Wednesday, March 26, 2014

(RHOA) Crazy Drama Filled Time In Mexico

"I knew it was going to be some drama everywhere these women end up (RHOA) The Real Housewives of Atlanta was filled with surprises - including a surreal surprise party in Mexico for Phaedra Parks, featuring a pinata filled with condoms.  But the biggest surprised of all was the husbands brawling for a change.  Ne Ne Leakes husband, Gregg, let Cynthia Bailey's, Peter Thomas know just how unhappy he was that Peter had approached his wife after Kenya Moores ill-fated masquerade ball. 

"You stepped up in my wife's grill," Ne Ne told Thomas after Kenya attempted to hold a re-do of the disastrous couples' night pajama party that ended in fisticuffs. "If you ever come up into my wife's face like that, there's going to be a showdown … you disrespected me … Don't walk up on my wife without me present." 

"I was disappointed with your wife," Thomas said, referencing Ne Ne's icy speech at the ball that overshadowed the charity.  Entering, the ladies, including Ne Ne who immediately thrust herself into the fight.  "You need to stay outta women's business," Ne Ne told Thomas. "You stop tryin' to be a damn b**ch!" 

While the rest of that fight continue, the one between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore never ends, as the two resumed their war of words after Kenya attempted to make amends with Apollo Nida. 

"I've asked you not speak to my husband," said Phaedra. "You should respect that." 

Phaedra repeated those words to her husband, after the two icily parted ways when she walked in to find him cozily speaking with Kenya. 

"To have you entertain a conversation with Kenya about a friendship is crazy," she told Apollo. "I would not trust Kenya as far as I could throw her." 

Apollo tried to make amends by tossing his wife a surprise party, but even that was filled with odd words and even odder gifts. "It's not often I try and do something nice for you," he said just before escorting a blindfolded Phaedra into the party, "because you're so mean all the time." 

Phaedra, opened her eyes to find the wives waiting, along with a pinata shaped like a donkey. 

"It helps to envision it's Kenya Whore Moore," Phaedra said, only to discover that the pinata was filled with condoms instead of candy.  "I just want to thank you for being the mother of my two children, and let's just continue to move forward," an unromantic Apollo toasted to his wife, who perhaps began to envision he was a bigger a**  than the pinata. 
"Anyone else hear crickets?" Kenya asked


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  1. Drama as usual, will minorities learn to act presentable and respectful in public? Not!


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