Friday, March 7, 2014

Couples Therapy Season Finale: Taylor Armstrong’s Fiancé John Bluher Will Adopt Her ‘Tyrant’ Tot, Kennedy

Image Source:  Radar Online
"I could not stop crying!" Couples Therapy: Season 4 was far the best ever of all the past seasons of Couples Therapy. Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong got an emotional surprise on March 6 of Couples Therapy when her fiancé John Bluher handed her papers showing his intentions to adopt her 8-year-old daughter, Kennedy.  Taylor, who as reality TV fans well know, showed her troubled family life with her late husband Russell, Kennedy’s father, on (RHOBH) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After she filed for divorce from him in 2011, and said he had abused her, Russell killed himself shortly thereafter.

In 2012, Taylor made a fresh start with attorney John Bluher. She accepted his marriage proposal last year, and although they haven’t wed yet, on the Couples Therapy finale, John showed he wants to be Kennedy’s legal dad!  John said he had something “really cool,” for Taylor, in a binder, at which point she joked, “Is this a pre-nup?”
But he presented Taylor with the adoption paperwork for Kennedy, and the former RHOBH star burst into tears!

“I want her to be my daughter,” a choked up John told Taylor as they hugged on camera in front of their Couples Therapy co-stars, including Jon Gosselin and Liz Janetta, Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt, Kelsey Nykole Byers, Ghostface Killah and Farrah Abraham.

“There could be no better father for Kennedy,” Taylor sobbed.  And. he also told him, “You make me feel safe and protected, but you don’t make me feel afraid.  I cannot wait to be your wife.”

But as earlier scenes on the Couples Therapy episode showed, it won’t be easy for them to co-parent spoiled and willful Kennedy!

“She’s a handful. She can be very manipulative and she knows how to press Taylor’s buttons,” John sighed to VH1′s cameras.  When the three went out to breakfast together on a break from the Couples Therapy house, John made Kennedy sit between them and confiscated the little girl’s smart phone.

“She can get pretty much everything she wants with me,” Taylor told the cameras.  John said, Taylor needs to get a handle on disciplining her daughter.  Taylor admitted Kennedy “can be a tyrant” who wore her down and said the nanny should do her chores!  And John said he was reluctant to step in to discipline Kennedy because he didn’t want her to resent him.  Dr. Jenn Berman told Taylor, 

“She does not have structure at home. You are the parent and you are in charge.”  She predicted Kennedy would be “a highly anxious kid,” unless Taylor got a handle on it.


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  1. You that was the best you ever seen it's good he want to adopt the girl and that good for him. And I'm happy for Jon too that anger need to come out now don't you feel better.


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