Saturday, March 8, 2014

(RHOA) Marlo Hampton: Says Rekindled Friendship With NeNe Leakes Is Possible

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Marlo Hampton, the socialite who became popular on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" believes a friendship with Ne Ne Leakes is possible again after the pair engaged in a verbal altercation on and off (RHOA). "I don't if Ne Ne and Marlo can rekindle their friendship - knowing how Ne Ne is when it comes to being dramatic, but for Marlo, it's definitely possible," she told media outlet, Radar Online about a rekindled friendship with Ne Ne

"Where I'm sitting right now in this chair, that's the last person on my mind."

However Hampton made it clear that she did not believe being friends with Ne Ne Leakes was an easy task.  According to Marlo, 
"Ne Ne does better with mimes as friends, It's okay as long as you're praising her and being her cheerleader, but as soon as you go to disagree, it's a problem."
Still, Marlo Hampton previously apologized for engaging in a feud with her former friend on and off of their show.
"I need to do better. I can't promise you I'll turn the other cheek if I'm slapped, (don't suggest anyone try me, I'm not there yet) but be patient y'all, God is still working on me," she wrote in her blog Musings From the Boudoir. "So… I apologize for my part in this shameful drama that reinforces stereotypes about who we are as black women. And pray that one day we'll realize nobody wins when even one of us loses."
However, Marlo Hampton went on to apologize to multiple personalities from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- both past and present.
She also apologized to the bridesmaids that fans may have witnessed her have issues with while serving as Ne Ne's bridesmaid last year in the latter's spin off series "I Dream of Ne Ne."

"To all the RHOA/Bridesmaids I have offended: Phaedra, Kandi, Kim, Sheree, Diana, Pat and Ne Ne, I apologize. We may never be friends or see eye to eye on anything, (and I'm cool with that!) however, I don't need to tear you down to build myself up," Hampton wrote. "I know who I am – The Diva, Marlo Patrice Hampton and I am the spotlight, but so are you. Let's all bask in it. God made sure there would be enough shine for all of us."


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  1. For me, I don't think its possible for Marlo Hampton and Ne Ne Leakes to regain, matter of fact, rekindle their friendship


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