Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diamond Dallas Launches A Campaign To Have Show Nancy Grace Axed

Diamond Dallas Page has launched a campaign Page about the death of The Ultimate Warrior. He and Nancy Grace got into a confrontation - live in which the outspoken HLN host, Nancy Grace brought up the issue of steroid use in the sport.

“If he was in such great shape, why was he found dead?” Grace asked Page, who was born Page Joseph Falkinburg.

“The last thing I am is a doctor, Nancy,” Page answered. "I understand that his friend, the Ultimate Warrior is dead, and I feel for Diamond, but it seemed he gave Nancy Grace a smart remark." I don't if its because he's upset about the death of the Ultimate Warrior, or it could be something else, but Diamond could given Nancy a better answer -- without being a smart behind about it. "She just asked him a simple question." She wasn't prosecuting him!

“He’s admitted that he used steroids,” Nancy Grace pressed.

“Yeah, back in the day, we all used them back in the day,” Page said. And then Nancy came back and said.

“Whooooa, Now we didn’t all — I never used a steroid. I wouldn’t know a steroid if it bit me in the neck!”, Nancy response to Diamond Page. "Whooooa, now Nancy shouldn't went there! I think I see why Diamond Page exploded at Nancy. She provoked him when she said 'not all of us' use steroids." Now I see -- Diamond meant "Wrestlers of other sports men" Nancy added to Diamond's anger. Diamond Page verbally attacked Nancy Grace over the segment which, media outlet, Radar Online participated in. The media outlet, Radar Online claimed he was “ambushed.”

“I was asked to go on her show and talk about Warrior the man. I was even given bullet points from her producers about the topics we would discuss. After seeing the topics which were pretty basic,” DDP said.  “I felt it would be great to go on and discuss the legend he was and how I got to know him.”

However, according to Diamond Page, it was clear that Nancy Grace, only wanted to talk about steroid use in wrestling — not surprising from the prosecutor turned journalist, given the unexplained nature of his death.  “With that being said, I wanted to share a story that when Warrior came back to wrestling back in the WCW days he sat myself and Bill Goldberg down and said he was watching all the fun we were having and wanted to be a part of it again.

“To hear him tell me that was the coolest thing. The Ultimate Warrior returning to wrestling because he was watching our stuff? How awesome is that!

“Fast Forward 18 years later to this past weeks WWE Hall of Fame speech. I mean The guy gave my DDP YOGA a shout out like four times during his speech simply because he was happy it was helping people and obviously he didn’t have to do that. It just goes to show the man he was.

“What hurts is the fact that I couldn’t say thank you to him for it. I went looking for him but couldn’t find him. I wanted to call him but never got the chance.”
“That’s the warrior that I wanted to discuss on her show. However, it’s clear I was ambushed.”

In the wake of the confrontation, there’s now a related petition on to CNN — parent network of HLN — calling for Grace’s job.  “Everyone has been asking me what would I say to Nancy Grace now after she had me on,” said Page.  “The answer is easy. I don’t need to say a word. Look on all the social media sites, the fans are saying it all!!  I will not change who I am because of the way others act. Its just not me. However lesson learned.”

Media Outlet, Radar Online previously reported, The Ultimate Warrior died tragically Tuesday afternoon while leaving an Arizona hotel. "RIP Ultimate Warrior!" You will be missed.


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