Thursday, April 10, 2014

Branfi Glanville Can't Deal With The Stress Filming Celebrity Apprentice, She Turns To Drugs And Alcohol

"Hmmmmm - it seems like someone can't stand the stress filming on Celebrity Apprentice." Brandi Glanville, different reality show, same antics! It seems the Brandi we're accustomed to on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn't changed at all!  "It seems to me, Brandi don't want to compete (along hard work) to earn that huge $250,000 check to present to one of her favorite charities - very disappointing to even fathom." Reportedly the non-stop Celebrity Apprentice tasks and the pressures of the show, along with fighting with her co-stars, has driven Brandi to Xanax and alcohol. And Donald Trump is not happy! “Everyone is noticing Brandi’s problems and how it is affecting filming,” says an insider.

"Brandi got reprimanded for her behavior,” a source tells media outlet, Radar Online. As a reason for her behavior, “Brandi told Donald she was crumbling under the pressure." And the star "admitted to taking Xanax and alcohol to cope with the high stress of the show."
Apparently during one of the challenges Brandi was out of control and asked to leave set, says the source, “She was sent to hotel to get herself together.” Brandi has been battling with Kate Gosselin a non celebrity and Kenya Moore on set and has been approached by some of the other ladies on the show about her behavior.
Sources say it was suggested she go to rehab to treat her problems. Uh-oh somehow I think this is going to be blamed on Lisa Vanderpump…  "I say no, Brandi has her own self to blame for her own actions and if she can't take a little pressure to make the opportunity she has for being on the show in the first place, then maybe she should quit the show and not embarrass "The Donald". At least he worked hard for what he has, and I would love the opportunity to compete for the show for my son sake, because, I'm building a foundation in his honor. "He's autistic, and I would love to provide for his foundation." Brandi is a dud!


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