Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kate Gosselin Gets Her Wish From TLC, A Two Hour Special This Summer

Since TLC pulled the plug on Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin, has been struggling to land a new TV series. She seems to be getting her wish over how Jon feels about his children being on TV again. Kate and her brood return to TLC for a 2-hour special on June 25th. "Will this woman ever go away?"
 Keeping with the tradition started by the name of the original show, It’s not a promise on the network’s part for more airtime, but we’re guessing this is what Kate’s hoping for, if the special does well in ratings - to exploit her children once again for her own benefit.
Formerly America’s favorite family, TLC is bringing this disgrace of a mother back to our television screens, to see how the kids are doing now that they’re older, how growing up has changed their interaction with their mother, and how Kate is coping with everything, especially now that she’s not a high-rated and high-paid reality star.
 From the first trailer, released to People magazine, we can take one thing for granted: discipline is still the word of the day in the Gosselin household. It is known by source that Kate will lay down the law in the same strict manner to humiliate her children for the world to see again, especially, Mady when she and Jon had their first got a reality show. Kate has often been subject to much debate on whether she’s not being too drastic with the kids. She is a monster (narssist) hiding behind a good attitude she wants everyone to believe she's changed, when in fact, she's still a vile woman who uses her children for fame and fortune. Kate explains in voice over that, with 8 children, discipline can’t lack or all hell breaks loose.
“A lot has changed since you last have been here. It's all still happening with or without cameras. We've all been through a lot, we've learned what's important,” she says.
“And I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out. The kids are getting older and smarter... They are giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment,” Kate continues. From a source, she explains how her biggest weapon is knowing which buttons to push with her kids: (as usual) she got them iPads and phones just so she could have something to confiscate when they’re not being obedient. "I thought Kate said she was broke, but she can afford iPads and iPhones for all eight of her children, poor mouthing to the world how she's struggling is totally pathetic." Kate has burned through the money she made as a reality star and she’s dying to get back on TV any way she possibly can, even if she use the children to get back on TV. It is also believed she tried pitching ideas to various other networks but they always turned her down. I know Kate is hoping that TLC is her only chance of ever coming back into the spotlight, this being the network that launched her (and husband Jon). Granted, she might never attain the same levels of fame and exposure, or make the same kind of money as before, but at least she will have a steady income for a time, instead of working her fingers to the bone - she said years ago after her show was cancelled.  If the 2-hour special does well in terms of ratings and reviews, and TLC sees that there’s real interest in Kate again, don’t act too surprised when they’ll announce a new reality series with her and the kids, in which I hope not. Those kids had enough being humiliated by their mother every time I look around for her benefit. "It was sickening!"


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jon Gosselin: Fired From His Waiter Job

Waiting tables just wasn’t for Jon Gosselin. Everyone seem to continuously insult the man man, because he quit his job at the Pennsylvania pub, Emily's, over a month ago. At least Jon has another job. I can say much more for Jon, than Kate. She still lives off the money her children earned from the TV show Jon and Kate Plus Eight and Kate Plus Eight. Where is here job search coming from since she's too good for mediocre? Jon did hit rock bottom last year when he started waiting and bussing tables at a the local Pennsylvania pub to make ends meet. A media source claims, “Jon was fired for blowing off shifts and coming in late, and that had no work ethic and felt he could come and go as he pleased.” If this is so, then why does Jon have a job in sales for a credit card company, while Kate is continuously sitting on her children money - no job - she's not trying to look for one - I have a problem with everyone sticking up for this woman using and exploiting her children for money and fame and fortune. There are also claims from the media source that Jon finally found a way to supplement his income though when he joined VH1‘s Couples Therapy with girlfriend Liz Janetta and even while waiting tables, the source tells the media outlets that Jon took precautions as a public figure to protect himself while he worked at Emily’s pub in Beckersville, Pennsylvania. The source even claimed that, "Jon had the restaurant sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they cannot speak negatively about him.  Another source says, which in terms, at least he has another job working and not sitting on his butt, while his ex wife, Kate sits around on her children money, waiting for another opportunity to be on Reality TV, living off their money. At least Jon has a new career (Instead of his IT job he had while filming Jon and Kate Plus Eight) Jon has a right to his endeavors and changing what he wants to do with himself and to have a career in sales if he want. And to put the icing on the cake, when he has his custody of children, he does his part in taking care of his children equally, as Kate does.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Donald Trump Has Named Kenya Moore Of RHOA As One Of The Most Evil Women He Has Met In His "Life."


I guess Rosie O’Donnell, is on the back burner for now or completely in the case of Kenya Moore. Donald Trump has found a new woman to focus his ire on.
The Donald has blasted (RHOA) Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, as,

 “the most evil woman I have ever met in my life” before firing her from the upcoming season of his show, Celebrity Apprentice. Media outlet, Mail Online
reports that The Donald was disgusted and angered by the Detroit-born ex-beauty queen’s diva-like antics during filming the past few months.
The Kenya Moore appears on the new season of the Celebrity Apprentice and apparently traded blows throughout with other contestants, including, Vivica Fox, Keshia Knight Pulliam and fellow Real Housewife, Brandi Glanville.
Although apparently she did buddy up with Kate Gosselin—yeah, that’s a bit bizarre. Those two women are "Satan's Imps", they are meant to buddy up, because they share the same qualities of evil spirited women.
However, it’s all water under the bridge now as Kenya Moore was one of the first to get canned by The Donald, in what is being lauded as “one of the most brutal firings” ever in his shows history.
“Kenya was fired and it was really one of the most brutal firings ever seen on The Apprentice,” a source tells media outlet, Mail Online.
“She stole Vivica Fox’s cell phone and posted a message on Twitter complaining about the menopause pretending it was from Viv.  And that’s not forgetting her rows with Brandi and Keisha. I said, Poor Keisha, she seemed to be the sweet one and Kenya dumped her crap on her, is evil!" I don't blame Donald Trump. He had truly had enough of Kenya by the time it was time to fire her.

“He told her ‘You’re the most evil woman I’ve ever met in my life’.”

And he's right, a tad bit more evil than Kate Gosselin. I just can't swallow Kenya's diva evilness on RHOA, I stopped looking at it for a while until I can calm down from being angered and controlled from the shock I was under, because of Kenya's evilness.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Joran Van Der Sloot To Wed Peruvian Woman To Avoid Extradition To USA

"What was this woman thinking?" I guess she never looked at or read a newspaper, or a television set, if she has one for almost 4 years to the day on May 30, since Stephany Flores' murder and 10 years to the date of Natalee Holloway's disappearance -- which she is now presumed dead.  Convicted Dutch murderer Joran Van Der Sloot is in love (I don't believe for a second)  and planning to marry a Peruvian woman in the prison where he's serving a 28-year sentence, his lawyer said  on Friday.  The couple is awaiting permission from penal authorities for a wedding within two weeks in Piedras Gordas prison, lawyer Maximo Altez told The Associated Press.
"He is in love, that is what motivates all men (to marry), he truthfully is in love," Maximo Altez said on Friday about his client Joran, who was convicted of the brutal 2010 murder of a young Lima woman, Stephany Flores, he met in a casino.

Maximo Altez's comment followed speculation in Peruvian media that Joran Van Der Sloot wants to marry  a 23-year-old Leydi Figueroa Uceda (who seem naive to the fact to this monster) to avoid possible extradition to the United States. The Joran's lawyer denied that was the case.
Joran, the  24-year-old Dutchman remains the chief suspect in the 2005 disappearance in his native Aruba of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway.  "This true to the fact! I truly believe that Natalee Holloway was put into the ocean. I truly believe this, if any one else doesn't believe Natalee is in the ocean."  Natalee Holloway was 18 years old when she vanished during a high school graduation trip to Aruba. She was last seen leaving a bar the morning of May 30, 2005 with JoranVan Der Sloot and two other men.

