Thursday, March 6, 2014

George Zimmerman Wants To End His Fight In Court With Prosecutor Angela Corey

"I see that someone is wimping out of fighting through the courts, it makes me wonder, what George Zimmerman has to hide."  The former Neighborhood Watch volunteer, George Zimmerman says he's done fighting in court with Special Prosecutor Angela Corey.  Umm, some one just can't handle the pressures.  Paperwork  was filed at the Seminole County criminal courthouse in Orlando, FL. on Feb. 20, George Zimmerman says he is giving up his promised fight to make the state pay his legal bills.  Good as to say, he's also wants to put an end to his lawyers' fight with prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda, whom they had asked a judge to punish, alleging unethical behavior, including hiding evidence.  "My opinion - what a coward  If Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson agrees, that would clear the way for George Zimmerman to move forward with his defamation suit against NBC Universal. A hearing in that case is scheduled Friday.

George Zimmerman also alleges that NBC falsely portrayed him as a racist.  The suit was filed a year ago, but was placed on hold until his criminal case was concluded.  A Seminole County jury acquitted George Zimmerman of second-degree murder in July, but the case has remained open because of the sanctions issue.  George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old on Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford.  Back in May, in the lead-up to Zimmerman's criminal trial, the judge spent several hours listening to evidence that Bernie De la Rionda had hidden from defense attorneys photos and text messages stored on Trayvon's cell phone that suggested the Miami Gardens teenager was a fighter and used marijuana.

Defense attorneys Mark O'Mara and Don West also alleged that Bernie De la Rionda hid for months information that the state's key witness, claimed the teenage girl who was on the phone with Trayvon just before he was shot, had lied under oath.  The judge postponed the continuation of that hearing until after the trial, and it has never resumed.  In an odd move, Corey's office doesn't want the judge to grant George Zimmerman's new request — that she forget about the sanctions. It wants to keep fighting and be declared the winner. A few days after George Zimmerman filed his request, Assistant State Attorney Rich Mantei filed paperwork, asking the judge to rule in Angela Corey's favor.

"I totally agree with the State Attorney and the defence!"

He even offered to present more evidence "to make a complete record and establish the state committed no discovery violations …."  In another legal development involving George Zimmerman, a judge has set aside a default entered in favor of his wife, Shellie, in their ongoing divorce.  That means the two sides are back to equal footing as they fight to divide up property, but mostly the overwhelming debt they face because of George Zimmerman's legal bills.

My opinion, "George Zimmerman is wimping a fight in court - I guess he's afraid of loosing this battle.  'I hope he does!'  I don't care what kind of teenager Trayvon Martin was before his life ended, tragically on February 2012, Trayvon was unarmed (no gun) walking from the nearest convenient store on his way to his father apartment (in which he was visiting) to watch a game with cousin.  George Zimmerman was spotted by Trayvon, chasing after him  while on the phone with a girlfriend.  "The attack begin!  'I guess Trayvon's bag of skittles and ice tea was enough to kill him dead - that's my opinion.' I will always believe that it was in fact, Trayvon's voice on that 911 call!"



  1. George Zimmerman disgusts me when ai look at him. No remorse for killing a child - no matter what he's done in his former life.

  2. He don't have no remorse for no one he a coward in the making. He know he is guilty that why he's a coward

  3. I think George knows he's guilty, I feel he keep this front up for appearances. I will always believe that he killed a Trayvon purposely, I believe race was part what happen to Trayvon, I don't feel any remorse for him.

  4. I got to be truthful, George Zimmerman disgust me too!


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