Thursday, March 27, 2014

Couple Parodied Kimye's Vogue Cover As A Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement - Also Featuring The Reality Non TV Story Of Jon And Kate Gosselin.

Gennady and Maggie Borukhovich parodied Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover.  "I found that James Franco and Seth Rogen Parodied Vogue's cover of its magazine."  But - who would have thought it would have been the perfect basis for a pregnancy announcement?  The New York City couple, administrative professionals and co-founders of Far Faria, respectfully, put Kanye's arms around Kim's stomach to good use.  They photo shopped their own version of the magazine cover to announce their baby news in a new and hilarious way using a picture from their 2011 nuptials.  Maggie in her wedding dress, Gennady is holding her from behind with his hands on her stomach with a photo of their sonogram below them.  

This is my reaction to Maggie and Gennady!  "If you got it, flaunt it, it's what you want to do so, but - copy-cat a Vogue cover, they must be very desperate to be on the cover of Vogue magazine - just like Kate Gosselin."  

Knowingly, when I mention the Vogue cover, I think of Kate wanting to be on the cover so bad!"  But - I loath to see her on the cover of Vogue, because, she hasn't earned the rights as a real celebrity to even be pictured on Vogue magazine.  Until she train herself in drama or talent school she can take in acting, be a humanitarian - give to charities instead of herself - get rid of her diva like attitude - throwing her ex husband, Jon under the bus every time she interview on talk shows for the world to hear her emasculate and belittle him causing the world to have a different opinion about Jon and then he get emasculated and belittled by the world for what she said about him on national television - exploiting her children for her benefit and fame - and most of all - her dag gum narcissism - Kate need to change -- I mean really change quick with her dag gum ways if she want the world to think and feel differently about her. "My thoughts of what I just said, It maybe too late for Kate to even try to change."  Her reputation is already ruined.  She has no one to blame, but herself for her attitude and the way she treated Jon and using her children as props for her own benefit, fame and fortune and she knows this!  Blaming others for her downfalls will not win any silver or gold metals or her reputation, if she don't admit to her indiscretions and her narcissism and apologize to her ex husband for everything just like he did to her and the world.  Jon on the other hand, has apologized for his indiscretions, but - he needs to know "when to close his mouth and do not trash Kate, his ex wife in the media as well, because, she is still and always going to be the mother of his children and he need to accept that, as well as Kate.  'I will say this -- it takes two to make a mess of things, especially in a marriage that needed the therapy,' that probably would of saved their show: "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." but - Kate didn't want the therapy to save her marriage with Jon.  He wanted to work and save their marriage by going to therapy. Fame, fortune, attention and exploiting the children on her cookbook, tabloid magazines and for reality gigs was more important than saving her marriage to Jon -- since Kate is the one who filed for divorce. As of this present time -- Kate can't forgive Jon for leaving the show, which cause the ratings to fall rapidly and now she can't forgive him is probably the reason she blames him for everything gone wrong and not having a show anymore.  I want for get too -- Jon got some faults in this, but -- he tried to save his marriage, but -- he needed to man up and take his place as a man in the household and wear the pants, instead of Kate"  People got tired of their mess and their show!  Jon and Kate need to understand that they are known and they are in the spotlight - and they need to quit airing their 'dirty stinky behind laundry' in the media and do their bickering in "private" without doing it in front of the children, because the children "has been through enough all of their lives" and I feel deeply that they are going to need a lot of therapy when its done and over with because of their warring parents and the dag gum Twitter wars I've been experiencing.  "Sorry everyone -- I stumbled off of the main topic of my post, about Gennady and Maggie Borukhovich."  When I mentioned Kate and he wishing to be on Vogue magazine, I could not help but to express my opinion of her, "It's my right to my opinion of her without threatening her with vile and vulgar threats or death threats, 'she doesn't deserve that' even though' I don't support her and I never will.  I really hate what she does with her children and ex husband, Jon, even if she's just a mom like myself.  If anyone got a problem with that, 'sue me' for speaking my mind about Kate Gosselin, a non celebrity and real celebrities.  I do it without animosity, without threatening their lives with death and so on."  I see some very hard core supporters for Kate on Twitter and they seem to "cut you with a razor blade and dump you in a alcohol river" because they speak harshly and 'I mean harshly against her critics who have rights to their opinions of what Kate,' because of what she's doing with her children and how she treats her ex husband, Jon and her family.  