Monday, February 24, 2014

Finally Jon Gosselin Realizes He Need To Grow A Pair, Braking His Relationship Cycle

I'm so happy for Jon Gosselin, because he finally broke his relationship cycle (he's been repeating) with Liz Janetta.   He decided he must stand up for himself (and be a man for a change) if he wants respect from his girlfriend, Liz, who constantly puts him down every chance she get.   It seems like Jon was getting involved with another "Kate" type of woman "who calls the shots - makes Jon feel lower than a grain of dirt to gain control over him." Thank GOD - Dr. Jenn convinced Jon that he needs to be more assertive with Liz and tell her when things hurt his feelings.  Dr. Jenn also tells Jon:

"You need to tell her to stop. Don't do that.'"

In a whole lot of ways, I don't blame Liz for the way she treats Jon. He let Liz dump a ton of manure on him.  When someone (like Jon) acts like they don't deserve respect, it is very easy to treat them badly without even recognizing it. Jon didn't recognize it until he and Liz was constantly called out by Dr. Jenn and the other couples in the (Couples Therapy) house.  "My thoughts exactly!". Jon really needs to grow a pair, if he wants 'Therapy' to work for him. I'm glad that Liz recognizes the way that she talks to Jon and wants to change it. I can  see the relationship with Liz lasting if Jon can be more assertive to Liz without being nasty about it.  Jon and Liz need to take the therapy seriously or their relationship will fall back into the "Kate Gosslin" cycle and their relationship will eventually crumble.  Dr. Jenn also told Jon that he needs to be more assertive for Liz's mental health as well. She needs a man to take charge; put her in her place. "I totally agree!  Without the assertion Liz will always be mean just like Kate and still is; she will always treat Jon like a scumbag.

My opinion - I hope Jon take hneed, because I hate to see him back in the same situation he was in for ten long years, he deserves some happiness for a change - like him or not.



  1. I agree half way with you! Jon can have someone in his life (unlike Liz) but she need to treat Jon the way she would like to be treated. Its alright for Jon to have someone in his life, but Liz needs to come correct with Jon's feelings and not act like Kate, because Jon don't need another Kate in his life. And yes, Jon need to grow a pair and be a man in his relationship with Liz. I think Liz want to see that from Jon "grow a pair!"

  2. Jon finally took charge of his life when he tore that house up


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