Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Duggar Family: In The Center Of A Extortion Scandal

Image Source by Periscope Magazine
Some one is trying to tarnish and bring down one of the most inspirational families (The Duggars) of the"Discovery/TLC Network" just because they carry a very impeccable - non scandalous record. There are claims that the Duggar family was at the center of an extortion scandal after a woman (Teresa Hunt) claimed, Amy Duggar was having an affair with a man 21 years older than her, and now the media outlet, (Radar Online) exclusively revealed the photos she thought were worth $10,000. "What people will do for money!" Teresa Hunt was arrested and charged with extortion after she pitched what she deemed so called “incriminating and damning” photos of Amy and James Garrett engaged in a relationship together to various media outlets, including Radar Online.

The scandalous woman (Teresa Hunt) then reached out to Discovery Communications, parent company of the network TLC, which airs the Duggar family’s 19 Kids and Counting, to pay her $10,000 or cancel the family show to keep her from releasing the “shocking photos” of Amy, a first cousin of the Duggar family.

“As you can tell from the photos, they are anything but incriminating,” James told Radar Online an exclusive interview.

“I wanted the world to see the photos so that there would be no question left in any one's mind about any sort of relationship other than a platonic, working friendship between Amy and I."

James, stars in a John Denver tribute show in Branson, Missouri, and although he and Amy spend a lot of time together he tells us it’s strictly business related.

“On January 6, I got an urgent message from Amy Duggar, so I called her back and she explained that someone was trying to extort the Duggar family and the Discovery Channel for $10,000,” James exclusively told media outlet, Radar Online. “She went on to say that it involved racy photos of the two of us. We actually enjoyed a good laugh because we obviously knew they didn’t exist! But it was still a bit unsettling to us though.”

Teresa Hunt is currently being held on the extortion charges and sentencing is expected to occur within the next three months, with a two-year prison term maximum.

Here is my opinion, It seems like Teresa could not stand the Duggar family lifestyle and that they have a successful show. I guess, Teresa was hoping to find something scandalous in the Duggar family's background by using what she thought were "incriminating and degrading pictures. She was in fact - disappointed that she could not find a scandalous bone in their bodies (so far) in order to bring them down. "This is what jealousy is all about." Good going, Teresa! You tried to bring down the Duggar's with a so called scandalous picture and got yourself in a world of trouble in the process.



  1. I can't stand people who pray on people without a cause. I can't see anything scandalous about the Duggar family, because they are a deeply religious family an they are an inspiration to a lot of people, including me.

  2. That's what scandalous people like Teresa Hunt do - they love to target the good and place their pathetic "monkey wrench" in between what they think is a threat to them or people like Teresa Hunt love to just cause trouble period and bring good people like the Duggars down, that's my opinion. People like Teresa can't stand people who are successful in mind, body, and heart.

  3. Yes they are! Teresa can't stand that they (Duggars) are good people. Pathetic she tried to use a so called scandalous picture of Jim Bobs niece and extort $10,000 from Discovery/TLC and have the Duggars show cancelled. I detect jealousy!


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