Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kate Gosselin Stuns Passer-Byers Donning A Wedding Dress

Oh I betcha - Kate Gosselin stunned tons of passer byers while donning a wedding dress (I don't think it's the sameone she got married in) and platform peep-toe heels on the streets of New York City, but Kate GPursePurse" boyin did it all for charity. "That's for sure, because no one wants her anyway!". If so -- that man better a stomach for emasculation and a brave mouth to say, " What the H E double sticks did I do -- I think I'm either stuck, or just plain out of my day gum mind."

Kate was was captured on Saturday in New York City showing off her bare shoulders in a short feathered white dress for an episode of Celebrity Apprentice. " Wow - that dress is ugly!  I guess it fits her narcissistic personality, diva like attitude etc." It just too much more to say, but I'll look eave it up to the viewers.

Kate was tasked to sell the iconic white dress as part of a charitable challenge for the show, she explained via Twitter on Saturday.

'Will you marry me tomorrow? 10-12:30 at 50W 23rd St NYC I'll be there waiting, wearing my wedding dress! Buy it for charity! #BridesForADay', the Celebrity Wife Swap participant announced to her followers through Twitter on Saturday.  In addition to the wedding dress sale, Gosselin's team advertised complimentary hair and make-up consultations for curious participants.

Kate looked every bit the blushing bride (someone lied to her) part in a modern white dress with feathery accents while surrounded amongst an entourage of well-suited men.  "They all seemed to look the other way to me!"  But, I guess Gerald felt sorry for Kate and had to give her "some kind" of hug!

Rivera similarly took to Twitter to share their charitable endeavor and Gosselin's role as a bride.

'Today's the day to marry Kate Gosselin of the 8's! Come to our Wedding Extravaganza at 50W23rd St NYC from 10am-1230pm.  Great TV fun w Kate,' the attorney tweeted on Saturday.

"Yes Geraldo I know it was great TV for Kate, you know, what she begged for years for "The Donald" to put or on -- make a part of being -- I guess -- someone special, even though she's from the D - Lister's or maybe the Z - Lister's I've hearing about.  'But, I'm glad Geraldo, a real celebrity and attorney enjoyed yourself -- even though.'  I'm sorry to say, but Kate needs a brush and a comb for that hair -- yuck!"

Hmmm!  What ever happen to Steve carrying Kate's purse, some other large expensive bag and her portfolio?  My thoughts, "I guess he got tired of being called "The Purse boy."  He got his own stuff to carry.  Maybe Steve wife, Gina grilled him into telling him not to carry Kate's purse again.  Or maybe Gina is saying or thinking, "She's already got you going into hotels with her - probably sleeping with her like a b**ch in heat, since I got to prove to everyone on Facebook -- we're happily married.  "You hold Gina, I'm on your side on this one!"


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  1. Kate is trying so hard to win the competition and paparazzi attention and the men dressed in suits, but they just -- just turn away. Geraldo gave her the benefit of a doubt.


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