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                                                                               Project Scandalous FAQ's


Q. Where do I go for Customer Support?

A. I you have any Questions, Thoughts, or Concerns about my blog or any poster on this blog - by all means, contact me immediately.  Click on the "Customer/Support" link above, it will direct you to the "Project Scandalous Forum", leave your reply and you will be contacted with in 24 to 48 hours depending on traffic.


Q. If I have Technical problems with connecting to Project Scandalous blog or problems with posting comments, components, spam, comments deleted by accident, what should I do?
A. If you have any problems with this blog: Posting comments, problems with buttons, your comments not appearing, spam, or comments being deleted, "Click on the "Customer/Support" link above and leave us a reply.  NOTICE: If your comments are being deleted if you comment(s) didn't meet the criteria (Rules) of the disclaimer:  If you've insulted a poster or harassed a poster, used vulgar or un-tasteless profanity, or the celebrity (Jon Gosselin) we support - that will be the reason for your comment being deleted.  But - if you met and followed the rules of the disclaimer and your comment as been deleted by accident, I will apologize for the inconvenience and I will work on getting your comment(s) posted on this blog.  If you have any problems posting spam, buttons, or anything out of the ordinary, please let us know immediately.  You will get a response as soon as possible 24 to 48 hours, according to Project Scandalous traffic.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, or any thoughts you would like to cover, or any concerns about anything concerning this blog, posters, or any abuse from posters, please - by all means contact us immediately. Click on the "Questions, Thoughts, and Concerns" link above and leave us a reply.  You will get a response withing 24 to 48 depending on traffic. 


Q. If I have personal questions, thoughts, or concerns I like would like to ask without public viewing or access, what should I do?

A. If you have an emergency concerning a poster, this blog, or anything emergency other than this blog, please contact me by clicking "Ask T" link above or send me an email immediately @ post in the "Project scandalous Forum", your question, thought, or concern will be a private matter.  Please...write in the "Subject Line" Personal Question, Thought, or Concern, or problem your have will be kept private. Refer to our "Private Policy."


Q. "Ask T" Monthly Viewer Comments Posted Live: Can viewers or posters ask questions about blog, question poster comments, or ask any question to be posted live o "Ask T" Page on Project Scandalous?

A. Yes. T will be posting live comments from viewers each month.  If you're interested having your question answered and placed live on "Ask T" page in the navigation header.  Please send your question via email to I will then post your question for public viewing.  The world will observe your question and learn from what was asked of you and the answer I provided.  Ask your question - I will definitely do my very best to answer promptly.

Q. Will Project Scandalous bookstore be the only market store on Project Scandalous blog, or will your store market other products and services?

A. Project Scandalous will only be a book store on this blog.  If all books are sold from Project Scandalous book store, there will be more products listed, and the name of the store will change, depending on the product.  If you're interested in shopping in this blog book store, you're very welcome to do so.  I have a very awesome selection of romance novels.  Take your pick - there are many choices to choose from.  Thanks for your cooperation


Q. Will volunteers receive pay for their service and support for Project Scandalous?

A. No!  Sadly...Project Scandalous cannot provide pay for their volunteers for their service and support.  There is not enough in funding to pay or benefit volunteers for their service and support.  There will be fundraisers, blog ads, events, etc.  The fund raised by Project Scandalous members will help benefit volunteers, once their are officially employed by Project Scandalous.


Q. Will Project Scandalous Chat Room be available to the public at anytime, 7 days a week.

A. Project Scandalous Blog and its Chat Room are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Project Scandalous doesn't not work under business hours, unless there are employee employed by Project Scandalous.  Project Scandalous never closes its blog or chat room unless it is continued.


Q. Can guests, followers and members post their Inspirational quotes or express their thoughts on the "Beyond Project Scandalous Is Cup Of Inspiration" page 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

A. Yes!  Anyone are welcome to express their inspirational quotes and thoughts at anytime. Project Scandalous has not business hours at this time.  Anyone can post their inspirational quotes and thoughts on Project Scandalous at anytime of the day.  Project Scandalous doesn't discriminate  anyone who expresses  their deepest inspirational their quotes or thoughts.  However...the "Beyond Project Scandalous Is Cup Of Inspiration" page is the only page - negatives are not allowed, so - no negatives on this page please!


Q. Where can I go for updates and information on Project Scandalous?

A. Everyone can visit the "Notice" page for updates and information on Project Scandalous.  Everyone is required to visit the "Notices" page for updates and information each time the "Notices page is visited.  Everyone can also visit the "Customer/Support" page for more information according to updates and information...from other posters (if any) in our forum.

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