see or visit with them and purposely turning the children against their father) who says that's right for her to do that?  "And now she wants to sue Jon if publishes his tell-all book?" I know that none of us has ever been in the Gosselin home and and none of us know what went on with Jon and Kate and what Jon went through in that house he shared with Kate.   So...if Kate can write books about the children, a cookbook (with claims of stolen receipts from cans) and a website dedicated to her children and so on, then Jon has every right to have his tell-all book published.  There's nothing wrong with Jon speaking his mind, it's called, "Freedom of Speech" and there is nothing wrong with publishing his tell-all book being published.  I would love to see and hear Jon's side of the story and to know happened with his marriage to Kate and about Kate herself.  "For the record, I thought Kate had financial problems. How can she afford to hire lawyers while screaming poor mouth to the world? Where is she getting the money to pay for lawyers?" She has no job and I think she lives off what children made from from their reality shows or unless it's from the "Children's trust funds" which is probably almost depleted with all of this suing each other (Jon and Kate) in court and wasting every one's time with this nonsense.
Here's what this source said:  My opinion in ( )
“If Jon’s book is published, he will have numerous lawsuits against him — and not just from his ex-wife. It’s unfortunate that Jon cannot find peace within himself. The only time he gets press is when he’s either bashing Kate or his children,  (that's crap - Jon doesn't bash his children, he loves his children.) which is very saddening for the little Gosselin's. Kate has moved on from Jon and his antics. At this point she wishes he would be a father ("source", Jon is a father to his children...thank you!) to their eight children, instead of selling stories to the tabloids about them. It’s sad that Jon pays ZERO child support (to everyone who don't know - what the source is trying to cover up is that "Kate by court order has released Jon from child support, in which, she should not have done. This is Kate's doing!) and barely sees the children or talks to them, (Jon sees and talks with his children every weekend and once during the week for dinner) and the kids are old enough now that they acknowledge that and are aware of it (Thanks to Kate, she probably spoke to the children against their father, Jon 'like she always does on talk shows' and talk against Jon to the kids. This maybe the reason why the children want nothing to do with their father, and keeping the children from talking to him. I truly believe this has happened and it's a crying shame she can be that devious and I know the Gosselin 8 truly love their father.). He makes a career off selling stories to the tabloids about his eight beautiful children.”  Oh 'source', you mean about Kate and what she is doing to the children - let's get the story straight here source.  Please source, do not forget about Kate. She also makes a career off of selling the children and herself to the tabloid magazines too and make guest appearances on talk shows (TODAY show, her favorite and "The View", "Bethenny", "The Talk", "George Lopez Show", "Ellen Degenerates" and much more to talk about nonsense and and her children and along the way - mention her ex husband and "throwing him under bus while she's at it" and please everyone, lets not forget that.   Remember, there are "two sides" to a story everyone!  The more I think about why Jon get bashed so much in the media is because (to most people, he's proclaimed as a douche bag, a wuss, a dead beat father (Jon takes care of his children needs and wants when he has his custody) and the fact that he's Asian and I hated to put race in this, but that's reality and he's being bashed to death for it because how he's being portrayed in the media of everything that has been mentioned about him because of his ex wife!)  I guess I can say why Kate gets so much attention, because, she is the mother of eight, she's the custodial parent, she's very organized, she hides her diva like attitude (as well as her narcissism) with a 'angel' like attitude (that she wants everyone to believe that she has changed) while speaking with every breath about her children and last but not least - what helps Kate with getting more attention and more people sympathizing with her is because she has blonde exstentions which makes her attractive (on the outside) inside - that's another matter, I don't wish to comment on that. It's true that blondes get more attention - if you really look at it from my point of view.  "That's is a fact!" . Kate knew exactly what she was doing when she got those "blonde"  extensions. I got to say, she's smart, but in some ways.  The blonde extensions were a perfect choice for Kate - they helped her tremendalously get where she wants to be and that's relevant in the spotlight - a project every now and then.  "So I say to the source, 'if Jon will have numerous lawsuits against him if he publishes his tell-all book,' then what is Kate trying to hide from the world?  . All she's doing is calling "herself" out to the world that she has something to hide and that she doesn't want the truth to come out about her and her marriage to Jon.  I believe Jon has something in his book that he has gotten off of his chest during his 10 year marriage to Kate in his tell-all book.  "I would definitely like to read about it!"  I feel and I believe that Jon is misunderstood - I really do, because, the man has been emasculated, belittled, torn apart and bashed to death for years in the media by Kate, lets not forget everyone."  I'm not letting Jon off the hook for bashing his ex wife with obscenities either.
Although it's not exactly true that Kate and her family have moved on from Jon, or that Jon abandoned them - it does seem that Jon should probably hold off on publishing anything that has to do with his former life. "Why should Jon wait to publish his book?" So Kate can find more ways of preventing Jon from publishing his book so that she can keep the truth from coming out?  It seems to me that this is the case.  "I feel that something is not right, I feel Kate is hiding something and that she trying to prevent Jon from publishing the "truth."  I really need some responses to this post.  Everyone feel free to post your comments.


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  1. Boy...Kate Gosselin doesn't get enough of filing lawsuits on everybody. My GOD she can file a lawsuit against you for bad breath. How many times she's going to file a lawsuit against her ex husband? I bet the kids trust funds is almost empty


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