Natalee Holloway's body was never found and the ensuing searches for her would create intense media scrutiny and worldwide attention. A judge later declared Natalee dead.  Joran Van Der Sloot faces extortion and wire fraud charges in Alabama in connection with Natalee Holloway's unsolved disappearance, which occurred five years to the day before he killed 21-year-old Peruvian business student Stephany Flores after playing poker with her in a Lima casino.  U.S. prosecutors allege Joran Van Der Sloot accepted $25,000 in cash from Natalee Holloway's family in exchange for a promise to lead an attorney for the family to her body in early 2010 just before he went to Lima.  Maximo Altez said that Joran Van Der Sloot met Figueroa while she was selling goods inside the Peruvian prison. The young woman visited Joran constantly after that and several months ago he began taking the steps needed to wed.

The Joran's lawyer denied press reports that Leydi Figueroa Uceda bore Joran Van Der Sloot a son.
On Wednesday, Maximo Altez sought a sentence reduction to 20 years for Joran (which I hope this monster, Joran will not get a reduction of his sentence in prison for what he did to Natalee and Stephany, in which he might do to this woman if she don't grow eyes in the back of her head and not worry about his "Johnson.")  Maximo Altez said he should hear back from the Supreme Court in about 10 days.

"He wants to get married, change his life, make a new life," Maximo Altez said  "I think it's bull crap that Joran really love this Peruvian woman.  I stated this in the title of my post - I feel Joran is marrying this naive woman just to avoid extradition to the United States to face charges of wire fraud and extortion in Alabama in connection with Natalee Holloway's unsolved disappearance."  I hope Joran's sentence stays as is. 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Solange Deletes All Pictures Of Her Sister Beyonce From Her Instagram Account, But One

Solange Knowles has removed all photos, except one, with sister Beyonce after new broke of a fight with brother-in-law Jay Z after the Met Gala.   A day after video leaked showing Beyoncé's sister attacking Jay Z, the hot-headed sibling scrubbed pictures of Queen Bey (Solange called her sister) from her social media accounts.  Solange Knowles apparently deleted dozens of Beyoncé photos from her Instagram account — triggering speculation that a deep rift has developed within one of hip-hop's most exalted families.  By Tuesday afternoon, Jezebel pointed out that only one photo of Beyoncé remained — a throw-back pic showing the two sisters posing next to music video director Melina Matsoukas.
 "You forgot to delete this," one commenter wrote.
 "This is the only picture remaining of Beyoncé," posted another.
Solange hasn't spoken out since video surfaced Monday showing Solange hurling punches and kicks at Jay Z inside The Standard hotel elevator following the Met Gala after-party.  It wasn't the first time Solange blew her top — or even the first time that night.  Solange leaves the Met Gala after-party on May 5 with Beyoncé and Jay-Z following, showing little trace of the fight just moments before.  Hours before the elevator fracas, Solange was seen screaming at her designer friend, Rachel Roy during the May 5 Boom Boom Room shindig, media outlet, Us Weekly reported.
Solange's temper tantrum was so bad that Beyonce "got in the middle of it," Us Weekly reported.
 "Solange has flipped her lid like that before," a source told the media outlet, US Weekly  "She is genuinely a sweet and nice person but she also keeps s--t real. She can take a small thing and it triggers her."
 "This is not the first time this has happened," the source added. "That's why Bey and Jay were so calm. They are used to this from Solange. It has definitely happened before."
 Jay Z won props from the Twitter verse for not unleashing his wrath against Solange.  "Which is good on his part!"  He didn't raise a hand to retaliate — not even when Solange lashed out with her feet and landed several clean blows.  "Which is also good on his part!" The trio exited the Chelsea hot spot and walked together to waiting cars, with Solange in front of the couple. She climbed into the first car while Jay Z hesitated. Beyoncé jumped in with her sister while Jay entered the other vehicle.
"I'm glad nothing more came of what Solange did in the elevator to Jay Z and I'm so glad he didn't lash back -- even though...

Kylie Jenner: Just LIke The Kardashian Clan, Trying To Get Attention In All The Wrong Ways

Kylie Jenner's looking for attention, just like the rest of the Kardashian clan, she's doing a pretty good job in getting it and in all the wrong ways. After her  pals Willow Smith and Moises Arias caused an Internet explosion when a photo surfaced of them in bed together (with 20-year-old Moises shirtless), Kylie and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jaden Smith posted a similar photo in bed with Kylie. "How disgusting to hear this from a bunch of teens still wet behind the ears about the consequences and the repercussions of what could happen when a photo in racy photo is posted on the Internet."
Kylie, the 16-year-old PacSun model has shared a new racy solo shot on Instagram. Posing in front of her half-sister Kim Kardashian's new flower wall, which she was gifted for Mother's Day from fiance Kanye West, (which is totally nasty to the fact, but she can't help how she is with the family history she has) Kylie also Jenner posed on Instagram in booty shorts lifting up her crop top to show off her abs. 
"don't mean to make you feel how I was feeling," she captioned the sultry pic. 
This picture comes a few days after Kris Jenner's youngest daughter was taped tattooing her initials on the hand of Lionel Richie's son Miles Richie. "What a family!"  This is the kind of mess that passes onto the children.  The Kardashian reputation is one and a million!
Media outlet, TMZ had recently shared the video of Kylie Jenner's art project, which took place in a recording studio in Hollywood on Friday, May 9. Miles Richie, 19, was getting tattooed by John Petro.  "Just like I said, the Kardashians reputation is one and a million with a generation following in the same trait.


Jodi Arias Will Be Sentenced In September

Jodi Arias, the 33-year-old former waitress was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2013 for the 2008 killing of her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander  in Arizona, but jurors couldn't reach a decision on a sentence.  Under Arizona law, while her murder conviction stands, prosecutors have the option of putting on a second penalty phase with a new jury in an effort to secure a death sentence. "My thoughts, Jodi Arias should get life in prison without the possible chance for parole, that is the suffering she deserves for killing Travis Alexander the way she did."  If the second panel fails to reach a unanimous decision, the death penalty will be removed from consideration. "I hope not, really!" 

The judge then would sentence Jodi Arias to spend her entire life behind bars or to be eligible for release after 25 years. Which I hope will not happen for this monster, Jodi Arias.  Jodi admitted that she killed her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008 at his suburban Phoenix home,  but claimed it was self-defense. "How can it be self defense for Jodi, when Travis was being butchered to death and shot in an over kill by Jodi's hand?"  This jury will need to open their eyes to this monster, Jodi Arias.  Just because they probably thinks she pretty, she is definitely manipulative. 

I hope they don't take this case in September too lightly!  Travis Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, had his throat slit and was shot in the forehead. Prosecutors argued it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage when Alexander wanted to end their affair and that he wanted to go on a trip to Mexico with his new girlfriend, Jodi decided to take matters into her own hands and take out Travis in an overkill, now that is the truth.  "Open your eyes new jurors, this woman is a total maniac and she will not stop at nothing to get her point across and use beauty and the water works (crying) to get attention  Jodi will be back in court on Friday for a hearing.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kate Gosselin: Claims She Has TV Gigs Lined Up-- Really?

I think Kate Gosselin is trying to find a way to keep a steady stream of TV gigs lined up so she can support her children. "At this point, what TV gigs is Kate trying to get?" How Kate getting a mediocre job, like she mocked people who are mediocre 5 years ago. Media outlet, Radar Online is exclusively reporting.
Kate’s ex, Jon, has previously expressed his “disgust” at having their eight children back on TV saying, “I think she wants a show on TV again — I consider that exploitation,” but as Radar has reported, claims that Jon gave up his rights to have a say in their TV appearances in exchange for not having to pay his child support.
So Kate's source think she on with the ball in Kate’s corner, thinking The Gosselin family could end up back on the "Silver Screen", did everyone see what I said, the Silver Screen?". Kate is not worthy of the Silver Screen, she's not a real celebrity, she has no talent to be a real celebrity. Kate isn't good enough for the the small screen. She messed that up with her diva attitude. Now that everyone know that Kate has been "fired" from her Celebrity Apprentice gig with Donald Trump is over.

No one can reveal whether the Gosselin children will be on television again (I hope not, they've had enough damage done to them) I can exclusively confirm that Kate will try to scam her way back onto everyone TV screens any way she can.
“Kate will constantly find ways to support her family and the entertainment industry is just the easiest thing for her,” her close pal of the told Radar.

“She’s going to be on TV again.”

