Friday, February 7, 2014

Nadya Suleman Faces A New Criminal Charge Of Welfare Fraud

Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman faces a new criminal charge of welfare fraud, bringing the number of counts against her to four.  Prosecutors accuse Nadya Suleman, of not reporting that she was making thousands of dollars as topless dancer and adult film actress when she applied for government aid last year, 2013.  An additional charge was filed Wednesday alleges that she received nearly $10,000 in MediCal benefits she was not entitled to, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said. The restitution they are seeking now totals $26,000.  Nadya Suleman has already pleaded not guilty to the first three welfare fraud charges, and she will return to court on March 11 for arraignment on the newest charge.  I feel so sorry for Nadya's 14 children, if she is convicted of the four charges against her for welfare fraud.  Here's my opinion, Nadya should have reported all of her earning from her short career in the porn industries and whatever else she had going on, she wouldn't of been in the trouble she's in with the federal government.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said that while Nadya, applied for public aid, she allegedly failed to disclose that she was also getting checks for personal appearances and residuals from videos.  Nadya Suleman "Octomom" -- allegedly did not report nearly $30,000 in earnings.  Nadya Suleman, performed in adult videos and danced topless at a Florida strip club back in 2013.

"This is not a new career for her," said her rep, Gina Rodriguez, who told media outlet, CNN in June when asked about her stripping gig. "She is just promoting her new video." An adult video featuring Nadya Suleman was released in June 2013.

Nadya, revealed in April that she was so determined to build a future for her 14 young children that she would accept adult entertainment offers, although she would not touch another "humans flesh."  Nadya, who collected food stamps to feed her children, filed for bankruptcy in May, but the case was tossed out of court because of paperwork issues.
Nadya dreams of building a business "empire" that will pay for food, shelter and college educations for her 14 children, she told CNN's Nischelle Turner.  She ultimately hopes to become a role model for other women facing major struggles, she said.

"I've got to win the battle," she said. "But right now, people don't understand that."
Suleman faces up to six years and four months in prison if convicted, the prosecutor said.

I understand Nadya perfectly!  There is a lot of people in this world - who in fact "Hate the quicksand Nadya Suleman walks on because of what she did five years ago.  She already had six children while on welfare and she was collecting social security benefits for two her six children before giving birth to her octuplets.  No one hasn't forgiven Nadya - I will be the one to say, I have!  It was wrong what she did and I no longer hold what she did against her.



  1. Maybe I will get a lot of beef for forgiving Nadya Suleiman, but, Nadya has paid the price and then some . She is receiving a lot of hate from the world because of what she did five years ago. People are just being nasty period -- picking at her looks and then some. I forgive her because it make me a better person to do so. I'm not going to hold anything against her --I just pray GOD. she comes through the four charges she got against her. People say she need her children taken away from her. Her children will be very lost without her. People done seem to care about her children, an I know they don't care about Nadya.

  2. I believe you will be receiving some criticism for your comment. So many people completely hate Nadya Suleman, because she's half Iraqis and having six children with no job before she had the octuplets. People even hate Nadya, because of her looks. Very sad!

  3. Haven't gotten the criticism yet, but, I will be expecting it soon, if there are posters interested in viewing and posting here. I really don't care too much for Nadya, but, I care for the children.


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