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Jon Gosselin: Accuses Couples Therapy Of Rigging The Show To Make Him Look Bad

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Kate Gosselin's ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, actually accused someone else of lying.  He believes that 'Couples Therapy' has rigged the show to make him look bad (In which - in fact - they did not) make Jon look bad. Of course, there are claims (according to a source at media outlet, Radar Online) that he allegedly offered money for a fake girlfriend.  Here is my opinion.  Yes - I say - its not the show, "Couples Therapy" that is trying to make Jon Gosselin look bad - it was a source at the media outlet, "Radar Online" trying to make Jon look bad by twisting his words and things around of what really happened when he was offered a chance to be on 'Couples Therapy' with his girlfriend of 2 years, Liz Janetta.  I feel that the media outlet, 'Radar Online' has more of an "inside" influence with Kate Gosselin.  The reason being - Kate get more support and attention from the media outlet, Radar Online than Jon - even if she's wrong about anything she do or anything she says, I've noticed that Kate receives more "positive" media coverage from a source at Radar Online than Jon will ever receive and I've picked up on this for over a year.  The source at Radar Online has given Jon Gosselin more negative feed back to make him look bad or incompetent for the media to tear him apart (it seems) in everything he do or say about anything, even if it's about positive things Jon has said or done.  I've noticed the difference between how Kate is treated by sources at Radar Online and how Jon is treated by the sources at Radar Online - every time I read an article about them both.   When it comes to Jon and Kate Gosselin, they never find themselves in the press for the right reason.  On episode 7 of 'Couples Therapy', Jon freaked out when a compatibility test suggested that he and his girlfriend, Liz Janetta who is also divorced and  has children, possessed a low orientation towards family and secretly didn't want children.  The results was a little too much for Jon to handle.  In his confessional, Jon outlined why he thought 'Couples Therapy' was behind the negative results (via Radar Online).

"I'm like, 'Who the f*** are you?' I don't need a computer to tell me what I know about Liz. I'm pretty upset about the "Plenty of Fish" results, because, I don't think it has anything to do with us. So I started thinking about my old show, my old life and I feel like the conspiracy theory is, you're trying to break us up."

"No Jon!", it's not Couples Therapy that is trying to break you and Liz up... "According to an earlier Radar Online article," and I do mean according to a source at media outlet, "Radar Online."  There are claims from this source that Jon offered his ex-girlfriend, Hailey Glassman quite a large sum of money to pretend to be his girlfriend for Couples Therapy.  The source at media outlet, Radar Online claimed that Jon reached out to Hailey a few months ago with a 'lucrative opportunity' if she pretend to date him again. "Jon and Liz has been together for over 2 years." Why would he pay for Hailey Glassman to pretend to be his girlfriend on 'Couples Therapy' when in fact, "he already had a girlfriend (Liz Janetta) of 2 years?  I feel the "Conspiracy" lies on the source at the media outlet, Radar Online.  It's true that Hailey Glassman has "zero" interest in Jon and she wants nothing to do with him or any of the Gosselins family.  But, from the source at Radar Online, there were claims that Jon Gosselin told Hailey that he could make her $200,000 if she agreed to it."  Here's my opinion, I think the source at Radar Online is trying to make Jon look bad and claim that he is desperate, (Dr. Jenn nor Plenty of Fish) on 'Couples Therapy' did not conspire to make Jon look bad or desperate about anything, the source at Radar Online did - since they are more amicable to Kate Gosselin.  "This is my opinion to the conspirator!"

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