Kate joined Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore, Ian Ziering and others for this season’s Celebrity Apprentice but even micromanaging a household with eight children couldn’t help her make it to the finale in the show.
“TV is what Kate likes to do and it’s what pays her bills, so she’ll continue with it as long as she can,” her pal revealed. "She makes for good TV because people either love her, or love to hate her.” Kate's pal fell and bumped her head years ago! Don't she realize, Kate is using her too? "I don't think her pal even notice the difference of being used and used unconditionally."


Kate Gosselin Abandons Kids for 'Celebrity Apprentice,' And Plastic Surgery Paid with Twins Money

Some new disturbing reports suggest that Jon and Kate Gosselin, who are both broke, but, there are claims that both parents have chosen to abandon their children, while Kate appears on Celebrity Apprentice. "Kate will abandon her children for fame and fortune, this is Kate, most of world knows this!". But that's not even the worst part of the allegations, as leading gossip sites claim that Kate has had multiple plastic surgery procedures (Which is true) that were all financed with money from her children's accounts (Which is also true, because she has access to her children's trust funds that TLC Network set up for all Gosselin 8 futures. Everyone can be judges on this one, because it happened that Kate doesn't want to admit to the world.
I'm not  nominating either Jon or Kate Gosselin for parent of the year. And that's for a very good reason. According to one source who wants to make Kate look like an "Angel" to the world -- since she never do anything wrong or accept the blame for anything -- spoke with media outlet Radar Online, on the rare occasion that Kate is actually honest about her filming schedule, but claims, Jon still doesn't want to see all of those "annoying" kids:  FYI, Jon loves his children very much, I don't care what anyone says or thinks at this point.  Jon has his interest at heart for his children.  He gives more love to his children than Kate will ever give, because of her love for exploiting them and for fame and fortune to benefit her needs to stay relevant in the spotlight.  Here are some claims from Kate's source, throwing Jon under the bus once again and leaving out the truth about Jon.  Kate's source claims, Jon drops his children off at the house, which is a lie!  We've all seen where Jon wait at the gate until the nanny comes, because, he's not allowed through the gate, that's Kate's doing, which is sad! "When Jon is done with his custody, he waits at the gate for the nan, then the nanny takes the children to the front door and into the house which, "Jon is not allowed to set foot through the front door, nor her immediate family, she wants everyone think she spend time with." Kate is too nasty to let Jon come through the front gate -- up to the front door to put his children off!  "Kate is the problem in this situation!"   Jon usually doesn't know if Kate is around or not, and he doesn't know her shooting the time, because, it seems to me she's been fired from "Celebrity Apprentice."  Kate really keeps Jon in the dark about a whole lot of things, which is bad on her part and that's not good on for the children in every way.  But it's safe to say Kate was not with them the week when she was shooting "Celebrity Apprentice", because, Jon was at the time.   Kate source also claims that Kate actually asked Jon to help out more with the kids while she does Celebrity Apprentice, but claim he refused. (Lets us not forget, Kate sued Jon in a multi-Million dollar lawsuit, not only claiming Jon hacked their marital computer at the time and Robert Hoffman for writing -- what everyone called -- a scathing book about:  Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.  Let's not forget all of the files, which Jon backed up on discs for Kate once they divorced, and other computer information, including her private journals, and all of Jon's stuff thrown in the trash by Kate -- herself from the garage apartment (in rage over Jon -- for because he quit TLC, broke his contract and their cash flow and the attention they were getting was mainly the reason for her extreme anger for Jon) where he was staying after he moved out.  Kate knows this is the reason she dropped the lawsuit, because she would have purged  herself in court and she would been caught in a series of lies when questioned.  She also knew this!  There is another claim Kate put in the lawsuit "She wanted to keep her kids safe from their own father." She said on the: Today show, Good Morning America, and Bethanny Show.) Kate source or Kate herself says he only wanted to take them his usual one day a week. That is his custody arrangement -- they agreed -- yes, but -- come on!  Kate's source or Kate herself could be reporting all this drama to Radar, who knows, only to keep her smelling like a "Rose" and Jon smelling like a "Fish" this is how Jon is being portrait as in the media.  She wants everyone to think, Jon doesn't want anything to do with his children.  That's a lie!  Jon will take his children "anytime", if Kate will turn them loose to him and stop keeping the children from their father. 
"It is also reported that Kate has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, in order to recapture her long-gone youth. According to a "plastic surgeon" who spoke with media outlet, Radar Online, Kate had major work done.  
"Judging by low brows and less lines between the brows, Botox is very likely...The makeup makes it a bit challenging to say accurately, but a skin tightening light pulse or serial lasers, chemical peels as well as a neck lift are all possibilities to explain the tighter jawline. Fillers or fat transfer also are likely making her overall cheeks and face softer as well."
Who financed the surgeries, media tabloid, Star magazine is claiming that Kate took the money from her children trust funds and paid outrageous sums:
"Kate failed to mention that she paid for an apparent face-lift (about $35,000); breast implants ($15,000); and expensive hair appointments (she dropped $2,000 on one recent visit, says the insider.


Monday, April 21, 2014

George Zimmerman Sells Trayvon Martin With His Father Painting On EBay For $30,000

George Zimmerman is now constantly being seen in headlines and now he has become an artist, mocking Trayvon Martin. Though controversy continues to surround his name, he has once made his way into the limelight, by profiting off of Trayvon's death once again, is totally pathetic. "He thinks it funny and it's alright to profit off Trayvon and making a fool of himself doing it." George Zimmerman is truly mocking the death of Trayvon Martin and he will have no good luck doing what he's doing. Justice will finally prevail for Trayvon. George Zimmerman needs to keep living, his dirty dealings and mocking Trayvon Martin's death will soon catch up to him.
George Zimmerman, who was tried and acquitted of the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, decided it was a good idea to paint a portrait of the teen. Many would say that “Justice For All” is exactly what Trayvon Martin did NOT receive.
George Zimmerman was able to obtain a $30,000 bid for the painting at online auctioning via EBAY. The individual  who purchased the painting released a public statement to the media which read: “George Zimmerman is now a part of history and I wanted to grab my piece of history.. Being a very talented artist and a obfuscated, but a humbled man. I stand by him 100% and hope that I can purchase another one of his masterpiece’s in the future.” whoever this pathetic bidder is who obtained the painting of Trayvon and his father for $30,000, is just as bad as Zimmerman.
The $30,000 is still a longs ways from the 100K he received for his first painting. That painting was also the subject to Criticism , as it made a mockery of the prosecutor in his murder trial.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scandalous Kate Gosselin Planning Wedding To Her Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild

"How scandalous and desperate can a person be - to want someone else's husband so bad for another reality show and 5 minutes of wasting more air time, by planning a wedding to marry another woman's husband - is beyond me -- who does this? "Kate Gosselin, that's who!" How dirty can a person be? There has been another update in the feud between Kate Gosselin, and her ex husband, Jon Gosselin - which originated from a bitter custody war of the Gosselin children. There are rumors that suggests that Kate Gosselin is begging for a wedding to her married bodyguard, amid rumors that he is cheating on his wife with Kate. "This some Kate will do to cover her tracks as she play house and doctor with Gina Downie Neild husband, Steve Neild.

"I wonder, if this rumor -- this scandalous rumor is so?"

