Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jon Gosselin: Claims Of A Conspiracy - His Rants On Couples Therapy Was A Set Up

I don't believe for second that Jon's rant on 'Couples Therapy' was staged. I see what's going on here! I don't think that Kate Gosselin wants to accept any of the blame for the text phone message she sent to Jon while he was filming on Couples Therapy that has gotten him in a "F-Bomb" rage after his heated phone message with her. There are claims from a source close to Kate to the media outlet, Radar Online said that Jon's rage on Couples Therapy was a set-up just to stir up drama on the show. "I don't believe that for one second!" Why would Jon get into a rage over nothing? Kate's text phone message to Jon aggravated him, because she would not let Jon speak with his children while they were texting (according to Jon not being able to see his children for two weeks) that was after his heated text phone message with Kate. That was the sole reason for Jon going off on Kate as "harshly" as he did. Also according to the source, there were claims that Kate purposely avoided having any conversations with Jon while he appeared on the VH1 reality TV show.

“Kate never talked to Jon on the phone during his Couples Therapy tryst."

Either way, the source close to Kate claims the entire scene with Jon exploding and going off on Kate was just something he orchestrated to make himself relevant on the show and make sure he got screen time.”  That being said by the source close to Kate, "I think who ever this source is (maybe Kate herself) is the one stirring up the drama in order to keep this fiasco between the two (Jon and Kate) in relevancy, because everyone knows that Kate wants a reality show too - lets not forget that."  I know this dramatic mess was in retaliation against Jon to make things that much worse for him, just because he was called to be on Couples Therapy with his girlfriend of two years, Liz Janetta, in order to receive therapy for their relationship. Jon was recently in an expletive-filled rant, with Kate.

“It’s narcissistic, bull sh*t behavior. And she can go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants! She can tweet and have a f**kin’ website dedicated to them, every f**kin’ book she’s ever put out because she wants to keep being on television which is never gonna f**kin’ happen, so she can f**kin’ die, There’s your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin. Piece of f**king sh*t. What a sh*tty human being.”

Jon and Kate continue to publicly bicker over their children and finances. Their bickering is not getting Jon or Kate anywhere! The children are the ones suffering and they have no reason to be suffering. Jon and Kate's bickering is wasting every ones time. They need to concentrate on their eight children and stop all of this nonsense in the media, you ask me. There are claims that Jon was using the Couples Therapy's platform to trash Kate, "I don't think so!" It was Jon's duty to talk about his problems with his ex wife, Kate, when he was asked about it in his therapy session with Dr. Jenn. That was her job to ask questions about Jon's past relationship with Kate so she can help Jon and Liz with their relationship.


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