Friday, February 21, 2014

Jon Gosselin: He's Repeating The Same Relationship Pattern From His 10 Year Marriage With His Ex Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin goes in (without Liz) for a one-on-one session with Dr. Jenn, and she has a few concerns (just like I do) about his relationship with Liz Janetta. Dr. Jenn (as well as I) in fact, fear that Jon is repeating the same relationship pattern he had with his ex-wife, Kate.  And it puzzles me that he (Jon) can't seem to stand up on his own - stop Liz from overpowering him and be a man.  I'm a person not hating on Jon or anyone in the matter of him (Jon) standing up to Liz.  I think Liz is testing Jon, she wants Jon to stand up and be man is the reason she treats him the way she does.  I'm not condoning that what she is doing to Jon is right, because its wrong how she treats him (whether they 'Jon and Liz' are on the show or not) both - Jon and Liz need to change where they are incompatible.

Image Source VH1 Dr. Jenn Berman



  1. Jon do need to act like a man open to the woman he loves he just too quiet to me be when it comes to the children he good is you scared of woman Jon

  2. I think Jon is afraid to be in power for a change, because Kate emasculated him so much in their marriage, he doesn't know how to be a man. People are going to keep calling him a "douche" if he don't wise up to Liz and say, I don't appreciate you say this to me, I don't appreciate you calling me a p****y, things like that.


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