If media outlet, Celebrity Dirty Laundry is right, Kate Gosselin may fool another man into marrying her (not for love of course) but, for the media attention - fame and fortune - and to cover her dirty deeds - knowingly, that she has committed herself in a scandalous affair with her boyfriend aka married bodyguard, according to a recent article on the gossip website, Kate is trying to convince her married bodyguard-turned-alleged-lover, Steve Neild, to leave his wife, Gina Downie. "More and more - Kate Gosselin is becoming increasingly narcissistic by her own stupidity. She tends to
forget that Steve is married and committed to someone else, since that didn't stop her from starting an affair with him. Now, the sources claim that Kate's trying to convince Steve to dump his wife, Gina and marry her, while she plans for that marriage to put her back in the spotlight. In fact, she's apparently looking for another Jon and Kate Plus 8 type show, except this time with Steve and her slightly more grown-up children." Kate Gosselin is totally off of her rockers or what she has left of mind! "Who would want to subject themselves to another reality show, staring Kate Gosselin and someone else's husband?"
That's not the only thing they've been saying about poor mouth, Kate. Media outlet, Radar Online has made some startling new claims of their own, following her increased filming schedule on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, one insider claims that Kate won't even reveal her schedule to Jon (and that's dirtier than dirt - to leave the father of her 8 out of her scandalous schedule) Kate decided to hire extra nannies to deal with her children, along with pesky mothering duties she can't be bothered with - including her children. "I find that Kate wants her cake and eat it too!" She has taken a big bite out creating scandals like this one in order to stay relevant for another 5 minutes of wasting every ones time with her increasingly, tiresome antics. Nothing good will come out of what Kate is doing! She will be a total fool (that she is in fact) to go along with this disgusting and pathetic plan of hers. "Wow -- I feel sorry for the Gosselin children! They are caught in the middle of a filthy scandal like this!" Extreme therapy, the Gosselin children will need and with the money its going to cost, practically coming out of their trust funds -- that's a big if - they still have one! "What a disgrace to the Gosselin children."


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kate Gosselin Abandons The Twins Because Of Her Embarrassing Cheating With Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild Scandal

"Totally scandalous!" This the reason why I report scandals like this. Kate Gosselin seems to be getting more media than a lot of the reality stars on this blog. "She just want quit making a complete fool of herself!" With all the scandal surrounding her cheating with Gina Downie Neild's husband, rumors are flying that Celebrity Apprentice star Kate Gosselin has abandoned her twins following embarrassing allegations that she is in fact, cheating with her married bodyguard, Steve Neild. This mess has only heightened her custody feud with ex-husband Jon Gosselin. "In which I'm glad!" Terrifying and new reports suggests that Jon and Kate Gosselin are continuing their trend of being the worst parents. "I don't think Jon is a bad parents since he's the one got coffee for Kate and bath the children, things like that and go to work on top of that, while Kate sat around for two years plus without a job, besides her children. Following an increased filming schedule on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, nannies had to be hired to manage their large family. "And they didn't have to be, Jon would of taken his children, but Kate is too cold hearted donor to let Jon in on her schedule about the children and people will continue to turn a "blind eye" to Kate's dirty deeds too. Kate won't even reveal her schedule to Jon:
"Jon has the kids for a few days a week. Purposely, Kate changes the custody schedule all the time, in which it in fact, interferes with Jon's time to get his children. According to when Jon gets his children, its always depending on Kate's schedule. Jon drops them off at the house, and the nanny takes them at the front door (since Kate want let Jon into the gate to bring his children to the front door of the house that he and she bought. Jon usually doesn't know if Kate is around or not, and he doesn't know her shooting schedule. She really keeps Jon in the dark about a lot of things. But it's safe to say Kate was not with them last week, because Jon is."
That's not the only rumors surrounding Kate Gosselin. Now it appears that she was caught spending the night with her retired bodyguard, as a source from a tabloid magazine explains:
"While they've never admitted to anything but a professional relationship, a new report claims Kate Gosselin has been sharing a hotel room with her married bodyguard Steve Neild. According to In Touch Weekly, the 39-year-old mother of eight has been staying in the same suite as her paid security at the Trump International Hotel while she films Celebrity Apprentice in New York City."
Kate isn't fooling me or anyone else in this world with good since to know that she cheating with Steve, remember, Gina's husband. "In the same hotel room together!" Come on everyone, don't be fooled any more by this woman. Robert Hoffman is beginning to wear a halo with the mess Kate is causing another woman hurt and heart ache.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kate Gosselin: Stealing Gina Downie Husband, Steve Neild Away From Her

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KATE Gosselin is once again the "home breaker" and she's raising eyebrows with her close relationship with her 8 children former bodyguard, Steve Neild. Kate recently named Steve Neild as her new busi­ness manager — and sources wonder if the increasingly cozy relationship between the two is troubling Steve’s wife, Gina Downie, according to a tabloid source - the National Enquirer.
“Gina recently posted a happy Facebook photo show­ing her and Steve and their children,” said an insider. “But Kate seems to be on the upper hand of Steve, a mistress and she’s thrown caution to the wind. Kate and Steve have been spotted holding hands in public, and he’s even staying at her hotel.” Steve is registered at the Trump International Hotel in Man­hattan, NYC here Kate, is filming Celebrity Apprentice.
The source claims that when Steve’s room was called on March 30, Kate answered the phone.

“They are most definitely a couple and NOT trying to hide it,” said a source. “Gina has got to be wondering just what’s going on. She was hoping that after Kate Plus 8 ended, Steve would finally be done with Kate, but she kept him on to be her man along with as Kate calls Steve her business manager is practically BS. It must be a never-ending nightmare to Gina, knowingly that Kate, possibly sleeping with her husband, Steve. "I'm not stupid!" The two in a hotel room together, come on!

“Steve's been functioning as Kate's de facto ‘husband,’ and he’s like a second father to the kids,” said a source. In fact, he was so busy with Kate, he rarely even saw Gina, who lives three hours away in Maryland. "If anyone can't see that Kate Gosselin is stealing Steve away from his wife, Gina Downie and I know in my heart Gina's not stupid! Gina certainly has to be re-evaluating just how strong their marriage is,” the insider noted. “It’s as if she’s found herself in a ‘love triangle’ that she wants no part of.” And Kate was complaining about her husband in affairs and she's stealing some elses husband is much worse. "I'm done with this!"


(RHONJ) Newbies Causes New Drama, Cat Fights, Bitter Grudges Without Teresa Giudice

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Teresa Giudice may not be part of next seasons, (RHONJ) but, the fireworks on (RHONJ) The Real Housewives of New Jersey, there are several new contenders to take her place at the flip table. The new cast members: Teresa Napolitano and Amber Marchese, along with Victoria Gotti, more than delivered on drama while filming the upcoming season.
“Teresa Giudice was filming with Victoria Gotti housewives again." Teresa Napolitano and Amber Marchese were the main topics of conversation. “They filmed talking about the new housewives’ husbands and what they’ve done in the past and all that kind of stuff,” the source revealed. “Some gossip is going to come out about Teresa's husband and Victoria Gotti is the one who spread the rumors.”

The rumor mill started churning and the whole situation escalated into a cat fight that was captured by the cameras.

“There was supposedly a big fight about it,” the source said. “And the fight was filmed.”
But the drama with the newbies didn't end there: Amber also had a bit of a situation with RHONJ vet Melissa Gorga. “Amber had cancer, and there’s some arguing going on,” the source said, over allegations that “Melissa didn’t call her when she had cancer. " I try to understand the meaning of reality TV, but I think the meaning is quite clear when its caught on camera.


Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Blood Bar Fight Past

Dynasty star Phil Robertson is a God-fearing — if homophobic — family patriarch and reality star. But before he found Jesus, he was a hard-partying bar owner who left two people bloodied in a bar fight! His wife Miss Kay opens up for the first time about the legendary brawl in her new book The Women of Duck Commander, media outlet, Radar Online has all of the shocking details. "I could imagine all the details!" Here is what Mrs. Kay had to say:

Phil “was cold and harsh during those days,” Miss Kay remembers of the early 1970s. “He was mean and threatening to me, and I was terrified of what would happen to my boys and me."

After his drinking forced him to leave his position as a schoolteacher, he leased  bar, and just over a year into his tenancy, the owners of the building decided to check in — and things got ugly.

“The landlords showed up one day and cussed out Phil,” Mrs. Kay writes, “saying they did not like the way he was running the place and were raising his rent. They were rough people…”
“Those people were not smart,” she continues. “They had no idea that trying to push Phil Robertson around and cuss him out would lead to disaster. He got so angry with them that he beat them up — both of them.”
She recalls, “By the time I got to the bar to try to figure out what was happening, all I saw were people being loaded into an ambulance.”

Phil, slipped out a back door,” Mrs. Kay writes. “I knew he would be in trouble with the law and the only way to avoid that would be for him to hide out in the woods." He left no word where he’d be staying, and his wife was forced to clean up his mess on her own. But it wasn’t over yet. When Phil’s victims got out of the hospital, “they put up a barricade around my trailer,” Mrs. Kay claims. “The boys and I were trapped! I couldn’t move the trailer and I couldn’t leave.”

