Blog Acronyms

Interested in making your comments shorter?  Here are some specific "Blog Acronyms" to use on this blog to make posting your comments a lot easier.

*Autistic Terms

ZT - meaning: Zero Tolerance - No Trouble Whatsoever
DW - meaning: Don't Worry - Be Happy Without Thought
LOL - meaning: Laugh Out Loud
BFF - meaning: Best Friend Forever
WAD - meaning: Without A Doubt - Positive Direction
OMG - meaning: Oh My God
BAE - meaning: Baby - Mine Forever
SIL - meaning: Sister - In - Law - My Sister With Benefits
BIL - meaning: Brother - In - Law - My Brother With Benefits
*ASPIE - meaning: Aspergers
PPL - meaning: People
IDK - meaning: I Don't Know - Clueless
*APL - meaning: Autistic Pedantic Lingo
APP - meaning: Application - Public Private Property
PPO - meaning: Positive People Only - Insured With Happiness
NHA - meaning: No Hate Allowed - Happiness Belongs Here
TYI - meaning: Trust Your Intentions - Learn From Your Mistakes
IAG - meaning: Its All Good - Its A Go
TON - meaning: Tune Out Negativity -I Don't Hear, I Don't See
THX - meaning: Thanks
WTH - meaning: What The Heck -  I'm Surprised
NNPA - meaning: No Negative People Allowed - No Trespassing, People Without A Cause
BCWO - meaning: Be Careful-Watch Out - Look Both Ways For Negative Traffic
*NHAPWA - meaning: No Hate Against People With Autism -
DHT - meaning: Don't Have Time - No Foolishness Allowed
NIA - meaning: No Ignorance Allowed - Don't Act Or Talk Stupid
BCSE - meaning: Because
W/ - meaning: With
*ASD - meaning: Autism Spectrum Disorder
ABT - meaning: About
*CDD - meaning: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
*PDD-NOS - meaning: Not Otherwise Specified
*PDD - Pervasive Developmental Disorder
U - meaning: You
BTW - meaning: Be That With
GR8 - meaning: Great
R - meaning: Are
LMBO - meaning: Laugh My Butt Off - Excited With Laughter
TYJ - meaning: Thank You Jesus - Blessed
GMA - meaning: Grandma - Grandest Mother Of All
GPA - meaning: Grandpa - Grandest Father Of All
ST8 - meaning: Straight - Follow Ahead
SOS - meaning: Help - Rescue Me Now
$$ - meaning: Money - Cash Dollars
TTYL - meaning: Talk To You Later - Get Back With You In Due Time
SYLO - meaning: See You Later On - Catch Up With You In Due Time
SYL - meaning: See You Later - Catch With You In A Few Hours
ITNOJ - meaning: In The Name Of Jesus - He Goes Before Everything You Do
WAYD - meaning: What Are You Doing - What's Happening?
WAGO - meaning: Where Are You Going
WAYH - meaning: Where Are You Headed
WYL - meaning: What's Your Location
WGO - meaning: What's Going On
FYI - meaning: For Your Information
WTTW - meaning: Winning The Twitter Wars - Positive outcomes
BOL - meaning: Bust Out Laughing
SRFF- meaning: Support Real Friends Forever - know who your real friends are
GBUA - meaning: GOD Bless Us All
DBAF - meaning: Don't Be A Follower - Don't follow trouble
BAL - meaning: Be A Leader - Your decide who follows you
LMA- meaning: Leave Me Alone - Don't want to be bothered
GOFAW - meaning: Going Out For A While
BBIAM - meaning: Be Back In A Minute
BBIAH - meaning: Be Back In A Hour
LMA - meaning: Love Me Always - Never leave me
BMF - meaning: Be Mine Forever - Always there for you
SYL - meaning: See You Later
WAY - meaning: Who Are You? - Don't know you!
BPA- meaning: Be Positive Always
FTW - meaning: Flocking Twitter Wars - Tired of the drama on Twitter
TL - meaning: Timeline