Saturday, March 8, 2014

(RHONJ) Ex Nemesis Kim Granatell Slams Teresa and Joe Giudice

(RHONJ) Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud. But, their old nemesis Kim Granatell is slamming the couple.- She said that they are hopefully going to be sentenced to time behind bars because “they deserve it!”
While many speculate that Joe will be sent away, it is also thought that Teresa might not have to spend time behind bars.
“They had to take a plea deal because they had so many counts against them and what’s the chances of them both going away for a long time, so they were very smart in doing that,” The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kim Granatell, told media outlet Radar Online “But, hopefully they are still going to get time because they deserve it!"

If Joe gets sent away and Teresa gets to remain on the outside, Kim Granatell suggested that the reality starlet would be sent into a shocking reality.
“Maybe she will start to live the straight and narrow,” she said. “Maybe she will start to live the way everybody else lives, the way people work hard to get what they get and not to have to stand and con to be something you’re not.” According to Kim, Teresa needs to repent.

“She should spend her time doing restitution and volunteering,” she said. “All of this we’re remorseful? We’re remorseful because we’re going down, that’s why. What about the other people they’ve scammed all along? They didn’t pay this guy and that guy and put people out of business. What about that?”
Kim Granatell also thinks Teresa deserves to deal with the pain of being separated from her husband. "Wow, this woman is evil!"

“I have a feeling that she had to know what he was doing,” she said. “As a husband and wife team, you can’t be that ,Teresa won’t be able to function without Joe “because I have a feeling that he’s controlling and I have a feeling that she just went along with it,” Kim Granatell said. “She wanted that lifestyle but she didn’t want to work hard for it. They did it together. They conned and spent. You want to play, you better pay.”
“That’s her rock,” Kim continued. “They’re a team in terms of what’s been going on. Now what? How do we function? How do we start over? How do we start over in terms of you can’t do this anymore? You have to now function in society the way most people would.”  Teresa and Joe’s cold, hard reality is destroying Teresa.

“You don’t think it’s emotionally destroying her? Look at her,” Kim Granatell said. “Take a good look at her. That alone tells you that she’s really been emotional, like, ‘Look at my life. Look at what I did.’”
And unfortunately, Kim Granatell doesn’t think that Teresa has a chance of ever finding another man who will want her after this hell.  “Who’s going to want her?” she said. “She better stay with him. That’s a lot of baggage to take."

My opinion, wishing Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice to suffer carries extreme consequences for Kim Granatell when the time comes for reaping.


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