Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jon Gosselin Says His Ex Wife Kate Gosselin Needs Psychiatric Evaluation

Wow...this is a huge mess between the Gosselin eight parents!  Sometimes I wonder, will this feud between the two (Jon and Kate) will ever end?  I don't think so!  I feel so sorry for the Gosselin eight - who are consistently placed in the middle of this 'War of the Roses' boxing match.  Jon Gosselin says his ex wife, Kate Gosselin needs a psychiatric evaluation, because he claims that Kate is turning his children against him.  I believe him!

Jon Gosselin wants his ex-wife Kate Gosselin to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, because, she's turning their kids against him.

Talking to a media source,  E! News, Jon said, he want primary custody of his eight children until Kate receives a psychiatric evaluation, because, she's too controlling and extremely manipulative.

"She instills fear in them and she controls their life," Jon said. "I want temporary primary custody until Kate goes in [for] a psychiatric evaluation.". Jon added that he can't go to the front door of the house when he visit to pick up the children. "I have to go to the gate and whoever comes out, I take."

Jon went on to say that the People magazine article from Jan. 20, where Kate appears with twin daughters Mady and Cara on the cover, is "total f***ing bull***." The piece was an update on how the family is coping after Kate Plus 8 ended its run on TLC in 2011. But Jon claims that the article "was edited using Cara and Mady" as the source of information.

"She's trying to win their (favor) by making me look like a bad person," Jon continued.

Following the People article, Kate took the twins on a press tour to keep talking about how their life is going after the show and to tell people that the family is doing well. However, while on the Today show a few weeks ago, Mady and Cara froze up when asked if they were doing all right, and their mom had to scramble to come up with an answer to ease the awkward situation.  After a few attempts at getting the twin girls to speak, host Savannah Guthrie finally got something out of Mady, when asked if people had the wrong impression of the family.

"I wouldn't say 'wrong,'" Mady stated. "I would say not the full, like, story. Like, a lot of people think that filming our show has damaged us, but it's only really helped. It's not really done any... damage."

When the twins were asked on 'The View' about how they handled their parents' divorce, Mady and Cara claimed that "it wasn't hard" for them as they regularly saw both their parents. They added that since they were only 8 or 9 years old they "knew what was going on," but didn't see all the negative press in the media.

Here is what I think...I think Mady and Cara was forced by their mother, Kate to be on the TODAY show and 'The View' to defend her from the negative publicity she's been getting and to beg for a reality show for her (Kate) and the children.  I had to ask myself, why does Kate and the children need a reality show?  What talent do they have to carry on a reality show?  The children are not cute little babies anymore.  They're growing up!  Kate on the other hand...ruined everything with her diva attitude, her fierce greed for fame and fortune.  Who want to see that again?  I don't think so!  Sorry Kate...your 15 minutes of fame is 'totally' up!  You're out of commission.



  1. After the TODAY show interview when Mady and Cara froze up on national TV and their awkward interview on 'The View', I came to a conclution -- the twins did not want to be at either interview. Those girls were told what to say and how to say it and I might add - was scared into doing the interviews in order to defend all the negativity their mother Kate has been getting.


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