Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ne Ne Leakes Apologizes At Kenya's Charity Event For Her Poor Behavior

As I said before, the women of RHOA "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" is something else when it comes to drama.  I'm very surprised that even at charity event these women can't get a grip on their dramatic dispositions.  What I'm surprised about is that apologies from NeNe Leakes are exceedingly rare when it comes to Kenya Moore (or any other woman on the RHOA) series.  It must of been something major has happened when Ne Ne says she’s sorry about anything!  What NeNe-related sin could be so grievous as to elicit an apology?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems to have finally moved on from the much-discussed pillow party debacle. I guess there is a whole new round of drama. He He's scandalous outburst of drama erupted in the form of a disastrous charity event during the "Saving Our Daughters" donations charity event.  Here is how it all started.  Kenya Moore decided to get on Ne Ne Leakes’ good side by auctioning off bachelors and donating the proceeds to a charity of NeNe’s choice. Unfortunately, Ne Ne didn’t ever receive an invite to the charity event, although, Kenya’s Facebook fans think that Ne Ne fabricated the missing invitation story. Okay - I see where the confusion started!  It started with "Facebook" fans saying Ne Ne fabricated the missing invitation story.  What Ne Ne should of done was to check with Kenya first about a invitation to the charity event before going off the deep end in the first place.  But, either way, Ne Ne loves a dose of drama - she was deeply offended by this perceived slight — so she decided to pay Kenya back by giving an incredibly inappropriate speech.  I found that Ne Ne actions were totally inappropriate.  I wish all the women off RHOA grow up and get a grip.  Ne Ne took to her Twitter to bash Kenya, claiming,

 “The cream always raises to the top.” But after reflecting for a few days, Ne Ne was finally willing to admit that her behavior was unacceptable. She eventually crafted an apology for her Bravo blog, explaining that the last thing she wanted to do was “teach young women that this is the proper way to respond when someone is trying to…push your buttons.”

It's totally clear to me that NeNe’s still not ready to forgive and forget — but then again, neither is Kenya!  My opinion, they both need to pray about their problems and work on them, forgive and move on.  Ne Ne and Kenya both are both pushing each others buttons.


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