Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kate Gosselin: Caught Together In Her Room At Trump Hotel With Her Married Boyfriend, Steve Neild

"I told you so, Kate Gosselin got herself caught in Steve's hotel room, at the Trump International with Steve Neild. Kate Gosselin describes Steve as her “top advisor and road manager” — has been caught sharing a hotel room with the Kate in New York City while she films Celebrity Apprentice. Not only Kate, brought her married boyfriend, Steve Neild, Ginas husband to NYC while she competes on Donald Trumps show, Celebrity Apprentice, but media outlet In Touch called Steve Neilds room at the Trump International Hotel on March 30, Kate Gosselin answered the phone. "And she was complaining, causing every media outlet in the world to tear Jon apart as well as her supporters, throwing Jon under the bus because she claims he's cheating -- and now, she's been caught in Steve Neilds hotel room." Hmmmm - what will her children think of her one day when they read about their mom in a hotel room with a married man. Talk about dirty, talk about completely scandalous! Some good example she's setting for her children. "Poor babies!" Here is what Kate said when she answered the phone from her married bodyguard Steve's room.

“Excuse me? Who is this?” Gosselin snapped, before hanging up."

Ah -- Kate was mad because she got caught, that's all-- and now her dirt is out there in every media outlet. Hmmm reaping time when Jon was accused. Media outlet, Radar Online exclusively reported last month, Steve Neild, is a married man with children whose wife Gina Downie Neild recently flaunted their happy family with a photo of them with their two sons on Facebook.  However, production insiders on Celebrity Apprentice tell the magazine that no other competitors — Brandi Glanville, Ludacris, Ian Ziering and Kenya Mooreto name a few — brought friends, family or loved ones with them while taping the show.

“No one else has a bodyguard or assistant with them,” the insider said. Everyone thinks it’s totally bizarre.”  And in agreement was Kate's ex-husband, Jon, who has wondered about Kate’s relationship with Steve Neild for quite some time.  “Steve and Kate would have one room and the kids would have a separate room when they traveled,” he told In Touch.
“It’s not a work situation. I have always thought they were together, Jon says.
In early March, Gosselin took her two eldest daughters, Mady and Cara, to a Demi Lovato concert in Virginia where she was spotted by an eyewitness holding hands with Steve Neild. “The biggest surprise of all was who she was holding hands with. She was holding hands with Steve Neild, her ‘bodyguard,’” the eyewitness told Radar at the time.
“They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it. We were surprised considering we kept up with all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 drama.

Steve Neild was hired by TLC in 2008 to protect the Gosselin children while filming Jon & Kate Plus 8, and a romance between him and Kate has been reported many times since then. But, it seemed like the world turned a blind eye to Kate's dirty shenanigans when she was married to Jon, while Kate and the media tore Jon apart, making Kate look like a she was so innocent and playing the victim of a cheating husband and got caught herself, even before her marriage to Jon ended. "Open eyes world - Kate is not a GOD! She just a "mom" who gave birth to a litter of children. What makes her special is she had a litter of children -- that's it! Get a grip world, Kate, herself is nothing special, only the children. They are the real celebrities, not their parents. They are being used and used unconditionally and now they are going to find out that their mom was caught in the same hotel room with their bodyguard, a married one at that. Also what disturbs me is about Kate Gosselin , is that she has been caught doing. According to a recent edition of Star, a popular US tabloid, she has also been wasting every dime her twins have made:
"The children's earnings were written in a way that she would have access to their money. The trust fund turned out to be 85% to Kate and 15% for the kids. In the end, for every $1000 earned, $850 went to Kate and $18.75 went to each child."
But what's even more shocking, is that Kate may have spent a significant percentage of that money in a failed an attempt to make herself look better.
"[Kate] failed to mention that she paid for an apparent face-lift (about $35,000); breast implants ($15,000); and expensive hair appointments (she dropped $2,000 on one recent visit, says the insider)."


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