Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kate Gosselin Gets Her Wish From TLC, A Two Hour Special This Summer

Since TLC pulled the plug on Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin, has been struggling to land a new TV series. She seems to be getting her wish over how Jon feels about his children being on TV again. Kate and her brood return to TLC for a 2-hour special on June 25th. "Will this woman ever go away?"
 Keeping with the tradition started by the name of the original show, It’s not a promise on the network’s part for more airtime, but we’re guessing this is what Kate’s hoping for, if the special does well in ratings - to exploit her children once again for her own benefit.
Formerly America’s favorite family, TLC is bringing this disgrace of a mother back to our television screens, to see how the kids are doing now that they’re older, how growing up has changed their interaction with their mother, and how Kate is coping with everything, especially now that she’s not a high-rated and high-paid reality star.
 From the first trailer, released to People magazine, we can take one thing for granted: discipline is still the word of the day in the Gosselin household. It is known by source that Kate will lay down the law in the same strict manner to humiliate her children for the world to see again, especially, Mady when she and Jon had their first got a reality show. Kate has often been subject to much debate on whether she’s not being too drastic with the kids. She is a monster (narssist) hiding behind a good attitude she wants everyone to believe she's changed, when in fact, she's still a vile woman who uses her children for fame and fortune. Kate explains in voice over that, with 8 children, discipline can’t lack or all hell breaks loose.
“A lot has changed since you last have been here. It's all still happening with or without cameras. We've all been through a lot, we've learned what's important,” she says.
“And I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out. The kids are getting older and smarter... They are giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment,” Kate continues. From a source, she explains how her biggest weapon is knowing which buttons to push with her kids: (as usual) she got them iPads and phones just so she could have something to confiscate when they’re not being obedient. "I thought Kate said she was broke, but she can afford iPads and iPhones for all eight of her children, poor mouthing to the world how she's struggling is totally pathetic." Kate has burned through the money she made as a reality star and she’s dying to get back on TV any way she possibly can, even if she use the children to get back on TV. It is also believed she tried pitching ideas to various other networks but they always turned her down. I know Kate is hoping that TLC is her only chance of ever coming back into the spotlight, this being the network that launched her (and husband Jon). Granted, she might never attain the same levels of fame and exposure, or make the same kind of money as before, but at least she will have a steady income for a time, instead of working her fingers to the bone - she said years ago after her show was cancelled.  If the 2-hour special does well in terms of ratings and reviews, and TLC sees that there’s real interest in Kate again, don’t act too surprised when they’ll announce a new reality series with her and the kids, in which I hope not. Those kids had enough being humiliated by their mother every time I look around for her benefit. "It was sickening!"


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