Eventually, “They offered to drop the charges against Phil if I would pay them a certain amount of money. It was extortion, but I paid them because it was the only way I knew to clear Phil’s name and get the boys and myself away from them. I gave them almost all the money we had except a little bit that was in a lock box, and they gave me the trailer.” Not long after, she reunited with Phil, and not long after that, he found God, beginning his path to the man he is today.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

(RHOC) Tamra Barney Moves Her 15 Year Old Daughter, Sidney Out Of Her House For Treating Her Like Crap

(RHOC) Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney, moved her daughter, Sidney, out of her house last October for treating her like s**t and leaked explosive text message conversation exclusively obtained by media outlet, Radar Online clear the two are not getting along. Sidney moved in with her father last year, Tamra’s ex, Simon Barney, and was bombarded with a barrage of text messages from her mother in which the reality TV star tells her,

“You treat me like s**t” and asks, “What have I done to you that you hate your own mother?”

The text messages were submitted as part of Simon’s declaration filed on March 28, requesting modification to the child custody agreement with Tamra.

“I walk on egg shell around you and don’t know what to say or do cuz you act like you don’t like me,” Tamra texts to her daughter in the February messages.. You don't try!!!
And I’m starting to not care anymore!!! I gave you life and went through a horrible life change (divorce) and all you care about is yourself. My pain has been deep for years and trying to make sure you kids are okay on top of that is not easy. If you don’t like me for trying my best and you want to judge me …than have at it!!! I will always love you and when you figure out that you need your mother you know where to find me.”

Sidney writes back, “Wait so what you’re saying is you don’t think us kids went through a hard time in the divorce?” And in another writes, “Well, your acting like  your going through a such hard time and we have the easy life.”
“I had to pick myself up and make sure you guys got through it okay. You don’t understand now. But you will when your older. How do you think I feel? I walk around with guilt every day knowing I broke up our family. You just want to judge me,” Tamra responded.
“I don’t. I am worried about the kids,” Sidney says of her younger siblings, Spencer, 13, and Sophia, 8. “You seem fine. Your the one acting selfish.”

But when Sidney tells her mother she doesn’t feel like she’s heard, Tamra gets defensive.
“Whatever! That BS. You don’t even talk to me. You just judge me. You think your so perfect,” Tamra writes to her daughter. “I can’t make you want to try. But what I can tell you is eery girl needs their mother in their life.”
“I’m talking. I’m communicating right now abut you don’t hear me,” Sidney reiterates. “I can’t talk to you cuz I can’t trust you… Cuz u break promises.”

The heartbreaking text messages soon take a turn for the worse when Sidney tells her mother she’s going to sleep.
“Btw. Stop being a victim and start being a survivor. Tons of families go through this and it’s how you pull through it that counts. Stop blaming me, I’m a good mother and treat my kids well. You think you have it rough and you don’t,” Tamra writes.
“Try living on the streets or with parents that are drug addicts or having no food.”

Sidney responds, “I never said I have it rough. Or that you were a bad mother. I’m not the victim you have been acting like the victim this whole time.”
“That’s so not true. I’m a victim. That is laughable. You treat me like s**t. My parents would have smacked the s**t out of me if I acted like that,” Tamra writes.
“All I know is Spencer and Sophia are so much closer to me now that your gone. Maybe it’s not all me?”

“Can we talk about this in the counselor office,” Sidney asks. “We’re getting nowhere. I don’t want to argue anymore. I’m sorry for being disrespectful but I can’t get through to you. Good Night.”
“Get through to me, what a joke!!! Whatever. So what’s the plan. Your just never going to talk to me again?” Tamra asks.
“Answer me. I tried calling. You need to answer me. I’ve been very nice for months now. I have legal rights as your mother and I really don’t want to go that route. But if you refuse to communicate, you leave me no choice! For the life of me I can not understand why you are SO disrespectful to your own mother. Can you please answer me.”

Tamra continues through numerous text messages with no response from Sidney saying, “My heart is broken and I’m crying right now. What have I done to you that you hate your own mother? I am  not perfect and have not always made the right decisions. But I”ve never wanted to hurt you. I have no more words for you. I wish you well.”
"I'm glad Sidney was thrown out of Tamra's house, because if her daughter can't abide by her rules, then Sidney don't need to live there."


Friend Of The Duggar Family, Douglas Phillips, Vision Forum Minstries Sued By A Teenager For Sexual Assult And Battery

Douglas Phillips, father of eight resigned after he was caught in an affair with a young woman. Douglas Phillips — a close of the Duggar family and actor Kirk Cameron — is at the center of a disturbing lawsuit in which a teenage girl, Lourdes Torres claims the one-time leader of Vision Forum Ministries was groomed as a ‘personal sex slave’ since the age of 15, leading her to believe they would be married. Media outlet, Radar Online has the court filing.  Teenager, Lourdes Torres Files Lawsuit Against Church Organization Leader & Duggar Family Friend Claims Sexual Assault & Battery.  The Quiverfull movement is followed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and the family has attributed their 19 children to a Quiverfull family’s continuing trust in God’s control of the womb.

In a civil lawsuit filed by the teenager, Lourdes Torres-Manteufel on April 15, 2014, against Douglas Phillips, the young woman claims nine counts of injury; including assault, battery, sexual battery, inflicting emotional distress and fraud. Lourdes Torres also named Vision Forum for negligent supervision and retention, claiming they were aware of the alleged abuse and turned a blind eye for their leader.

“This suit arises from inappropriate, unwanted, and immoral sexual acts committed by Douglas Phillips against Lourdes Torres,” the lawsuit states, noting they all occurred in Bexar County, Texas.  Among the disturbing accusations:

“As described herein, Douglas Phillips used Ms. Torres — against her wishes and over her objections — as a personal sex object. Douglas Phillips repeatedly groped, rubbed, and touched Lourdes crotch, breasts, and other areas of her body; rubbed his penis on her; masturbated on her; forced her to watch him masturbate on her; and ejaculated upon her. This perverse and offensive conduct repeatedly took place over the course of several years.”

Throughout the 30-page complaint are specific incidents with dates in which Torres claims Douglas Phillips assaulted her.
“In July 2007 Douglas Phillips invited the teen, Lourdes Torres to ‘help’ him on one of his events. That night when standing next to Ms. Torres, Douglas Phillips put his hand under her hair around the back of her neck and massaged her neck,” the document states.
“Another time Douglas Phillips sat next to her while she watched a movie with his children. While watching the movie, Phillips reached out and massaged her leg.”

Eventually, Lourdes moved in with Douglas Phillips and his family, acting as a sort of nanny — but she claims it wasn’t long before he began to enter her bedroom without her permission to touch “her breasts, stomach, back, neck, and waist.”
The civil suit continues, “As a result of the manipulation of this movement, Ms. Torres’s thinking was altered. As described herein, Douglas Phillips — standing in a position of influence and prominence within patriarchy — methodically groomed Lourdes that she would eventually participate in illicit sexual rendezvous with him promising that she could one day marry him.”  In 2013 Torres, along with her parents, approached elders at Boerne Christian Fellowship Church — a church led by Phillips — to inform them of the leader’s inappropriate behavior.

Months later Torres allegedly received a “threatening” email from Phillips’ wife, Beall, that read as follows:
During the last ten weeks, and ultimately for the last nine months, you have been lighting bombs all across the country. Right now, you may have a perception of peace, but what you don’t know is that these bombs are about to explode in a manner that will change all of our lives forever. It will affect your life, your marriage prospects … your parents … and thousands of other people. It is far worse than you imagine.
The VFM board has encouraged me to let you know about these and to work with you to give you an opportunity to stop impending destruction.

Recently, the Duggars have been associated with several religious organizations that have come under fire for various scandals.
The Duggar family belongs to the Basic Life Principals, a ministry founded by Bill Gothard, who just resigned after more than 35 young women and teenagers came forward alleging sexual harassment.
Lourdes is requesting a jury trial and is seeking more than $1 million in damages against Douglas Phillips.

