Friday, February 21, 2014

Kelsey Nykole: She Forgives Ghostface

I was so surprised to see that Kelsey and Ghostface were in the same room together after all the termoil they've been through together.  I  thought that might make things tense between them, if she (Kelsey) remained in the room with Ghost.  I was too - surprised to hear how forgiving she’s trying to be to Ghost and how invested she still is in his therapy.  "I'm very proud of Kelsey for being a very beautiful person with her heart, even though Ghost broke it with his shinanigans?" I saw that Kelsey also struggled with forgiving Ghost.  Kelsey struggled with it in a really beautiful, honest, authentic way. In my heart, I know loves Ghost, even though.  And I know Ghost love her in his own way (kind of sexual, because of his love for women and sex as he stated in his private session with Kelsey and Dr. Jenn) and I do agree that they do have a bond and a friendship.  Kelsey's was to work through herpain and resentment and not carry a grudge so that she could leave not being as resentful with Ghost. I extremely agree with the moment in childhood trauma group when Ghost spilled his guts about his troubled childhood - loosing his mom, I believe last year and his dad leaving home when he was 6 years old, I thought thatvwas a freshing breakthrough, even for Ghost.  It was amazing and the look on Kelsey’s face was so wonderful.  She seemed very proud of him.  I also saw what Dr. Jenn saw that Kelsey realized “Oh my God, this was never about me, this was about what he didn’t get and it doesn’t matter how wonderful I am, this is a deficit in him." My opinion of Ghost is that, "He thought he since he lost one woman he was going to walk away with the other 'he wanted to have his cake and eat it too' and he did walk away with either woman and it blew up in his face and yes, he's defeated." I thought it was a great moment too, that he realize that you can't be "A Player" and not reap the consequences of getting burned at the end.  "What you do in darkness, will ddefinitely come to the light, if you think you can hide your indiscretion in infinity - it's not going to happen, because, your dirt always catches up with you no matter how long it takes."  Ghost had to learn that!


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  1. Good for Kelsey for being the woman she is. Strong, beautiful, smart. She's too good for Ghost and she deserves more in her life them him


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