Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kate Gosselin Abandons The Twins Because Of Her Embarrassing Cheating With Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild Scandal

"Totally scandalous!" This the reason why I report scandals like this. Kate Gosselin seems to be getting more media than a lot of the reality stars on this blog. "She just want quit making a complete fool of herself!" With all the scandal surrounding her cheating with Gina Downie Neild's husband, rumors are flying that Celebrity Apprentice star Kate Gosselin has abandoned her twins following embarrassing allegations that she is in fact, cheating with her married bodyguard, Steve Neild. This mess has only heightened her custody feud with ex-husband Jon Gosselin. "In which I'm glad!" Terrifying and new reports suggests that Jon and Kate Gosselin are continuing their trend of being the worst parents. "I don't think Jon is a bad parents since he's the one got coffee for Kate and bath the children, things like that and go to work on top of that, while Kate sat around for two years plus without a job, besides her children. Following an increased filming schedule on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, nannies had to be hired to manage their large family. "And they didn't have to be, Jon would of taken his children, but Kate is too cold hearted donor to let Jon in on her schedule about the children and people will continue to turn a "blind eye" to Kate's dirty deeds too. Kate won't even reveal her schedule to Jon:
"Jon has the kids for a few days a week. Purposely, Kate changes the custody schedule all the time, in which it in fact, interferes with Jon's time to get his children. According to when Jon gets his children, its always depending on Kate's schedule. Jon drops them off at the house, and the nanny takes them at the front door (since Kate want let Jon into the gate to bring his children to the front door of the house that he and she bought. Jon usually doesn't know if Kate is around or not, and he doesn't know her shooting schedule. She really keeps Jon in the dark about a lot of things. But it's safe to say Kate was not with them last week, because Jon is."
That's not the only rumors surrounding Kate Gosselin. Now it appears that she was caught spending the night with her retired bodyguard, as a source from a tabloid magazine explains:
"While they've never admitted to anything but a professional relationship, a new report claims Kate Gosselin has been sharing a hotel room with her married bodyguard Steve Neild. According to In Touch Weekly, the 39-year-old mother of eight has been staying in the same suite as her paid security at the Trump International Hotel while she films Celebrity Apprentice in New York City."
Kate isn't fooling me or anyone else in this world with good since to know that she cheating with Steve, remember, Gina's husband. "In the same hotel room together!" Come on everyone, don't be fooled any more by this woman. Robert Hoffman is beginning to wear a halo with the mess Kate is causing another woman hurt and heart ache.


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