Monday, March 31, 2014

Filming Celebrity Apprentice, Onlookers Complained Kenya Moore Brandi Glanville And Kate Gosselin Pretend To Be Working

The somehow still relevant reality stars traded in their signature attire (form-fitting cocktail dresses for Glanville, fleece and sweats for Gosselin) for the trademark red cap and shirt of the Pie Face bakery staff while shooting season 14 of Celebrity Apprentice.

But as workers and customers at the growing NYC chain soon realized - you can put the girls in a uniform, but you can't make them work.

One onlooker described the pair as "not really working at all" and noted that they appeared to be keeping their distance from one another. "I know my kids' names, if you want to ask that," Kate baffling joked to a customer.  In which I knew Kate Gosselin wouldn't be be working at all, she just there for the appearance and to talk about her children instead of making pies for charity.  "Some so called humanitarian!" --- just like said in my last post about Kate Gosselin.  "She there for the appearance, fame, and to talk about her children as usual ( more like exploiting) them to the public, instead of competing in the pie challenge for charity.  I don't blame Brandi that Kate's remark reportedly earned her a hateful glare from Brandi.

Shawn Johnson, Leeza Gibbons and Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame were also on hand as the ladies compete for a place in Donald Trump's heart.  Apparently some people consider that a prize.  Kate Gosselin, Brandi Glanville, and Kenya Moore -- a dream reality TV trio (one former reality TV star Kate Gosselin) if ever there was one -- have officially started filming season 14 of The Celebrity Apprentice. Former TLC star Kate Gosselin was alongside Real Housewives, Brandi Glanville (of Beverly Hills) and Kenya Moore (of Atlanta) for a Tuesday, March 25, task at Pie Face bakery in NYC's Union Square.

Taking over the shop from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the trio -- joined by female cast mates Shawn Johnson, Leeza Gibbons and others -- wore the burgeoning chain's red uniforms to greet customers and sell pies. According to one observer, Kate Gosselin and Kenya Moore, "weren't really working at all" during the challenge, and mostly appeared to be chatting with customers, posing for photos and "feigning ignorance" when asked about the nature of the event. Here is what Kate Gosselin had to say when asked about the nature of the supposed charity event,

"I know my kids' names, if you ask me that," Kate Gosselin quipped to one curious fan, which prompted a glare from Brandi Glanville.  The Drinking and Dating author stayed behind the counter and greeted pals Andy Cohen and new NYC Housewife Kristen Taekman, both of whom dropped by for a visit. And though Kate Gosselin and Brandi Glanville kept their distance from each other, an insider close to the NBC reality competition tells Us Weekly that Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore -- noted pot-stirrers on their respective Housewives editions -- aren't exactly becoming besties.


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