Monday, February 10, 2014

Physical Brawl Breaks Out Between The Women Of 'RHOA' Real Housewives Of Atlanta

I got to say this for the record -- "I have never see a bunch of stuck up and dramatic women like the ones I saw on 'RHOA - Real Housewives of Atlanta' in my entire life.  This is what is wrong with reality TV.  There is nothing real or interesting about reality TV anymore.  So - who was to blame for the violent brawl on The Real Housewives of Atlanta during a pillow talk party?  According to Ne Ne Leakes, it was Kenya Moore.  She couldn’t disagree more, and says the blame fell on Ne Ne for setting the tense tone at the party, where even mild-mannered Kandi Burruss had a meltdown of her own.  What a joke -- just pure drama queens if you ask me.  On Sunday’s episode of RHOA, viewers saw the aftermath of the physical fight that had erupted on the previous show.  After Kenya and Natalie Williams, the wife of R & B singer Christopher Williams, got into a shouting match, Kenya had charged towards the other woman.  Christopher then grabbed Kenya’s arm, at which point Kenya’s assistant/friend, Brandon DeShazer, got up to defend her. An all-out rumble started in which Phaedra Parks‘ husband, Apollo Nida, wound up brutally beating Brandon.

Here's my opinion - I think reality shows like RHOA remain on television, because of the dramatics that the public seem to love - more viewers - more money the production company and the so called actors make as well.  "What a waste!"

As the show opened, Kenya told Bravo’s cameras it was NeNe’s party — and she had created a sour atmosphere from the get-go.

“NeNe started it with her negativity, her vulgarity,” Kenya claimed.

Viewers saw Apollo attempt to charge at Brandon again, but the others broke up the fight.

“What did I do?” Brandon shouted at Apollo, while Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas ordered Apollo to chill out. All of the party guests were shell shocked at what had happened.

“I’m disgusted,” Porsha Stewart told the cameras.

Chris Williams apologized to Ne Ne for the fight, but he said Kenya had disrespected him and his marriage by calling it a common law situation.  In a separate dispute, Williams’ wife, Natalie, explained she never used the word “Opportunist” against Kandi Burruss’ fiance, Todd Tucker.  Cynthia tried to downplay what Natalie had said about Todd, she waved her finger in Kandi’s face, angering the music producer.  Peter told Kandi and Todd they were acting strange and then Kandi went berserk, having to be physically held back from attacking Cynthia’s sister, Malorie, for supposedly touching her.

“I will drag you in this, b***h!” she screamed at Malorie.

Kandi said she also didn’t like that Peter had touched her and shouted violently at him, too.  Kandi told Todd that they should leave the party, Todd and Peter decided they would talk out their differences.

“Peter’s your number one fan,” Cynthia told Todd.  "I’m trying to straighten it out,” said Peter, hugging Todd. Kandi told her assistant Carmon and Todd that she was drained by the experience.

Here is what I think, I'm drained from watching a bunch of grown - silly women acting dramatically crazy and down right stuck up and stupid.  And the fact is - all of the RHOA women are such beautiful women on the outside.  I can't say I say the same about the inside that will make the women of RHOA beautiful from the inside and out.


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  1. I know I didn't follow my words from my post, but I caught a glimpse of RHOA tonight - the ladies still haven't learned anything - while getting the feet and amongst other things at the spa.


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