Kate Gosselin And Kenya Moore: Hated By The Entire Cast Of Celebrity Apprentice


When you put one celebrity and another has been "want to be" celebrity who are two super strong b**chy women together, either they are going to butt heads immediately or become new best friends and on the set of Celebrity Apprentice (I don't think so with this one. I think Kenya will end up butting heads with Kate Gosselin, because, she is the super -- super b**chest) and it seems that Kenya Moore and Kate Gosselin totally understand each other. "I wouldn't doubt it!" Both are genuinely disliked (Here's where I agree totally by the masses of fans that have also made them a household name and it seems that the two have decided they are better off working together. "They are better off working together, but I think Kenya is a celebrity, and Kate isn't!" According to the April 21st print edition of media outlet, Star magazine Kenya and Kate have become each others’ biggest cheerleaders (I can't imagine, it's like they are in the league of their own) and neither one seems to care about befriending anyone else in the cast. "That's because no one wants to be around them or either talk to them. Kate wants to be important by bringing along her boyfriend aka bodyguard aka pretend to be road manager, and I don't it's fair to other contestants that she have a helper, since she can't do anything on her own. Kenya, she just truly strong woman, she can do anything on her own) Instead they are like middle school girls, backstabbing and ripping apart everyone else which is pretty foolish because ultimately they need their whole teams support to do well here. Another reason why Kenya isn’t making any friends is because she refuses to work with the show’s stylists. "That's bad on Kenya's part." Instead she has brought in her own team of people to do her hair and make up each day and they have totally taken over the space that is needed to make everyone look great. "Whatever 'The Donald' but in place for stylist, that is the way it should be, its his show for GOD sake." No wonder Kenya and Kate are widely disliked, "I feel in my heart being disliked on the set of Celebrity Apprentice will ultimately help them on Celebrity Apprentice? "The Donald's show need that drama and the way it looks, his show is surely getting the drama from Kenya and Kate. I mean neither one is going to buckle under pressure in making certain decisions ,because they are both used to holding their ground when everyone else seems to be against them, right? Also, how long before these two really clash and the claws come out? "Which I know it will between the two - one of them a has been and a 'want to be' celebrity (Kate), there is no telling when that will happen." Editor’s Note of Celebrity Apprentice said, "Let’s not forget another lovely trait the two fame whores share – stealing other peoples’ husbands! "That's one vote up for me!" There’s the entire Kenya and Apollo drama on (RHOA)Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Kate and her married bodyguard, Steve Neild, remember, Gina Downie Neild's husband, are living together in NYC while Celebrity Apprentice is being filmed. "That's bad on Kate's part and she's always making her ex husband, Jon look bad and throwing under the bus in the media, so everyone will hate him and speak against him, while she did some cheating on her own (with the children body guard, Steve Neild, Gina Downie Neild's husband, I might add some more) while she was still married to Jon back in 2009!" And I still say, almost everyone in the world want to turn a "Blind Eye" to Kate Gosselin and her dirty doings and blaming everyone but herself for her actions and the reason why she doesn't have her reality show any more. "It's always two sides to a story!" Don't ever blame one, because everyone needs to blame the other in their actions too!" Jon get the brunt of everything, because almost everyone thinks he's a "Douche-bag, a wuss, and the practical way I could this, is because , Jon's Asian. I will use the race-card as part of the hate against Jon too. 'If you don't like it!' -- it's the reality of Jon and many minorities like him."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diamond Dallas Launches A Campaign To Have Show Nancy Grace Axed

Diamond Dallas Page has launched a campaign Page about the death of The Ultimate Warrior. He and Nancy Grace got into a confrontation - live in which the outspoken HLN host, Nancy Grace brought up the issue of steroid use in the sport.

“If he was in such great shape, why was he found dead?” Grace asked Page, who was born Page Joseph Falkinburg.

“The last thing I am is a doctor, Nancy,” Page answered. "I understand that his friend, the Ultimate Warrior is dead, and I feel for Diamond, but it seemed he gave Nancy Grace a smart remark." I don't if its because he's upset about the death of the Ultimate Warrior, or it could be something else, but Diamond could given Nancy a better answer -- without being a smart behind about it. "She just asked him a simple question." She wasn't prosecuting him!

“He’s admitted that he used steroids,” Nancy Grace pressed.

“Yeah, back in the day, we all used them back in the day,” Page said. And then Nancy came back and said.

“Whooooa, Now we didn’t all — I never used a steroid. I wouldn’t know a steroid if it bit me in the neck!”, Nancy response to Diamond Page. "Whooooa, now Nancy shouldn't went there! I think I see why Diamond Page exploded at Nancy. She provoked him when she said 'not all of us' use steroids." Now I see -- Diamond meant "Wrestlers of other sports men" Nancy added to Diamond's anger. Diamond Page verbally attacked Nancy Grace over the segment which, media outlet, Radar Online participated in. The media outlet, Radar Online claimed he was “ambushed.”

“I was asked to go on her show and talk about Warrior the man. I was even given bullet points from her producers about the topics we would discuss. After seeing the topics which were pretty basic,” DDP said.  “I felt it would be great to go on and discuss the legend he was and how I got to know him.”

However, according to Diamond Page, it was clear that Nancy Grace, only wanted to talk about steroid use in wrestling — not surprising from the prosecutor turned journalist, given the unexplained nature of his death.  “With that being said, I wanted to share a story that when Warrior came back to wrestling back in the WCW days he sat myself and Bill Goldberg down and said he was watching all the fun we were having and wanted to be a part of it again.

“To hear him tell me that was the coolest thing. The Ultimate Warrior returning to wrestling because he was watching our stuff? How awesome is that!

“Fast Forward 18 years later to this past weeks WWE Hall of Fame speech. I mean The guy gave my DDP YOGA a shout out like four times during his speech simply because he was happy it was helping people and obviously he didn’t have to do that. It just goes to show the man he was.

“What hurts is the fact that I couldn’t say thank you to him for it. I went looking for him but couldn’t find him. I wanted to call him but never got the chance.”
“That’s the warrior that I wanted to discuss on her show. However, it’s clear I was ambushed.”

In the wake of the confrontation, there’s now a related petition on to CNN — parent network of HLN — calling for Grace’s job.  “Everyone has been asking me what would I say to Nancy Grace now after she had me on,” said Page.  “The answer is easy. I don’t need to say a word. Look on all the social media sites, the fans are saying it all!!  I will not change who I am because of the way others act. Its just not me. However lesson learned.”

Media Outlet, Radar Online previously reported, The Ultimate Warrior died tragically Tuesday afternoon while leaving an Arizona hotel. "RIP Ultimate Warrior!" You will be missed.


Kandi Burruss: Horrified By Fantasia's Foul Mouthed Speech Puts A Damper On Her Wedding And Friendship

(RHOA) Kandi Burruss was extremely horrified when Fantasia Barrino gave an expletive-laced speech at the nuptials — leaving a rift between the once good friends. According to a new report from the news magazine The National Enquirer, Kandi Burruss April 4, ceremony was turned into a complete nightmare when guests were left shocked by Fantasia’s foul mouth, leaving a fellow bridesmaid to rip the microphone right from her hands.  "Fantasia, as a high school drop out -- didn't understand what she was doing, that's why she didn't close her stupid mouth." I would befriend Fantasia had she cussed at my nuptials.

“Kandi was horrified!” an eyewitness told the magazine.

“She and Fantasia are close, but this may ruin their friendship.”  If it hasn't already!
The wedding was a blow-out event, with two live lions greeting guests as they arrived and Kandi Burruss’ father, a minister, performing the ceremony.  But Fantasia’s speech put a damper on the classy event, attended by Burruss’ fellow RHOA co-stars Porsha Stewart, Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey, along with celebrities Keshia Knight Pulliam and Sherri Shephard, who were all left with jaws dropped by her vulgar toast.

“Fantasia started by saying, ‘Kandi, you are my m*therf**kin’ friend and I love you,’” the source told the Enquirer.  "Then she called her suppose friend, Kandi the ‘realest b*tch I know’ and rambled on about her big butt. Todd was furious, and the other bridesmaids got Fantasia to sit down. Thank goodness!”  To get all the details on Kandi Burruss’ wedding nightmare, check out the latest issue of National Enquirer, on newsstands everywhere Thursday.

