Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrity Fight Between (DMX) Earl Simmons And George Zimmerman Was Cancelled

I could not believe the disgust I had when I came upon this story over the internet this past weekend.  How can anyone like Damon Feldmon promote a fight with celebrity, (DMX) Earl Simmons and George Zimmerman, who was aquitted of killing unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin? I'm so glad the fight was canceled, because, I don't think George Zimmerman deserves to benefit from the fight after being aquitted of the murder of Trayvon  Martin.  Promoter Damon Feldman said on Twitter that the three-round match, generated a public outcry this week, was called off because there's "more to life than money," the media outlet, TMZ said.  The potential match was suppose to take place on March 1, 2014.  It would have pitted, George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty in the 2012, of the shooting death of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, against musician, DMX, of who has a history of arrests, most of them - drug or driving offenses.  Since Trayvon Martin's shooting, George Zimmerman's self-defense claim had polarized the entire nation on issues of racial justice, stand your ground laws, and gun control.

Media outlet, TMZ, quoted Damon Feldman as saying on Twitter, "Just looked at my son and daughter today, wow - I'm so lucky those people must be in so much pain ... all you people are right."

Yes - there are so many people in pain, especially the parents of Trayvon Martin.  They don't have their son anymore because of George Zimmerman.  I say again, why give a murderer the 'benefit of a doubt' to profit from a fight when he snuffed out a unarmed teenager.  I found myself 'totally' disgusted that promoter, Damon Feldman tried to promote such a fight.  Anyway - I'm glad the fight was cancelled.

After the fight between Zimmerman and Earl Simmons (DMX) was announced earlier this week, Damon Feldman met a barrage of criticism, with civil rights leader, Rev. Al Sharpton cautioned against glorifying George Zimmerman.  I just knew the Rev. Al Sharpton was somewhere, waiting to input his opinion on a story like this one.

Damon Feldman also came under extreme - intense attack on Twitter. One Tweet to him said, "We just wish you could make a living without helping a killer profit from his deed."
Awesome 'tweet' from who ever posted it!  Damon Feldman's tweets that the March 1 fight was called off, were deleted from his Twitter feed.

After George Zimmerman's acquittal, his lawyer said it would be difficult for his client, like defendants in other notorious crimes, to find normal employment.  Here's what I think, "Who in the devil cares!". I don't have hate for George Zimmerman - just an extreme dislike for what he did to unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin.  "Hate is wrong!"

From George Zimmerman 2013 trial, he was accused of profiling, following and shooting 17 year old Trayvon Martin, where he was a guest - while visiting his father, Tracy Martin in a gated neighborhood in Central Florida, as he was returning from a convenience store.  George Zimmerman claimed self defense.  The trial put the spotlight on Florida's stand your ground law, which allows someone in fear of his or her life to use lethal force.  Since his acquittal, George Zimmerman has had several brushes with the law. He has twice been stopped for speeding, once in Texas and again in Florida.  Back in September 2013, George Zimmerman was questioned by police after his estranged wife, Shelly Zimmerman called authorities saying he threatened her with a gun. He was not charged in that incident.

I'm not sure how much reaping - George Zimmerman has sow, but, there are more hard times coming for George - he hasn't touched the brunt of his reaping yet.  "I don't want to
be George when that time comes."


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  1. No comment - even on my own blog. I just pray the fight doesn't take place, that's all.


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