Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kate With No Remorse For The Gosselin Eight Privacy, Jon Gosselin Is Heart Broken Over His Kids Return To TV

 Jon Gosselin is speaking out against Kate Gosselin's upcoming TV special, which will feature the former couple's eight children.  "It seems like Kate can't do anything alone without using the children as her props." . I don't care what kind of special TLC is doing with Kate and the children, Jon should have been told, knowing how he felt about his children being on TV again.  I can understand why he's so heart broken and this whole fiasco was down right dirty to not include him in letting him know what was going with his children. Kate did not cohesive the Gosselin eight by herself.  What's don't was down right dirty like the children don't have a father and that his 'say so isn't important'  Jon said, "I was heartbroken to learn my children are participating in yet another TV project, especially an 'update' special," he told media outlet E! News on Friday. "Even without a current television show, they still live a very public life. They're still constantly in and out of the media; updates are given practically daily via social media."

This statement from Jon comes on the heels of TLC network announcing on Tuesday that it will be broadcasting a one-hour special will get blind fans of Kate and her brood "up to speed on what's changed in the family" since the network last visited the famous family over two years ago.  Jon expressed his outrage toward TLC network, because the network "didn't feel the situation warranted even a simple phone call to me."  Which is wrong for TLC to not inform Jon about his children appearing one TV again.

"The special is to update people about their lives," Jon continued. "Well, there are other people in their life besides their mother. They could have easily incorporated my children's grandparents, aunts, or uncles somehow, even without them appearing on camera, yet chose to exclude them. What message does this send to my children?"  I wondered about that too, since Kate shut everyone in her immediate family out of her life and the kids lives and she still get breaks as diabolical as she is to dis-own her entire family (Mom and Dad, her two sisters and brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, ex friends who was there to help with the sextuplets, church members she took money from - the list goes on because Kate doesn't want anyone to have what she have or get paid for it.)  "An extreme dose of pure narcissism!"

TLC Network will film this special, which is slated to air in June, Jon hopes "no one watches the show."  Please everyone in the world, turn your channels, because ii Kate get the ratings, she will definitely haunt our television screens and we don't want that! . By GOD most of the population has had enough of Kate free loading on the public (jobless) using her children as props to gain a TV deal - in which she trapped TLC in giving her this one hour special, thanks to the osselin eight influence.  "I'm not being spiteful, I'm worried for them," he explained. "What if they're unhappy or embarrassed about how they're portrayed in the special? Growing up is hard enough; they don't needed the added pressure of being in the public eye."  Jon said.  He expressed his love for his kids and said that he only wants "the best for them."

Kate Gosselin says her kids "cheered like crazy" filming TV special, when Kate is meanly the one who cheered like crazy!  Using the kids for her own feelings again -  When this is her dream of returning to TV, because she misses the fame, the attention, the big fat checks the children helped her receive, and the perks (5 star hotels 'with married Steve Neild in tow' and the 5 star vacations.)

"I still continue to desperately hope Kate will realize our children deserve a chance to be free to live a normal life, away from the cameras," Jon added.

As for Kate, she gushed to media outlet Us Weekly that the kids are "very excited" to be back in front of the cameras.  The "kids" --oh the kids again!  Kate says, "They cheered like crazy," she revealed to media outlet, US Weekly magazine." It was like I announced that it's Christmas tomorrow. Our crew walked in and it was like they had never left."  I hope the crew wasn't that desparate -- geesh!



  1. It a shame how kate uses the children to get some where

  2. S. Mitchell, Kate Gosselin will continue to use her children as Jon says as props to get what she want and to reclaim her fame and fortunes through the children ( her meal tickets) so don't be surprised about how Kate tend to make her fortune and tay relevant in the spot light. It infuriates me she can't do anything on her own without the children. Mediocre is too beneath her to go out and get a job like the rest of us. She's lazy, she wants to live off the children fortunes they made from their show. She wants her larger than life lifestyle, married Steve, and the dam perks that comes with living a lifestyle she no longer can afford, so she uses her children to reclaim that lifestyle she so terribly misses. Ditto!

  3. Yes...Kate is yet again getting ready to exploit those children again. Kate Gosselin is nothing without those children and she darn well know if, that's why whenever she does a project, the children are in tow with her. Look at the cookbook, the children are o. The front cover because Kate thought her cookbook will sell if their faces was on the cover. Look at the People magazine covers she can't be one a cover alone without her children be auas she knows with only her on the cover the magazine want sell because of her history and nasty - narcissistic disposition - so she includes the children faces to sell magazines. As well as Us magazines and In touch magazine. Everytime you see Kate do anything, the children are being used for her benefit, she need to get a job to support those children instead of the children supporting her.

  4. DITTO Princess, you said a mouth full! I don't think I need to say more, totally agreed - awesome answer!

  5. Kate has no remorse of no shame in what she does when if comes to using the children for her own benefit. Kate knows the children are her meal tickets, her dollar signs for a lifestyle she wants for herself and go enjoy off of their backs, so she put them to work to support her greedy lifestyle she wants, perks included.


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