"I always thought Fantasia was an ignorant woman with a beautiful voice."  She made herself look like a complete jacka** and ruined a friend perfect day.  Shame on her -- now I can get a bar of soap to scrub her nasty big fat mouth.


(RHONY) Real Housewives Or New York: Ramona Singer Worse Nightmare Her Husband Mario Is Having An Affair With A Mistress

Ramona Singer and Mario Singer filed for divorce back in January.  There were claims that Mario was still carrying on an alleged affair with 32-year-old fitness professional Kasey Dexter.  While Mario has moved back into the family home, media outlet, In Touch reports he’s still gaga over Kasey Dexter — and even set up a secret rendezvous with his mistress.

“He hasn’t been careful about the affair,” the insider told the magazine, who obtained a number of passionate text messages sent by Mario. “Baby, U look so hot. I want u. Be a good girl. Xoxo,” Mario texted Dexter, according to the magazine.

Mario Singer reportedly reunited with Kasey in Boca Raton, Fla., while Ramona was away on a ski vacation with pals in Aspen, Colorado and the pair continued to sneak around when they returned to New York.

“Mario and Kasey checked into The Bentley Hotel, and then went for a romantic dinner together,” the insider claimed.  The Mario-Dexter relationship took a turn for the scary earlier this year, when Ramona caught her husband fooling around with the toned trainer at the family’s Hampton's home, leading to an incident that saw police being called and later, divorce papers being drawn up.  Since filing for divorce, Ramona has taken back her hubby, tweeting a photo of the smiling couple with the caption: “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger.”

"Here is my opinion -- Mario Singer does not deserve Ramona."  He wants his cake and eat it too.  Mario can't have it both ways!


(RHOM) Real Housewives Of Melbourne: Brandi Glanville, Teresa Giudice And Ne Ne Leakes Has Nothing On These Housewives

Move over Ne Ne Leakes, Brandi Glanville and Teresa Giudice - the women of (RHOM) Real Housewives of Melbourne are very crude and just plain disgusting!  Giving new meaning to the term, Down Under, Gina Liano says Lydia Schiavello’s new cook book is going to. e “all about her vagina,” and then tells Chyka Keebaugh she’s saying that because “she doesn’t cook c**k, does she?  It’s the same thing!”  Lydia also moans and groans over being on a helicopter, “Hearing the propellers, hearing the horsepower in a motor of a helicopter just SO turns me on. Yeah … fast and hard,” she said in an episode where the six stars fly out to Mission Beach.  And Andrea Moss is no fan of Lydia’s, screaming, “You are crude, you are vulgar, you are confrontational and aggressive! I actually get offended even looking at you!”

Gina’s favorite description of all her costars is the C-word and says being around Chyka is “worse than eating cat food.”  Now all we need are some fraud charges and cheating scandals!

"I find the Real Housewives extremely vulgar and very nasty with attitude!"  If this is what it takes to be a reality star, than I rather not.


Lady Gaga's Ex Rob Fasari Continues To Cash In On Her Fortune

Rob Fasari, songwriter and music producer who claims he helped launch pop star Lady Gaga has been raking in the cash following a $30.5 million lawsuit he filed against her media outlet, Radar Online has learned.  Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend and producer, Rob Fusari, claimed Lady Gaga cut him out after her career soared, and new court documents show that she has been paying Rob Fusari an unspecified amount for years, as recently as June 15, 2013. According to the docs, Rob Fusari has been collecting payments from Lady Gaga’s artist and merchandise royalties, as well as the “Poker Face” singer’s label Interscope and Sony, who paid him as recently as June 2013.  The judge noted that Rob Fusari was ordered to hand over the documents pertaining to all money he has earned from Lady Gaga, but he had not as of Tuesday.

“Although the Court ordered Defendants to produce documents sufficient to determine these amounts, and to produce a witness prepared to testify as to these amounts, Defendants have failed do so,” the court docs state.  The court noted that he will continue to be paid as long as her songs are generating revenue. The precise amount of money the defendant will receive depends “on many unknowable future events,” the legal docs noted.

"It seem to me that Rob Fasari is a greedy little man that can't accept the huge checks or however he's getting paid from Lady Gaga.  She's "big time" and Rob need to accept what he's getting and get a grip!"


Chris Martin Thinks Gwyneth Paltrow Is Leaking Cheating Rumors

According to an insider, Chris Martin fears his ex Gwyneth Paltrow is spreading vicious cheating rumors about him to he will appear “less sympathetic” and Gwyneth plans to take Chris to the cleaners when it comes to squeezing spousal support from him, media outlet, Radar is exclusively reporting this story and so I'm I!
“Chris now believes that Gwyneth is leaking rumors about his alleged trysts in an effort to sully his image and make him look less sympathetic,” the source told media outlet, Radar Online.
"I also heard they have an $140 million dollar divorce in process -- what a waste!"
“Gwyneth is so completely angry with Chris, she's threatening to turn the divorce ugly, saying she’s going to squeeze spousal support out of Chris, despite her multi-million dollar fortune.”
Together, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are worth a mind-blowing $280 million — but the source says the GOOP founder could take Chris Martin for an extra $25 million!
“Gwyneth believes she deserves a settlement of at least a lump sum of $25 million from Chris because he is the breadwinner and their kids will live with her most of the time,” the source said.

“Gwyneth believes Chris should ‘man up’ and do the chivalrous thing. Friends are bracing for an ugly divorce showdown.”
However, the insider claims Gwyneth is furious over the recent report that her ex Chris has hooked up with a (SNL) Saturday Night Live assistant — while he and Gwyneth were still together.

“Friends of the of the Chris and Gwyneth - to a major double standard, with Gwyneth having pushed for open marriage so she could pursue other men, but demanding absolute fidelity from Chris,” the source told media outlet, Radar Online. "Chris is telling friends that Gwyneth was so self-involved that she believed she was more evolved than Chris was and that she could better emotionally handle juggling out of marriage relationships with other men.”. That sounds kind of "whorish" of Gwyneth to make demands to Chris while pursue other men is pathetic to me.


John Bluher And Taylor Armstrong: Trouble In Their Marriage Already Over A Place To Stsy

Married almost two weeks and already there is trouble in their marriage. Media outlet, Radar Online has learned that the newlyweds are already at odds over where they should live! "That's kind of stupid - arguing over a place to live."
“Taylor was overheard telling multiple wedding guests that her agent wanted her to move back to Los Angeles, from Colorado,” an insider tells media outlet, Radar Online. “The purpose being, of course, to kick start Taylor’s reality television career. Having recently filmed Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn Berman, Taylor sees herself getting back on the small screen full time.

“Of course, John doesn’t want to move from Colorado to California,” the source continues. “He has kids from his previous marriage that he spends time with. If he moves, that would of course impact his relationship with the children.”

This is just the latest John and Taylor's to the couple’s relatively fresh union. During the wedding reception Taylor Armstrong made a rambling speech that made many of her guests uncomfortable. Taylor wore a Chagoury Couture by Gilbert Chagoury gown at the cliff side wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but it was her words and not her looks that had guests raising their eyebrows as she “reflected on her ex-husband Russell Armstrong and the domestic violence she suffered by his hands,” a source told media outlet, Radar Online.
The source said her speech, captured by WETV cameras for David Tutera‘s My Fair Wedding reality show, grew even stranger when she promoted a weight loss company.

“It was like she was an ad for the company,” the source said. “She basically said ‘After my husband committed suicide I knew I needed to get back in shape,’ and it was really strange.”
Other wedding guests that had known Taylor’s first husband, Russell, remarked at “how similar he is to John in personality. Russell was extremely intelligent and well spoken, just like John. No one is saying that John is physically or verbally abusive towards Taylor, but otherwise, there are very similar comparisons between both.” I can't understand what Taylor is complaining about. Like she said to Farrah on Couples Therapy, she has more money than Farrah Abraham I think on the third or fourth episode. She can fly to California to do reality show and stay where her husband has children from previous marriage and get over the drama.


