Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scandalous Kate Gosselin Planning Wedding To Her Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild

"How scandalous and desperate can a person be - to want someone else's husband so bad for another reality show and 5 minutes of wasting more air time, by planning a wedding to marry another woman's husband - is beyond me -- who does this? "Kate Gosselin, that's who!" How dirty can a person be? There has been another update in the feud between Kate Gosselin, and her ex husband, Jon Gosselin - which originated from a bitter custody war of the Gosselin children. There are rumors that suggests that Kate Gosselin is begging for a wedding to her married bodyguard, amid rumors that he is cheating on his wife with Kate. "This some Kate will do to cover her tracks as she play house and doctor with Gina Downie Neild husband, Steve Neild.

"I wonder, if this rumor -- this scandalous rumor is so?"

If media outlet, Celebrity Dirty Laundry is right, Kate Gosselin may fool another man into marrying her (not for love of course) but, for the media attention - fame and fortune - and to cover her dirty deeds - knowingly, that she has committed herself in a scandalous affair with her boyfriend aka married bodyguard, according to a recent article on the gossip website, Kate is trying to convince her married bodyguard-turned-alleged-lover, Steve Neild, to leave his wife, Gina Downie. "More and more - Kate Gosselin is becoming increasingly narcissistic by her own stupidity. She tends to
forget that Steve is married and committed to someone else, since that didn't stop her from starting an affair with him. Now, the sources claim that Kate's trying to convince Steve to dump his wife, Gina and marry her, while she plans for that marriage to put her back in the spotlight. In fact, she's apparently looking for another Jon and Kate Plus 8 type show, except this time with Steve and her slightly more grown-up children." Kate Gosselin is totally off of her rockers or what she has left of mind! "Who would want to subject themselves to another reality show, staring Kate Gosselin and someone else's husband?"
That's not the only thing they've been saying about poor mouth, Kate. Media outlet, Radar Online has made some startling new claims of their own, following her increased filming schedule on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, one insider claims that Kate won't even reveal her schedule to Jon (and that's dirtier than dirt - to leave the father of her 8 out of her scandalous schedule) Kate decided to hire extra nannies to deal with her children, along with pesky mothering duties she can't be bothered with - including her children. "I find that Kate wants her cake and eat it too!" She has taken a big bite out creating scandals like this one in order to stay relevant for another 5 minutes of wasting every ones time with her increasingly, tiresome antics. Nothing good will come out of what Kate is doing! She will be a total fool (that she is in fact) to go along with this disgusting and pathetic plan of hers. "Wow -- I feel sorry for the Gosselin children! They are caught in the middle of a filthy scandal like this!" Extreme therapy, the Gosselin children will need and with the money its going to cost, practically coming out of their trust funds -- that's a big if - they still have one! "What a disgrace to the Gosselin children."


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