Happy New Year Everyone!

If you have any events you would like posted on this blog, contact me in the "contact/support forum"  Go to "Ask T", you will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours, depending on poster responses.

UPDATE - 02/15/2014:  I will be posting more during the New Year 2014.  Everyone - expect more posts to come your way, here, on "Project Scandalous." I will try not to bore anyone with my posts!  My viewer status isn't what I expect it to be, but - I will provide more exciting posts for everyone to read, post comments, and enjoy.  I will be making a post almost everyday -- "Just about!"  Everyone - have a wonderful and exciting New Year -- 2014.

UPDATE - 02/17/2014:  If everyone noticed, I've been posting scandal after scandal after scandal (at least 2 - 3 a day) throughout the month of February. I hope this blog will receive more viewers and posters. Thank You and enjoy.

UPDATE - 02/18/2014:  Check out the "Health & Fitness" tab for updates on "Top 3 Ingredients In Food Will Hurt Your Heart" and living.  Also in Health & Fitness " Pregnancy Health Crisis No One .Is Talking About" woman do not talk about.  Check updates in Health & Fitness daily or whenever possible.  More posts to come.

UPDATE - 02/21/2014:  I will be adding a "Resources" page very soon.  There will be other pages to come.  I hope everyone will look forward to my new pages.  There will be more posts to come with in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

UPDATE - 02/23/2014:  Check out the "Beauty & Fashion" tab for updates.  Added link "Zulily" enjoy shopping at  Also I've added "Kohls", "Peace Love World", "Lane Bryant", "Dillards" and "Sears" to the list.  "Happy Shopping!"

UPDATE - 02/24/2014:  Check out the "Health & Fitness" tab for updates.  Added link for "Alison Sweeney Ultimate Flate-Belly Tricks.  Please check for update on a daily basis if you are a frequent visitor of this blog.

UPDATE - 02/28/2014:  Couples Therapy:  Season 4 Episode 9 "Fired Up"  is now available for viewing

UPDATE - 03/21/2014:  I will be adding a PScandalous book store page, a Project Scandalous Volunteer Application page for anyone who would like to provide support of my "Project Scandalous Blog."  I need nominees for: Vice President, Manager, Editor, Producer, Public Relations and Secretary.  Positions for President/Founder - which is myself is already filled.  The Treasurer position is already filled.  Project Scandalous really need your support.  I want to build a bigger and better blog for everyone enjoyment.  There will be also FAQ's page is anyone have questions, thoughts, or concerns - you will be instructed to visit my forum.  There will be other pages to come soon.  Thanks - I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my blog, "Project Scandalous."

UPDATES - 05/18/2014:  I just posted on my blog, Sorry for being MIA, had death in my brother - in - laws family.