Kate Gosselin: Caught Together In Her Room At Trump Hotel With Her Married Boyfriend, Steve Neild

"I told you so, Kate Gosselin got herself caught in Steve's hotel room, at the Trump International with Steve Neild. Kate Gosselin describes Steve as her “top advisor and road manager” — has been caught sharing a hotel room with the Kate in New York City while she films Celebrity Apprentice. Not only Kate, brought her married boyfriend, Steve Neild, Ginas husband to NYC while she competes on Donald Trumps show, Celebrity Apprentice, but media outlet In Touch called Steve Neilds room at the Trump International Hotel on March 30, Kate Gosselin answered the phone. "And she was complaining, causing every media outlet in the world to tear Jon apart as well as her supporters, throwing Jon under the bus because she claims he's cheating -- and now, she's been caught in Steve Neilds hotel room." Hmmmm - what will her children think of her one day when they read about their mom in a hotel room with a married man. Talk about dirty, talk about completely scandalous! Some good example she's setting for her children. "Poor babies!" Here is what Kate said when she answered the phone from her married bodyguard Steve's room.

“Excuse me? Who is this?” Gosselin snapped, before hanging up."

Ah -- Kate was mad because she got caught, that's all-- and now her dirt is out there in every media outlet. Hmmm reaping time when Jon was accused. Media outlet, Radar Online exclusively reported last month, Steve Neild, is a married man with children whose wife Gina Downie Neild recently flaunted their happy family with a photo of them with their two sons on Facebook.  However, production insiders on Celebrity Apprentice tell the magazine that no other competitors — Brandi Glanville, Ludacris, Ian Ziering and Kenya Mooreto name a few — brought friends, family or loved ones with them while taping the show.

“No one else has a bodyguard or assistant with them,” the insider said. Everyone thinks it’s totally bizarre.”  And in agreement was Kate's ex-husband, Jon, who has wondered about Kate’s relationship with Steve Neild for quite some time.  “Steve and Kate would have one room and the kids would have a separate room when they traveled,” he told In Touch.
“It’s not a work situation. I have always thought they were together, Jon says.
In early March, Gosselin took her two eldest daughters, Mady and Cara, to a Demi Lovato concert in Virginia where she was spotted by an eyewitness holding hands with Steve Neild. “The biggest surprise of all was who she was holding hands with. She was holding hands with Steve Neild, her ‘bodyguard,’” the eyewitness told Radar at the time.
“They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it. We were surprised considering we kept up with all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 drama.

Steve Neild was hired by TLC in 2008 to protect the Gosselin children while filming Jon & Kate Plus 8, and a romance between him and Kate has been reported many times since then. But, it seemed like the world turned a blind eye to Kate's dirty shenanigans when she was married to Jon, while Kate and the media tore Jon apart, making Kate look like a she was so innocent and playing the victim of a cheating husband and got caught herself, even before her marriage to Jon ended. "Open eyes world - Kate is not a GOD! She just a "mom" who gave birth to a litter of children. What makes her special is she had a litter of children -- that's it! Get a grip world, Kate, herself is nothing special, only the children. They are the real celebrities, not their parents. They are being used and used unconditionally and now they are going to find out that their mom was caught in the same hotel room with their bodyguard, a married one at that. Also what disturbs me is about Kate Gosselin , is that she has been caught doing. According to a recent edition of Star, a popular US tabloid, she has also been wasting every dime her twins have made:
"The children's earnings were written in a way that she would have access to their money. The trust fund turned out to be 85% to Kate and 15% for the kids. In the end, for every $1000 earned, $850 went to Kate and $18.75 went to each child."
But what's even more shocking, is that Kate may have spent a significant percentage of that money in a failed an attempt to make herself look better.
"[Kate] failed to mention that she paid for an apparent face-lift (about $35,000); breast implants ($15,000); and expensive hair appointments (she dropped $2,000 on one recent visit, says the insider)."


Branfi Glanville Can't Deal With The Stress Filming Celebrity Apprentice, She Turns To Drugs And Alcohol

"Hmmmmm - it seems like someone can't stand the stress filming on Celebrity Apprentice." Brandi Glanville, different reality show, same antics! It seems the Brandi we're accustomed to on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn't changed at all!  "It seems to me, Brandi don't want to compete (along hard work) to earn that huge $250,000 check to present to one of her favorite charities - very disappointing to even fathom." Reportedly the non-stop Celebrity Apprentice tasks and the pressures of the show, along with fighting with her co-stars, has driven Brandi to Xanax and alcohol. And Donald Trump is not happy! “Everyone is noticing Brandi’s problems and how it is affecting filming,” says an insider.

"Brandi got reprimanded for her behavior,” a source tells media outlet, Radar Online. As a reason for her behavior, “Brandi told Donald she was crumbling under the pressure." And the star "admitted to taking Xanax and alcohol to cope with the high stress of the show."
Apparently during one of the challenges Brandi was out of control and asked to leave set, says the source, “She was sent to hotel to get herself together.” Brandi has been battling with Kate Gosselin a non celebrity and Kenya Moore on set and has been approached by some of the other ladies on the show about her behavior.
Sources say it was suggested she go to rehab to treat her problems. Uh-oh somehow I think this is going to be blamed on Lisa Vanderpump…  "I say no, Brandi has her own self to blame for her own actions and if she can't take a little pressure to make the opportunity she has for being on the show in the first place, then maybe she should quit the show and not embarrass "The Donald". At least he worked hard for what he has, and I would love the opportunity to compete for the show for my son sake, because, I'm building a foundation in his honor. "He's autistic, and I would love to provide for his foundation." Brandi is a dud!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kate Gosselin Stuns Passer-Byers Donning A Wedding Dress

Oh I betcha - Kate Gosselin stunned tons of passer byers while donning a wedding dress (I don't think it's the sameone she got married in) and platform peep-toe heels on the streets of New York City, but Kate GPursePurse" boyin did it all for charity. "That's for sure, because no one wants her anyway!". If so -- that man better a stomach for emasculation and a brave mouth to say, " What the H E double sticks did I do -- I think I'm either stuck, or just plain out of my day gum mind."

Kate was was captured on Saturday in New York City showing off her bare shoulders in a short feathered white dress for an episode of Celebrity Apprentice. " Wow - that dress is ugly!  I guess it fits her narcissistic personality, diva like attitude etc." It just too much more to say, but I'll look eave it up to the viewers.

Kate was tasked to sell the iconic white dress as part of a charitable challenge for the show, she explained via Twitter on Saturday.

'Will you marry me tomorrow? 10-12:30 at 50W 23rd St NYC I'll be there waiting, wearing my wedding dress! Buy it for charity! #BridesForADay', the Celebrity Wife Swap participant announced to her followers through Twitter on Saturday.  In addition to the wedding dress sale, Gosselin's team advertised complimentary hair and make-up consultations for curious participants.

Kate looked every bit the blushing bride (someone lied to her) part in a modern white dress with feathery accents while surrounded amongst an entourage of well-suited men.  "They all seemed to look the other way to me!"  But, I guess Gerald felt sorry for Kate and had to give her "some kind" of hug!

Rivera similarly took to Twitter to share their charitable endeavor and Gosselin's role as a bride.

'Today's the day to marry Kate Gosselin of the 8's! Come to our Wedding Extravaganza at 50W23rd St NYC from 10am-1230pm.  Great TV fun w Kate,' the attorney tweeted on Saturday.

"Yes Geraldo I know it was great TV for Kate, you know, what she begged for years for "The Donald" to put or on -- make a part of being -- I guess -- someone special, even though she's from the D - Lister's or maybe the Z - Lister's I've hearing about.  'But, I'm glad Geraldo, a real celebrity and attorney enjoyed yourself -- even though.'  I'm sorry to say, but Kate needs a brush and a comb for that hair -- yuck!"

Hmmm!  What ever happen to Steve carrying Kate's purse, some other large expensive bag and her portfolio?  My thoughts, "I guess he got tired of being called "The Purse boy."  He got his own stuff to carry.  Maybe Steve wife, Gina grilled him into telling him not to carry Kate's purse again.  Or maybe Gina is saying or thinking, "She's already got you going into hotels with her - probably sleeping with her like a b**ch in heat, since I got to prove to everyone on Facebook -- we're happily married.  "You hold Gina, I'm on your side on this one!"