Ask "T"

If there is anything you would like to ask publicly about this blog, about the posts, or any other questions you would like to ask me, send via email.  Your question and your name - along with my answer to your question - will be posted here on this blog for the public viewing.  I will be posting viewer questions and my answer to their questions each month.  If you're are interested, please send your question to: Your question maybe the one I choose to post on this blog.  Also follow my "Twitter" @PScandalous for updates or you can hashtag @  #PScandalous #AskT if you would like to post your questions.  I will answer momentarily once I check my account and I received your question.

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Question:  Miss T. - Do you feel that your blog will make a impact on viewers, or will they take your blog seriously, because, you have a great deal of information here that is every helpful to me and maybe people out there who will be interested in viewing your blog?  I'm very excited when I visit!



  • Answer From Ms. T:   Thanks "Princess" for you response, I'm overwhelmed and I appreciate you for your interest in my blog.  To answer your question - I pray to GOD that my blog will have a impact on viewers and that my blog will be taken seriously.  I cover the news like most media outlets. I pray that people will come and view - take advantage of the resources that may be useful, and for my blog to gain posters as well blog followers who will continually come and visit on a daily basis.  I will be totally grateful.   XOXO  Thanks Princess.