Friday, March 7, 2014

Kate Gosselin ‘B**ched Out’ Her Daughters At Demi Lovato Concert Holding Hands With Her (Boyfriend) A.K.A Bodyguard!

Kate Gosselin took twin teenage daughters Mady and Cara to the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night, where she gave onlookers their own version of “Heart Attack.”  " how Kate Gosselin craves the spotlight while pimping out her twin daughters once again at the 'Demi Lovato Concert' in a harsh way."
An eyewitness has exclusively told media outlet Radar Online -- it was an intense outing for the family — who was accompanied by their mom’s married bodyguard (and boyfriend?) Steve Neild.  "Why is Kate Gosselin still prancing around with Steve Neild?" He's a married man!  According to a fellow concert-goer, Kate got harsh with the girls while shopping for merchandise from the Fairfax, Va., show and made a small scene.  As Kate usually tries to gain attention to herself!

“We were at the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night and had just entered the building and were browsing the merchandise table. I turned and saw a girl who looked familiar but turned away and didn’t think much of it. Next thing you know we heard someone yelling, ‘You both need to come back here now! Get over here and stay together! Where are you guys going?!’” the source told media outlet, Radar Online.

“I turned around and lo and behold, it was Kate Gosselin b**ching out the twins, Cara and Mady.  The twins seemed embarrassed and their faces were pleading, ‘Please don’t know my mother.’ They looked deflated. Myself and two friends were shocked and appalled.”

The eyewitness reveals that Kate, 38, and her crew came through the same door as everyone else — no special treatment — but she did have her long-time rumored boyfriend and married bodyguard on her arm!  “The biggest surprise of all was who she was holding hands with.  Kate was holding hands with Steve Neild, her ‘bodyguard,’” the eyewitness told media outlet, Radar Online.

“They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it. We were surprised considering we kept up with all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 drama.”
The source tells Radar that at one point they tried to take “selfies” so they could catch a photo of Kate and Steve in the background, but failed.
“Kate ducked behind us during the photos and yelled to the twins, ‘Girls, bend down, you’re going to "ruin" their photo!’” the source said.

“She seemed paranoid after we took the photo.”  Oh, and about that no special treatment thing?  “We decided to go to our seats and as we turned around we saw the twins, Steve Neild and Kate walk to the side and bypass the entire merchandise line to be served,” the insider added.

“I guess these days they make their own special treatment!”  Rest assured, Kate Gosselin would like nothing more than to regain the spotlight as well as the perks that comes with it.



  1. Kate Gosselin hasn't learned what it takes to be a well respected celebrity, she neither, because she is a 'has been' and she has killed every chance of having another reality show. Karma is a "B"

  2. Well what I have to say about this they at are trying to enjoy their self Kate wanting them to say together getting at them for nothing in front of people she got to have around to make her look good with a married man on arm just scandalous.

  3. I really don't mind Kate telling her daughters to stay together, but, she should not have yelled out to them like she did, because Kate loves to draw attention to herself when she yells out to anyone, like she did Jon in Toys R'us, that might been embarrassing to Mady and Cara, especially in front of everyone like she did.

  4. I don't think Kate Gosselin realize how she acts (or maybe so) in public, I know she loves to draw attention to herself an.d herself only


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