Critics can't even "utter a negative comment or if they don't support Kate - they are being threaten with a Federal lawsuit, because they don't support and speak negatively about Kate.  To the critics of Kate -- If you've threatened Kate's life -- please don't do that, because, its wrong to threaten her or anyone life, but - there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions of her without animosity or vile threats or death threats.  "To everyone -- and I mean the world - Kate's no 'GOD' we should not worship the ground she walks on because she had twins and sextuplets and so organized with everything.  Everyone who supports Kate, so far, thinks she's taking care of the children alone, and Jon isn't.  She isn't doing it alone when Jon has joint custody too. "Remember everyone!"  Jon knows Kate better than all of us put together whether you're a supporter or a critic! He's had 10 years with Kate. Jon has his custody with the children, Kate supporters, remember that! No matter how you feel about Jon or what you may think he's not doing for his children,  I believe by court order, he's doing his equal share with the money he has from his two waiter jobs and his brief appearance on "Couples Therapy"  He take equal care of the children to as for Kate. I see she's being treated like she's someone special, more than her ex husband Jon, more than some of the other mothers and fathers with multiples - who are struggling, working extra hard to make ends meet for their multiple children and without trying to get on TV and without working on a "real job" in between begging and trying to get on TV, but until those possibilities happen, get a dag gum job in the mean time, because.  "It takes time, that if the world love you enough to want you on TV again Kate!"  I don't see another reality show in her future, she's too controversial. However, Kate wanted the spotlight and to be a want-to-be celebrity, she got it and she need to live with what she dreamed of and wanted very badly!  She need to accept that people are going to speak negativity about her exploiting her children and throwing her ex husband, Jon under the bus and alienating her family - completely!  Positives are excellent for Kate to accept, "I want only positive people in my life too, just like Kate, but she need to quit ignoring the negative aspect of things, because she'll never learn to be a real celebrity.  "This is why I don't see her as a celebrity and I will not support a weak woman who blocks out a challenge, because people will talk and have their opinions about her - especially when she exploits children, belittle her ex husband, Jon to get a reality or any gig she can get to work her way to where she want to be "A Real Celebrity" and to work her way on the cover of Vogue magazine, "I get un-easy, but not down right mad with her!"  She need to earn the Vogue cover - do what real celebrities do and that's "work their butts off to get where they want to be and to earn rewards - be humanitarians and get recognition honestly for their hard work up to celebrity status."  Kate really need to get off her butt, get a real job "I heard she was a nurse, they make good money" and work hard for real for her children instead of waiting around for a producer to call her for a reality gig that she probably begged for - or paid for to get her children and herself on TV again.  She need to school for drama, study a dag gum script, and learn to earn the credits from making good movies.  "She's not doing this!"  The children were the ones working and earning the money for the luxury lifestyle Jon and Kate lived on.  Jon, he's happy doing what he likes and that's working two jobs as a waiter, enjoying his custody with his children - when he has them on weekends and a day during the week for dinner and his girlfriend, Liz Janetta.  "I can say, I'm proud of Jon, but - Kate, I can't be "all the way" proud of her."  The only thing I'm really proud of with Kate is - that she had twins and sextuplets and they are all healthy and she is taking care of them in the home 'since I can't see' how she's really treating them, but - I've seen some awful things in the media about how she treats the children from critics and Jon.  I do know, she's exploiting them!" but I'm going to end this conversation about Jon and Kate, because it's making me kind of nauseous.  

Ending points, Maggie and Gennady, congratulations on your little one! So sorry viewers and future posters for staggering off of my post about Jon and Kate.  This was because of Kate's wants to be on the cover of Vogue magazine cause that effect in me - in which it started me to repeat the reality of the things I've seen in media outlets, social site (Twitter) and few articles and posts in Facebook.  Again, for Maggie and Gennady congratulations, I love the ultra sound!

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  1. People can't be copycats here, invent your way of doing things, call it your own. But I'm happy for Gennady and Maggie for their new edition, Kate Gosselin on the other hand, a different story. Jon not include in this convo, he's been bashed enough.


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