Friday, February 21, 2014

Nicki Minaj: Sued By Wig Stylist Terrence Davidson For 30 Million Dollars

Terrence Davidson is accusing former "American Idol" judge and rapper Nicki Minaj (of wigging out ) on a deal.
He filed lawsuit against Nicki on Friday in district court in Atlanta alleging that the she not only stole his wig designs, but also cost him a potential reality show deal that he was discouraged from pursuing.  I don't think I would put this pass Nicki Minaj for doing a stupid thing like that, since I'm not a fan of hers.  But, 
according to the complaint, Terrence Davidson started working for Nicki Minaj -- whose real name is 'Onika Maraj' -- as her hair stylist in January 2010. He says he began making wigs for her which she would then select for her appearances.  At that particular time, Nicki Minaj was a burgeoning star who had steadily built her fan base by appearing as a guest rapper on mix tapes and projects by her label mates at Young Money Entertainment. She quickly became known as the first lady of Young Money (one of the biggest female rappers in Entertainment) which includes superstar rappers Drake and Lil Wayne.  The female rapper also became well known for her sense of style, including a multitude of (crazy colorful) wigs ranging from platinum blonde to pink. Nicki posed in an ensemble which includes a pink wig on the cover of her platinum-selling debut album "Pink Friday," released in November 2010.  Terrence Davidson and his attorney, Christopher Chestnut, talked to a media source, "CNN" about his influence on crafting Minaj's image as well as the fact that the rapper now sells wigs on her website based on the designs Terrence Davidson says he created. Terrence said he discovered the wigs were being marketed and sold after someone (maybe a source close to him) since it could of been some who may want to destroy Nicki - who knows - sent him a picture and he began researching the designs on Nicki Minaj's website.  

"I see these wigs online," said Davidson, who has also worked with others in the industry, including singer Patti La Belle and rapper Remy Ma. "People are basically duplicating what I created for Nicki Minaj."
"Nicki Minaj is reaping great success and financial bounty reward for Terrence's creative expertise, and he is entitled to participate in that," Chestnut said. "Someones got to stand up for the artist. We applaud the fact that she's making millions, but she's also got to pay bounty to those whose creative designs she's making millions off of."

In the lawsuit, Davidson says he designed several wigs for Minaj, including the "Pink Upper Bun Wig," the "Fox Fur Wig," and the "Half Blonde-Half Pink Wig" that she wore in appearances, including the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show. He says there were plans for he and Minaj to launch a wig line and discussions about a possible reality show.  In 2012, Terrence's lawsuit against Nicki Minaj claims that she and her agents became mum about the business ventures and took active steps to isolate Terrence Davidson and preclude him from the notoriety he deserved for his wig designs.

"On its face you might think, what this guy is suing over wigs," Davidson's attorney Chestnut said. "But we really have to consider this in context. Hair is a multi billion-dollar industry, but moreover these are not your grandma's wigs. These are eclectic. They are decadent, and they are creative. This is about a brand that Terrence has built."

Whatever!  Nicki Minaj and Terrence Davidson should not have gone into business together if they are not going to be successful business partners.  Why go into business together if you're going to steal from your partner?  That was stupid of Nicki if she did in fact steal her partners wig designs.  She will have a 30 million dollar bill to pay out to her - now former partner, Terrence Davidson.  I find this whole thing with the lawsuit disturbing - in a whole lot of ways.

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  1. Minorities - especially black, don't go into business together if you're totally sure you trust that person.


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