Friday, February 21, 2014

Farrah Abraham: What is Going On With Farrah's Mom, Debra?

I'm starting to understand Farrah acts in certain ways that explains her behavior as well.   Farrah’s mom, Debra, whose demeanor was totally ice cold and unflinching, especially when it came to the way she treated her daughter on an episode of "Teen Mom" of the way she just slapped Farrah in their car.  Dr. Jenn, during her session with Farrah - her mom, Debra, had a hard time revealing her emotions.  It was like, she was completely out of touch with the way she shows her emotions towards Farrah.  She was in complete denial.  The way Debra was acting, now I understand Farrah and why she acts the way she does.  Debra, was completely out of touch with her feelings and reality.  She is a very negative person.  What I saw on the show, Couples Therapy, is that Debra was asking (I also noticed like Dr. Jenn) how she was constantly asking what Farrah wanted her to do while her and Farrah was arguing at one another. I guess these were Debra's thoughts on what to do with her own daughter.  If I'm not mistaken, I think I heard her say to Farrah, “Does Farrah want me to hug her?” “What does Farrah want me to say?” And Dr. Jenn said her thoughts were "Why not just give Farrah a hug and see what happens." It was aggregating to me that Debra could not express what she really feel for her daughter, Farrah.  She wanted to put her down every chance she got.  All I heard from Debra say to Dr. Jenn is, “What do I need to do?” Dr. Jenn then told Debra, "Try to understand her daughters feelings.” I saw that Debra couldn’t do that. I also believed that it was very hard for her to step outside of herself and her own perspective to understand what life is like through her daughter, Farrah eyes as well.  "No wonder Farrah is a total mess!"  I thank her mom, Debra for Farrah's actions since parental training starts at home.  After watching episode 8 of Couples Therapy, I also saw a breakthrough for Farrah, and it was very enlightening for me to see her get out her frustrations.  Her mom, Debra couldn't do it!  Dr. Jenn, I think told Farrah that she had to accept her moms limitations and abandon any hope of having a good relationship she wanted to have with her mom, if I'm not mistaken.  I'm also starting think that Farrah has some fault of the way her life turned out when she and her mom got into altercations back and forth in 2013 and when she left her daughter behind...just saying!

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  1. Farrah's mom is completely out of touch with herself and reality. She's so busy worried about miles instead of her daughter. I'm going to blame Farrah in this too for the way she treated both parents on her show, "Teen Mom" and living her baby, Sophia off on them. I think I would call it even.


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