Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kris Jenner: Straddling Upside Down On A Stripper Pole

PHOTO : Courtesy Of Kim Kardashian: Kris Jenner
Will this woman ever quit?  For a woman almost 60 years old grandmother, Kris Jenner really need to set a good example for her (grand children) and her daughters, who already have mattresses tied to their backs?  Poor Kendall and Kylie, the youngest of her children will never learn to be self respecting women with a mother like Kris Jenner, hanging upside down off of a stripper pole.  Plenty of women look up to their mothers, but Kim Kardashian went a step further, (no wonder she looks up to her mother in this manner) declaring that momager Kris Jenner is her real-life "woman crush." Kim posted a sultry "#WCW" (Woman crush Wednesday) photo of the 58-year-old mother of six sliding upside-down on a stripper pole on Feb. 12.  Kim would do something like posting a picture of her mother, Kris (on Instagram) hanging off of a stripper pole.  But,  its not Kim's or her sisters fault if they were trained to act slutty like her mother.  Yes - I fault Kris for the way her daughters turned out.  Kris Jenner takes "sex sells" to the extreme.  What kind of mother encourages her daughter to pose for Playboy?  I'm for the "mother and daughter" closeness, but, there are still boundaries.  Kris Jenner hanging off of a stripper pole, is in fact, a breach of one of those boundaries.  I guess "selling sex" is part of the Kardashian women relevancy in the spotlight.  In the picture Kim posted of her mother,  she is wearing a low-cut black spandex bodysuit with tall black stilettos (hanging upside down) on a stripper pole.  From the looks of the space, Kris Jenner was working the pole to get in a her good workout.  Amongst other places other than the bedroom.  Its so disgusting what this woman would do for money and fame.  Kris Jenner can add pole dancing to her list of skills.  Pathetic!


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  1. Now I understand why Kendall is heading down this path (wrapping) herself around a pole. Kris is too old to be setting this kind of example


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