Monday, March 10, 2014

Kate Gosselin Asked Donald Trump For Help

Now I know why Kate was eyed by Donald Trump for his show, Celebrity Apprentice.  "I see that Ms.Gosselin begged 'The Donald' for a spot on Celebrity Apprentice, I guess (according to sources, Kate watched Jon on Couples Therapy) and she wants a little air time too. Donald Trump has put together his wish list for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, and Kate Gosselin wanted to be on it.  She has been looking for new ways to return to TV and I mean any way she can return to TV.  With little luck, Kate was convinced that Donald Trump is the answer to her prayers.

“Kate would love to go on the show and win it,” says a pal who has worked closely with the mom of eight. “She thinks she is the next Piers Morgan. She wants to win it and get a job on CNN!”

Funny that no one has told Kate how that worked out for Piers Morgan – he just had his CNN show axed! Ouch!  So - if that was the case - I think Kate better think long and hard about having a show like Piers, because she is not as popular as she once was - just saying!


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  1. No she is not popular right now that's bad u want to be noticed instead of paying attention to your children


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