Friday, February 7, 2014

Couples Therapy: Season 4 - Episode 6: Is Beyond Scandalous!

Kelsey vs. Ghostface

"Talk about scandalous!"  Who in the devil Ghostface think he is?  "He is a true player, a complete 'heart donor' when it come to women's feelings.  "What the heck!"  Its like...Ghostface 'want to have his cake and eat it too' and he thinks its a joke to play on Kelsey's heart and her emotions.  Its like...he don't hear her crying out when she questions his indiscretion.  He sits around and mopes like its nothing more than a joke to him to damage ssomeone's heart with his bull crap.  How can Ghostface fix his mouth to say, I love you, Kelsey?  "Its pure bull crap - he completely lied to Kelsey and lead her on from day one!"  He need to step up to the plate and be a man and consider Kelsey's feelings.  I remember from the first episode of 'Couples Therapy' when Ghostface said,  "He doesn't need therapy." -- Now I understand why!  If he didn't need therapy, that was his queue to inform Kelsey of his other 'significant' other, before his therapy session with Kelsey started.  And to demand Dr. Jenn to bring the woman he's being seeing on the side - to set of 'Couples Therapy' to meet Kelsey, is beyond disrespect - so that he can decide which one of the two women he can continue his scandalous relationship with or continue to play them both."  Ghostface significant other (Latrice Royale) arrives while Ghost and Kelsey are in a private session with Dr. Jenn.  "I could tell you, all H - E - double sticks broke loose while in session!" Ghostface girlfriend (Latrice) of 'four' years questioned Ghost's infidelity and she asked him how long he had been with Kelsey and if he was in loved with her.  During Ghost's answer to his girlfriend (Latrice) of four years, Kelsey questioned Ghostface about his real feelings for his girlfriend (Latrice) of four years.  She asked, "Are you in love with her?" Ghostface 'tripped' over his words...trying to explain himself to Dr. Jenn, Latrese, and Kelsey.  Sarcastically and dramatically...Ghostface and Kelsey began to argue - very loud like it was no tomorrow.  Dr. Jenn had to abruptly cut in their argument with a 'butter knife' to get them to cease, it was so heated!  Dr. Jenn was very angry with Ghosface for the way he treated Kelsey.  Dr. Jenn retaliated in anger toward Ghostface, "How can you treat her like that?  Talk about disrespect!"  Its like...Kelsey was trying to explain to Ghost - of why he mislead her and why he wasn't straight forward with her from the beginning.  He did not want to listen to Kelsey...he wanted to justify and overlap with his argument of what Kelsey was trying to tell him.  She got tired and she got up - and she walked out of the private session.  Dr. Jenn immediately went after Kelsey to console her.  If I was right there in the same room with Kelsey - face to face with her - I would tell her, "Run Kelsey Run - and don't look back - Ghostface is not worth your tears, your heart, and definitely your time, because, you're too beautiful of a woman inside and out to continue taking Ghostface's crapola.  If I was face to face with Latrice, I would tell her  "Wake up and smell the doo doo piled up in front of you!". She need to run as far as she run away from Ghostface, because, I feel he do not love Latrice...nor Kelsey.  He's playing them both.

Farrah vs. Everyone in Couples Therapy

I can't feel anything for Farrah!  She doesn't display real tears whenever she try to fake her cries in almost every group session.  Farrah is not real about her thoughts or what ever comes out of her mouth.  Its like...why is she there at 'Couples Therapy?' What is her motive? What is the point of her being solo on the set without having someone there with her to work something out?  She can't even tell the truth about her life and the sex tape she claimed she filmed in the comfort of her home (with the camera crew, as Sada mentioned) that she claimed accidently leaked out into the media.  Farrah had a private meeting (without the cameras rolling) with Dr. Jenn about the authenticity of her life and about something that she could not tell everyone - which is the truth - at group therapy.   In group therapy (after her private meeting with Dr. Jenn) Farrah expresses some of her feelings she been withholding from the other couples.  Taylor's fiancĂ© boldly jump right in and attacked Farrah immediately.  He said, "Whenever Farrah does open her mouth and she pukes out her words!"  He did not believe, or trust, or care, or want to hear anything Farrah had to say. Whitney joined in the attack on Farrah - calling her out about being truthful In group therapy.

Ghostface vs. Sada and Whitney

While in group therapy, it seemed that Ghostface treatment of Kelsey, went to the hearts of Sada and Whitney.  Sada wasn't a lost for words. Sada said to Kelsey,  "Its not kisses to roses - you never had him anyway." Then Ghostface retaliated and attacked Sada. "This is what men do." Good as to say, he can do anything he want to women no matter how they feel about him.  "Totally pathetic!"  Whitney retaliated, "This is not what men do, this what you do."



  1. Kelsey need to cut Ghostface loose immediately. His other girl friend as well, he is playing them both. Farrah, she is a total liar.

  2. I agree...Kelsey need to cut ties with Ghost. He's not worth shedding tears over.


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