Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jon Gosselin's Fury As He Destroys A Dining Room , Completely!

I don't think I need to write much on this post to let everyone know how Jon Gosselin really feels about Kate Gosselin.  I think I need to enlighten everyone about why Jon 'severely' gutted that house Couples Therapy more than Taylor, even more than Farrah.  All I can say is that whatever Kate said to Jon on that text phone call, brought out the fury in Jon and everything else he had 'balled' up inside of him.  Like I said in my last post, Kate "rubbed" almost everyone the wrong way when her and Jon had their show and when their show was cancel led, as well as her sequel.   I'm still wondering - what the heck Kate said in (in which I'm not surprised that Kate seems to provoke Jon to anger) in that text phone call to Jon, that's all.  Here's my opinion - I've surfed the Internet for the last couple of days and all I can see is the negativity everyone (it seemed to me ) blame Jon for the brunt of what has happened in his 10 year marriage with Kate Gosselin.  "No one (so far) is casting some the blame her way.  'I know Kate is the mother of eight, but, everyone has to know there are two sides to every chapter in a book.' No one seems understand that Kate is wrong too for what she is doing to Jon."  Everyone has to see that! There people who don't want to see the truth or accept the truth that Kate Gosselin is something else.  I'm not letting Jon off the hook either, but, I'm seeing more of the damage done and caused by Kate, because of her greed for fame and fortune.  Most of all - the eight innocent - adorable children - who are in fact "in the middle" are the ones who are suffering the most.  Like Taylor said in February 27 episode 9 of Couples Therapy, "Jon and Kate need to focus on their eight." She's right!  They need to quit wasting every one's time with their bull-crap.

Here is a clip of Jon's fury as he destroys a dining room from Couples Therapy:  Season 4 Episode 9

"Well - I guess the video speaks volumes of how fed up Jon really was when he acknowledged about the 10 years he wasted with Kate Gosselin.  I only wished that Jon would of acknowledged his children and that they are the best part of is marriage with Kate."

Jon Gosselin opens up to his Couples Therapy housemates about his drama with ex-wife Kate, and how he would never put Kate through what she puts him through. Jon reveals that he’s written a book, but he’s scared to get it published because of the legal concerns. The book took him two years to write, and it consists of his side of the story over the demise of their marriage.  Jon gets a pretty heated phone text from Kate, and his girlfriend Liz Janetta reminds him that the last time she let him talk to his kids was over two weeks ago. Liz just wants to be able to help Jon and see his drama “go away.” Jon is still reeling from his argument with Kate, and he even discusses trying to fight for custody of the kids that want to live with him. His angry rant results in him saying that he wants her to “go and f**king die.” It’s a pretty harsh statement to make, because despite all of the drama Kate causes she is still the mother of his children.

In the group therapy session at "The Rage" house, Jon has the most violent outburst when he’s asked to think about his previous marriage to Kate. Jon says everything was “fake” as he destroys a dining room table with a baseball bat. When that isn’t enough, he takes an axe to the table until it’s been cut in half. That still isn’t enough. Jon starts picking up chairs and smashing through glass doors while discussing that his ten year marriage was “worthless.” It’s scary to watch, especially after he said he wanted Kate to “die” earlier in the episode.  

Full Episode - Couples Therapy: Season 4 - Episode 9 "Fired Up" is now available for viewing.  The Season Finale of Couples Therapy will be available next Thursday, March 7.   Will update in the "Notices" tab.  



  1. I hate that Jon did all of that cursing but we got to understand his rage behind the text message sent to him from Kate. If you listen good to what Jon said, "Kate would not let Jon talk with his kids." Is the reason for his rage after he spoke to Kate. She caused Jon to rage. I feel - as I looked at the stories on the tabloids, everyone seen to turn the other cheek when it comes to Kate, like she could do no wrong, but yet, she can stop Jon from talking to him kids on a text message is beyond disgusting. Kate is disgusting!

  2. he shouldn"t of said that he wish she die that makes him look bad on tv he should think of the cchildren hope he feels after that experrance

  3. just focus on the children that all he needs to do.


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