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Couples Therapy: Season 4 - Episode 7 "Crumbs of Love"

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 Kelsey vs. Ghostface vs. Latrice

Ghostface tried to down play Kelsey and his relationship.  He continued to play both Kelsey and Latrice in a private therapy session from episode 6 and got into a completely nasty argument with Kelsey right in front of Latrice (usually what some men do when the other woman is present, they get caught up in their mess - as same with women getting caught up in their messes).  “Couples Therapy” season 4, episode 7: “Crumbs of Love” premiered on VH1.  In this episode, after Kelsey storms out of her therapy session with Ghost and his other woman, Latrice, it is clear she is brokenhearted and completely over her relationship with Ghost.  Latrice leaves, not knowing where her relationship with Ghostface stands. Kelsey is very clear that she wants nothing to do with Ghost, and he knows that he most likely has lost both women forever. I know how Kelsey feel from my own life experience, when players like Ghostface - play on the hearts of two women at the same time.  Ghostface wants to "Have his cake and eat it too" and for Ghost, having two women makes him feel powerful - thinking that they were going to fight over him.  Ghost thought he will get his chance to choose between the two (loose one gain one ) and he lost both ways.  Like Dr. Jenn said, "If  play with fire, you will get burned." The two pieces he cut from his burnt cake just got crumbled completely.  Latrice made the right move by turning away, Ghostface and moving on with her life.  Ghostface admitted to Latrice that he loved sex and he loved women and that he needed to stop messing around and that he knew he screwed himself completely.  Good for Latrice!  Good for Kelsey too!

Dr. Jenn vs. Farrah vs. All Couples

Dr. Jenn brings compatibility experts from an online dating company in for a group exercise. Since Farrah is in therapy alone, Dr. Jenn has her fill out a profile so she can go on a date with someone more compatible with her in the future. After the couples fill out a probing questionnaire, Dr. Jenn reveals that all of the couples (Whitney and Sada, Taylor and John) are compatible in their relationships - except for Ghost and Kelsey and Jon and Liz.  Ghost and Kelsey weren’t surprised, but Jon and Liz are shocked and upset, and threaten to quit Couples Therapy.

Whitney and Sada, John and Taylor vs. Jon and Liz

Here's my opinion of Jon and Liz - I don't think Liz Janetta realizes how much she hurt Jon with her tongue - nor she realizes it.  (I can't say the same for Kate.  She realized how much she was hurting Jon.  "She didn't care!"  The attention and the spotlight was what Kate wanted more than her marriage to Jon).  Liz refuses to 'listen to reason' what anyone says about Jon and her relationship and why they are incompatible in some of the areas of their relationship.  Unlike Jon - he doesn't seem to realize what Liz said to him was wrong and demeaning.  I guess Jon is so caught up in having women like his ex. wife Kate and Liz Janetta, emasculate and belittle him.  Like Taylor's fiance John Bluher said, "Jon need to stand up to Liz." I say, Jon need to stand up and be a man and stop letting women "run over" him and being a douche like everyone claims him to be.  He need to stop playing the 'victim' and the 12th child to Liz and his children.  Looking to shed light on the issue on VH1 - will once again examine the complicated and often misunderstood world of high-profile relationships with season 4 of  Couples Therapy.  "Couples Therapy" season 4 episode 7 was more explosive and dramatic than ever as Dr. Jenn and her staff explore new relationship territory with the series’ first married lesbian couple, and one couple’s relationship is so fragile it breaks just as therapy is getting underway.  Its been a blast to watch "Couples Therapy" season 4.


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  1. I'm so glad Kelsey and Latrice dumped Ghost, but for Latrice, I feel she will return to Ghost - I really think she return to him


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