Saturday, February 8, 2014

Farrah Abraham: Her Sex Tape Sequel She Claim She Didn't Agree To Release

I don't believe it for a minute!  Farrah Abraham claim she is adamant that she did NOT agree to the second sex tape that's hitting the market next week, and she may be telling the truth for once.

Well, partially. It sounds like Farrah legitimately doesn't want this video to be released, unlike the previous one she tried to pass off as a "leaked" tape.  "I smelled a rat," when Farrah claimed it (sex tape) was leaked on the VH1 show, 'Couples Therapy.' Farrah's lawyer adds that she did not give Vivid permission to release any sequels to her smash hit porno "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."  Farrah's lawyer says, part two of the Farrah Abraham sex tape, 'Backdoor & More,' is just extra footage from the first she filmed with porn star James Deen.  That's probably all accurate, but I don't think so!  The issue is,  that if it's the same footage, she signed the rights away long ago. She made her (nasty bed). Now she must lay in it.  Its her own fault she lied about everything surrounding her sex tapes.  Her bed deserves to be a very hard fit for the image she has portrait.  But,
according to her lawyer, Farrah is "a mother, a public figure, and an author," and not a porn star ... an empty argument, since she shot the porn last year.  I think Farrah's lawyer need to wake up and smell the doo doo, its piling up as much as high as Farrah's lies.

Steve Hirsch, Vivid's CEO, disagrees, telling TMZ's sister site 'Fishwrapper' that he made Farrah who she is today, whether she wants to admit it or not.

"Before the first video, Farrah, was just some "throw-away" Teen Mom no one cared about. Her (sex tape) made her the celebrity she is today. She’s a great porn star!"  I also agree with Steve Hirsch too!  Despite the fact that she can't talk about it legally on 'Couples Therapy,' we all know she signed a contract and that Hirsch wouldn't act outside of one.  But - saying she didn't give her consent -- when she legally did exactly that -- is just plain lying.  Farrah can cry all she wants on VH1, 'Couples Therapy', she can't have it both ways.  She need to suck it up (no pun intended) and ride it out (no pun intended) until her 15 minutes are up?

Because she is a pathological liar whose story and persona changes almost daily, she has no idea who she even is at this point.  That is how everyone, but (Dr. Jenn) said about Farrah on 'Season 4: Couples Therapy.'  It's sad, but that's the best and most honest way to express the real truth about Farrah.


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  1. Farrah is nothing but a scandalous liar has been. She don't know who in the devil she is. Farrah lies for the sake of lying about her life.


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