Friday, March 21, 2014

Bethenny Frankel's May Be Back For A Second Season

I'd rather look at Bethenny's talk show anytime, more so than Kate Gosselin and I don't care too much for Bethenny either." Well, despite your best efforts to change the channel every time Bethenny Frankel's talk show comes on television, it looks like the show will back for a second season. Guess what?  You're not the only ones not watching…the ratings have been consistently bad.
However, Bethenny, as you know, doesn't leave quietly, and many insiders are speculating that she'll return despite all the negativity that has plagued the show. Of course it will. 

According to the NY Daily News, Bethenny production insiders are gearing up for another round, with on source reveals, “It’s shocking, but good news.”
One of the issues with the first season was difficulty in booking high-profile celebrities, so the source suggests that the format may change to be more "conflict-oriented" like Maury. Can you imagine Bethenny screaming, "You are not the father!"?? I love it already.
The insider shares, “It makes it easier to book guests — they can be nobodies and frankly Bethenny is pretty good at handling those kind of situations.”
Maybe that will help the shows lagging ratings. A television station in Cleveland apologized to one angry Bethenny fan on Facebook after it, um, changed the shows time slot. Instead of it's normal 3 pm hour, Bethenny was switched to 3 am. Yikes! The post explained, “Bethenny was doing very poorly in the ratings — very few people were watching it. We talked for a long time, both internally and with Bethenny’s producers about what to do.”
Bethenny is ranked 106th in syndicated programming and draws an average of 1.1 million viewers according to the latest Nielsen ratings. On the other hand, Judge Judy is one of the top rated syndicated shows and garners 10.3 million viewers per episode. Ouch.


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