Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kate Gosselin: Claims She Has TV Gigs Lined Up-- Really?

I think Kate Gosselin is trying to find a way to keep a steady stream of TV gigs lined up so she can support her children. "At this point, what TV gigs is Kate trying to get?" How Kate getting a mediocre job, like she mocked people who are mediocre 5 years ago. Media outlet, Radar Online is exclusively reporting.
Kate’s ex, Jon, has previously expressed his “disgust” at having their eight children back on TV saying, “I think she wants a show on TV again — I consider that exploitation,” but as Radar has reported, claims that Jon gave up his rights to have a say in their TV appearances in exchange for not having to pay his child support.
So Kate's source think she on with the ball in Kate’s corner, thinking The Gosselin family could end up back on the "Silver Screen", did everyone see what I said, the Silver Screen?". Kate is not worthy of the Silver Screen, she's not a real celebrity, she has no talent to be a real celebrity. Kate isn't good enough for the the small screen. She messed that up with her diva attitude. Now that everyone know that Kate has been "fired" from her Celebrity Apprentice gig with Donald Trump is over.

No one can reveal whether the Gosselin children will be on television again (I hope not, they've had enough damage done to them) I can exclusively confirm that Kate will try to scam her way back onto everyone TV screens any way she can.
“Kate will constantly find ways to support her family and the entertainment industry is just the easiest thing for her,” her close pal of the told Radar.

“She’s going to be on TV again.”

Kate joined Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore, Ian Ziering and others for this season’s Celebrity Apprentice but even micromanaging a household with eight children couldn’t help her make it to the finale in the show.
“TV is what Kate likes to do and it’s what pays her bills, so she’ll continue with it as long as she can,” her pal revealed. "She makes for good TV because people either love her, or love to hate her.” Kate's pal fell and bumped her head years ago! Don't she realize, Kate is using her too? "I don't think her pal even notice the difference of being used and used unconditionally."



  1. Who loves this greedy witch? Is she kidding me? Sounds like Kate wrote that article and sent it to Radar to be published. This is how she spends her time. Why oh why do they keep giving her opportunities....Oh NO..get ready for the promotion tour of Kate Plus 8 special. Can't wait to hear her beg for another show and tell us how much the kids miss filming. PUKE

  2. She is sick why don't she stop trying oh I forgot she want's to be a celebrity so bad but not

  3. This woman is something else. She will do anything to get that mug back on the small screen

  4. Kathy, my thoughts exactly! Kate is the one writing these articles to Radar Online, because she has a friend there who accepts her article (The Source) and publishes it, so everyone who falls for her article can keep Kate relevant. Using people and depending on everyone to keep her relevant. Oh yeah! Kate will be begging for another show on her promo and yes she will be saying the kids miss filming, when she know she miss filming, royalties, perks and the free vacations TLC paid for.

  5. That what Kate want, to be a celebrity and she knows no way or how to go about being a celebrity.


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