Thursday, March 27, 2014

(RHOA) Ne Ne Leakes Has A New Gig, Staring On Las Vegas Strip As A Drag Queen For Zumanity On Stage For The Cirque du Soliel

"This I like for Ne Ne, she's doing something absolutely wonderful and I support her all the way." I would too love to see someone taking an inventory of all of their talents and then using them accordingly. You have to give Ne Ne Leakes credit where credit is due. Ne Ne knows how to capitalize on her fifteen forty-five minutes of fame with savvy business decisions and calculated risks. Remember that Ne Ne that used to fly off the handle with drama on the early seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta? She's been replaced with a diva who knows that too much crazy is a bad thing, and instead she gives us gems like "close your legs to married men, WIG!"
Ne Ne is the a smart one, since she's the richest of the ladies on (RHOA) I tell you. Sure, the Ne Ne may feel that she's too good for the show that made her famous, but soon enough, she may not need it. She's built quite the little empire for herself given her humble beginnings as a stripper. Ne Ne's held some legitimate acting roles and maintained her presence in the reality realm with her own spin-off and a stint on Celebrity Apprentice. I almost forgot about her present gig on Dancing with the Stars! Now, her past is meeting her present. With the Ne Ne newest endeavor, she gets to exercise her acting chops while presumably using some of the skills she perfected on the pole. Anyone going to Vegas anytime soon? If so, Ne Ne may have the show for you

Tamara Tattles is reporting on Ne Ne's latest opportunity which combines a few of my favorite things: Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas, and drag queens. That's right, NeNe is set to take the stage in Zumanity, the erotic Cirque du Soleil hit which is featured at the New York, New York hotel and casino. I like the sound of this already!
Ne Ne is set to join the cast for a ten show run this summer as the Mistress of Sensuality, a showgirl/cabaret hybrid who takes leads the audience through the shows underworld of fantasy. I wonder if she'll be more of a narrator or if she'll actually do some of the phenomenal stunts for which Cirque is renowned…
In a recent statement, Ne Ne expressed her excitement about appearing in Zumanity, sharing, “I am so excited to be starring in Zumanity. The show is absolutely fabulous and the cast members are so talented! I can’t wait to be in the sexiest show on The Strip and perform on a Cirque du Soleil stage!”
I have to hand it to Ne Ne…I'm happy she isn't going the normal housewives route of fruity alcohol and cookbooks. Did I mention the part of the Mistress of Sensuality is normally played by a drag queen? That makes it even better!

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  1. I'm very proud of Ne Ne for her gig, even though she's a drama queen anyway, she'll do well at the Cirque du Soliel.


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