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About Project Scandalous And The Author

"Project Scandalous" is a place for everyone to come and talk about anything that is 'totally' scandalous.  Everyone has that freedom!  There are scandals happening every where - no matter where in the world of cyber space or out in the world, anyone can be completely scandalous about anything (ex. being an idiot, getting caught in the act, being dramatic, clueless or doing things in the dark that will soon come to the light, or various shenanigans that will be considered a scandal according to the act and so on...) If you are interested in the excitement and scandals - please come - if you like and join this blog.  You can view or join in the conversation featuring the most scandalous of posts and conversations involving other posters.  Join and follow this blogs posts - you are welcome to do so.  About me!  I'm just an ordinary woman - aspie mother of an amazing gifted autistic son.  I carry the name "T" as my identity - a nickname in which I'm recognized - therefore - it is my trademark I created myself.  This blog is my sacred place to express what I see and hear about practically everyday --"scandals."  Whether or not I'm surfing the Internet, or just walking out my front door after I send my autistic son safely off to school - afterwards - I start my day of work.  And then - whenever I have a little time in my busy schedule - working and caring for my son, I find it my duty to report every scandal out there in the world that most of us hear about.  Project Scandalous will give everyone - whether they choose to be a viewer or a poster - insight about the most scandalous lifestyles of celebrities and non-celebrities.  I provide a safe place within 'Project Scandalous' for posters or viewers to come and express their thoughts, ask questions, and express their concerns about anything without being attacked or over rated with demands or who you support - justified by your freedom to express your opinion On this blog.  I'm not responsible for everyone opinions, and how they hold their opinion.  You are responsible for your actions regardless!  Please keep your posts clean.  Refer to the disclaimer for a clear understanding of the rules when posting on this blog.  If you feel you will have a problem posting on this blog or with anyone posting on this blog - by all means - if you prefer at you own advantage - post on another blog to your satisfaction or a article that you feel comfortable posting on without interference from posters on this blog or myself.  "Freedom of Speech is a very important part of communicating on this blog." Its your God given right to speak your mind - only if your opinion does not reflect posting "vile and vulgar" threats or "death" threats...nasty tasteless obscenities (profanity) and bullying against other posters or myself on this blog.  Please read carefully...the disclaimer.  I appreciate those who visit...and took the time of their day to visit.  God bless!  Thanks for stopping by.

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