Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jon Gosselin: Fired From His Waiter Job

Waiting tables just wasn’t for Jon Gosselin. Everyone seem to continuously insult the man man, because he quit his job at the Pennsylvania pub, Emily's, over a month ago. At least Jon has another job. I can say much more for Jon, than Kate. She still lives off the money her children earned from the TV show Jon and Kate Plus Eight and Kate Plus Eight. Where is here job search coming from since she's too good for mediocre? Jon did hit rock bottom last year when he started waiting and bussing tables at a the local Pennsylvania pub to make ends meet. A media source claims, “Jon was fired for blowing off shifts and coming in late, and that had no work ethic and felt he could come and go as he pleased.” If this is so, then why does Jon have a job in sales for a credit card company, while Kate is continuously sitting on her children money - no job - she's not trying to look for one - I have a problem with everyone sticking up for this woman using and exploiting her children for money and fame and fortune. There are also claims from the media source that Jon finally found a way to supplement his income though when he joined VH1‘s Couples Therapy with girlfriend Liz Janetta and even while waiting tables, the source tells the media outlets that Jon took precautions as a public figure to protect himself while he worked at Emily’s pub in Beckersville, Pennsylvania. The source even claimed that, "Jon had the restaurant sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they cannot speak negatively about him.  Another source says, which in terms, at least he has another job working and not sitting on his butt, while his ex wife, Kate sits around on her children money, waiting for another opportunity to be on Reality TV, living off their money. At least Jon has a new career (Instead of his IT job he had while filming Jon and Kate Plus Eight) Jon has a right to his endeavors and changing what he wants to do with himself and to have a career in sales if he want. And to put the icing on the cake, when he has his custody of children, he does his part in taking care of his children equally, as Kate does.


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