Thursday, April 10, 2014

(RHOM) Real Housewives Of Melbourne: Brandi Glanville, Teresa Giudice And Ne Ne Leakes Has Nothing On These Housewives

Move over Ne Ne Leakes, Brandi Glanville and Teresa Giudice - the women of (RHOM) Real Housewives of Melbourne are very crude and just plain disgusting!  Giving new meaning to the term, Down Under, Gina Liano says Lydia Schiavello’s new cook book is going to. e “all about her vagina,” and then tells Chyka Keebaugh she’s saying that because “she doesn’t cook c**k, does she?  It’s the same thing!”  Lydia also moans and groans over being on a helicopter, “Hearing the propellers, hearing the horsepower in a motor of a helicopter just SO turns me on. Yeah … fast and hard,” she said in an episode where the six stars fly out to Mission Beach.  And Andrea Moss is no fan of Lydia’s, screaming, “You are crude, you are vulgar, you are confrontational and aggressive! I actually get offended even looking at you!”

Gina’s favorite description of all her costars is the C-word and says being around Chyka is “worse than eating cat food.”  Now all we need are some fraud charges and cheating scandals!

"I find the Real Housewives extremely vulgar and very nasty with attitude!"  If this is what it takes to be a reality star, than I rather not.


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