Monday, February 17, 2014

Scandalous Miley Cyrus Kicks Off Bangerz Tour

 Image Source "E Online"
"Totally Scandalous!"  Quite the spectacle - when it comes to Miley Cyrus.  Before the show started, Miley Cyrus tweeted that she had some pre-show nerves, but, it didn't look like she had any pre-show nerves.

"I don't know if it's Valentines Day or #BangerzTour but I'm most definitely having a panic attack," she tweeted.

Miley looked together with no onstage jitters and totally scandalous. No longer young enough to be monitored, Miley kicked off her "Bangerz tour in Vancouver, Canada on Valentine's Day and as usual, it was a total spectacle.  Miley grinned widely as she mad her big entrance to the crowd - sliding down a totally "Large Tongue" slide.  Miley's first costume was a bright red two-piece ensemble, a red and white feather boa, white cowboy boots and a white Chanel mini purse.  Miley danced and tweaked throughout the show and was joined by a group of backup dancers.  She stuck out her tongue as she groped and slapped her onstage entourage.  Miley has gone totally 'bat crazy' and she's 21 years old too.  And speaking of 'kink' - Miley rides in on a 'giant hot' in a bright yellow floor length coat.  She also broke out the funny fake teeth with a patriotic cowboy outfit.  Oh - the two outfits Miley wore isn't enough!  Miley changed into several more outfits during her onstage shenanigans.  She wore a daring high-slit thong leotard with glittery marijuana leaves embroider throughout her one piece ensemble. Miley also slithered across the stage floor which was covered in fake dollar bills.  This young woman is lost "completely" out of touch with reality.  That child need some serious help.  Miley really need to gain self respect for herself.  By posting this pic of 'Miley' is totally degrading to look at.  Her parents Billy Ray and Tish must be really proud of their "whorish" daughter.  I think they are just proud Miley is "raking" in the money (they don't care how she does it) but, I got to say, "Good Job on being bad parents, Billy Ray and Tish."

Miley is so gross! Her image is totally destroying her music (that's what I think) she is giving up her body in a misogynistic way, but she doesn't realize that degrading herself this way in front of millions of people onstage is down right disgusting.  She thinks she empowering and stimulating herself onstage and Miley its all good to her, but, she is belittling women intelligence and bodies is what I'm expressing


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