Health & Fitness

Just some tips for getting healthy.

I hope I will encourage everyone to keep physically fit throughout the year with these tips to help everyone stay fit and healthy.  I will keep everyone up to date on how to look and feel great.  

My name is T and I'm a (Type 1) diabetic.

Diabetes - Any of several disorders characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood and urine.

With my condition, staying fit and having a healthy lifestyle will help me to conquer my battle with diabetes.

  1. Focus on adding instead of removing. Add in more healthy foods. Find healthier options for foods you love to eat. Add in more servings of fruit and veggies. Eventually there won’t be any room for unhealthy foods. It also helps you get used to eating vegetables if that is something you struggle with.
  2. Only buy foods you like. If you don’t like salads, don’t buy them and don’t force yourself to eat them. If you buy a bunch of food that you don’t like you will end up throwing it all away or you will end up hating eating healthy. Health is supposed to be enjoyable, not a punishment.
  3. Set yourself up for success. Buy enough food for the week. Get snacks and even some treats like dark chocolate. Make a meal and workout plan for the week so you know exactly what you are doing and eating every day.
  4. Have realistic expectations for yourself. We all would love to just start eating completely healthy and doing insane workouts but you have to remember that everyone starts somewhere. Even if you just eat 1 serving of fruit and veggies every day for a week and walk 20 minutes everyday. You are making huge steps toward your health. Set small goals you know you can accomplish!
  5. Meal prep is a lifesaver! Cook up some food when you have time. Make it simple to grab food and go.
  6. Learn. Learn everything you can about fitness and health. Don’t rely on others to tell you what is right and wrong.
  7. Figure out why you are working out. Workouts are hard if there is no purpose behind them. Whether you just have fun being active, you want to run a marathon, you want to live to be 90 or you are training to be a pro fighter (like me). Find your reason.

You should be so proud of yourself for every step you make towards taking control of your life and health. “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!”

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